Notes for Perrin C Cooley (1820-1912) m1 Emeline Sutton m2 Polly Wood m3 Margaret A Reed


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Margaret is listed as having 7 children, 2 living.

268 269 Cooley, Perrin, Head, Jan 1820, Missouri, Kentucky, Missouri
" Margaret, wife, Sep 1846, Missouri, Indiana, North Carolina
" P Albert, son, Mar 1875, Kansas, Missouri, Missouri

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The above listing is from the 1900 census.

Series: M653 Roll: 605 Page: 167

Perrin is indexed as being 35 years old but it looks closer to 39 to me, which conforms to the 1820 birthdate.

Peran Cooly 39 M day laborer MO
Polly " 25 F KY
Harriet 4 F MO
Sarah Wood 55 F KY
James " 20 M day laborer MO

One would think that Sarah Wood was Polly's mother.

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For the first entry, above....

Series: T623 Roll: 1344 Page: 156

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Series: T9 Roll: 381 Page: 441

For household 152

Cooley P C 60 farmer MO KY KY
M A 34 wife keeping house MO MO MO
Joseph 12 son at school MO MO MO
Frd. 1 son MO MO MO

Appended at the end of the page, also for household 152:

Cooley A 5 ad. son

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Taken from an email received from Sandra Stanton, July 2008:

I received the death certificate from Montana for the
Perrin Cooley who died there in 1912.

Darn--- his father and mother's name are "unknown".

However, I did find that he was born 21 Jan 1820 in

He had been in Montana for 2 years and 2 months at the
time of his death. Died 28 April 1912 in Helena, Lewis
and Clark county.

The informant was Jos. C. Cooley of the same address
for Perrin Cooley.

I checked the death index for Montana and found a
Joseph C. Cooley who died in 1924, probably his son.
If I remember correctly Joseph was born 1868.

My thinking is that this Perrin is probably a grandson
of Perrin, Sr who was the son of John Cooley.
Since we only know for sure of one of Perrin,Sr's
children--Perrin, Jr who was born abt 1811 and
couldn't be the father of the Perrin who died in MT
there has to be another son who died and left a child.

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Is this the same Perrin? If so, are these siblings?

Series: M432 Roll: 99 Page: 306

Perrin Cooley 27 Farmer MO
Harriet Cooley 19 IL
Edward Cooley 18 MO

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Perrin Cooley and Emeline Sutton m 4 Sept 1849 Macon County MO.

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Series: T624 Roll: 832 Page: 16

Perrin and his wife, Margarett, are living with their son Joseph and his family.

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The census further states that Perrin C and Margarett A Cooley had been married 47 (since c1863) and that two of their 7 children were still liviing. In addition to son Joseph, who is the head of the household, another son (born c1885 in Kansas), whose name I can't make out, is also living with them. "NH" is written above "father", which we might take to mean "not home." We know he died two years later. Perhaps he was in the hospital.

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The 1900 census also says that only 2 of 7 children are living. P Albert would have been one of them. The other, obviously, was Joseph Custer Cooley. This would mean that Frederick (1880 census) had died before 1900.

This is the closest matching Albert Cooley I could find. Parents were born in Ohio but might be correct if he was, indeed, adopted.


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Perrin Cooley
Residence: Plattsmouth, Nebraska Occupation:
Enlist Date: 01 November 1862 State: Nebraska
Perrin Cooley View Image OnlineT
Images Online #: 4278 State Filed: Missouri and Montana
Widow: Margaret Cooley Relative:
Surname Given Name Middle Initial Company Unit Rank -
Induction Rank - Discharge Notes Allegiance
Cooley Perrin H 2 Nebraska Cav.
Private Private Union
Surname Given Name Company Regiment or Battalion Rank Residence
Cooley Perrin H 2nd Regt Private
Plattsmouth, Neb

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I received this from Sandy Stanton, Jan 09:

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This came from Julie Ayers, 2010:


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Received this from Sandra Stanton, Mar 2011:


2nd Regiment, Nebraska Cavalry

Organized at Omaha October 23, 1862, and assigned to duty at Fort Kearney, Neb.,
guarding frontier of Nebraska, protecting emigrants, stage and telegraph lines and operating against Indians till April, 1863. Ordered to Sioux City. Attack on Pawnee Agency June 23, 1863 (Co. "D"). Sully's Expedition against Indians in Dakota Territory August 13-September 11. Action at White Stone Hill, Dakota Territory, September 3. Skirmish at White Stone Hill September 5 (Co. "F"). Company "D" on duty at Omaha and at Fort Kearney, Neb. Mustered out December 23, 1863.

No.: 1
Soldier Name: Cooley, Perrin
Side: Union
Function: Calvary
Regiment Name: 2nd Regiment, Nebraska Cavalry

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Birth: Jan. 21, 1820
Death: Apr. 28, 1912

According to the State of Montana death certificate, Perrin C. Cooley was married to Margaret A.(nee Reed) Cooley.

CO. H.

Forestvale Cemetery
Lewis and Clark County
Montana, USA
Plot: Glendale

Created by: Tami G.
Record added: Jul 29, 2011
Find A Grave Memorial# 74129392

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Subject: Perrin Cooley
From: "Sandra Stanton"
Date: Mon, June 18, 2012 2:51 pm
To: "Michael Cooley"

I found another marriage for Perrin Cooley in Missouri. He is listed in the
index as Perrice Cooley but checking the marriage record it is definitely Perrin Cooley.

Perrin Cooley of LaPlata, Macon County to Eliza Rudolph of Kirksville, Adair
County on 13 Mar 1889. Who do you think this Perrin Cooley is?

On 27 Mar 1891 Perrin C. Cooley of LaPlata, Macon County married Margaret A.
Cooley at Kirksville, AdairCounty. This one I know we found earlier and she was
his widow when he died.

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Perrin, Harriet and Edward were living in Calhoun county in 1850. This was a 3-month old infant:

John Cooley
United States Census (Mortality Schedule), 1850
birth: 1850 Illinois
death: March 1850
residence: 1850 Calhoun county, Calhoun, Illinois, United States

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Subject: Re: Perrin C Cooley
From: "Michael Cooley"
Date: Wed, June 18, 2014 6:10 pm
To: "John Cooley Mailing List"

I've long believed that Polly was Polly Wood because of the presence of
Mary Wood, 55, with Perrin C on the 1860 census. James, 20, is also
listed. I've imaged this family:

Sarah ___ m ___ Wood
..Polly (Mary) Wood (c1835-) m Perrin C Cooley
....Harriet Cooley
..James Wood

Remind me: how do we know that Emeline died c1864?

She and Perrin married in 1848, but she isn't with him in 1850. So, I
think the order of marriages are:

Emeline Sutton, 1848, d bef 1850, no children
Polly Wood, bef 1856, child Harriet b c1856
Margaret Reed, c1864.

Sandy found a marriage between Perrin Cooley and Eliza Rudolph, 1889. That
must have been Perrin Jr.