Cooley DNA Project: 12-Marker Matches

Creation Date: 22 September 2014

Matching on twelve markers is the lowest level match provided by FTDNA. Relationship can only be generally attributed. Its significance to genealogy is minimal. But knowing the number of matches at that level gives a rough indication of the larger population from which the tester descends.

SNP M269 is the most common terminal SNP among men of western European descent. But look at the number of 12-marker matches for CF02 and CF13. The 12-marker haplotype (the specific DNA values) is much rarer for CF02. Considering that FTDA's database has hundreds of thousands entries, matching at such a low level on twelve markers may indicate that CF02 originated with a comparatively small population. The same could be said of CF01 and CF04, both of the R1a1a haplogroup.

Group Number
Terminal SNP
CF01 14 72 L448 R1a1a1b1a3a
CF02 18 46 M269 R1b1a2
CF04 6 329 M512 R1a1a
CF06 2 1 M78 E1b1b1a1
CF07 4 839 L21 R1b1a2a1a2c
CF09 10 39 P312 R1b1a2a1a2
CF10 4 59 P311 R1b1a2a1a
CF12 3 351 M284 I2a2a1a
CF13 3 1000 M269 R1b1a2
CF14 2 4 M170 I