Notes for Thomas Cooley (1850-1880+) m Louisa Crow


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This entry is indexed as Tobert Cooley but there's an ink blob. Nevertheless, a final "s" is evident, making me think that it was Thomas...

Series: T9 Roll: 1298 Page: 521

He's listed as a "cowboy" with himself and both parents born in MO, so it fits.

UPDATE (2 Feb 2009)

After further reflection, judging from the enumerator's handwritting elsewhere, this was not a final "es". Something else was intended.

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From Vickie Thomas in an email 1/1/9...

My great Aunt and my grandmother always said that Tom came though one evening with the posse on his tail. Exact words.."mama never let them in with their guns on, she always made them hang them outside before they came in around the kids. This evening she didn't make Uncle Tom pull his guns off, the posse was right behind him. Uncle Tom said he was going to the Outlaw caves on the Arkansas/Oklahoma line and would have to stay until he died. he would not be able to leave, so they would not see him again." This was a topic in our home a lot about out Pleas and his son george never turned the family away no matter how much touble they were in. They told me that grandmother Emma fed Tom and he was on his way again never to be seen again. this was in the Early 1900's.

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There's some debate as to whether it was this Tom or the Tom, son of James (1808 PA), who married Louisa Crow. Nevertheless, this appears to be her, listed as "servant" in the Relationship column and described as "kitchen girl", in the household of J R Robinson, attorney at law. She's 15 and was born in TX. Her parents were born in Arkansas.

1880 > TEXAS > JACK > 1-PCT
Series: T9 Roll: 1313 Page: 18

Right next door is the household of Wilburn Walker, cattle raiser. Listed with him is Thomas Coolie, age 30, "hired hand." He was born AR, parents in MO.

Although it's not proof, it's certainly reasonable to assume that this is the Tom and Louisa who married a year later. The birthplace of Thomas and his parents make it certain that this Tom was the son of Mathias, not of James.

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A 2002 post by Vicky...

I haven't been able to find anything out about any of the sibling except that William Scott Cooley was a Texas Ranger and was suppose to have died in Texas, but according to my great Aunt he changed his name and died in Marlow, Stephens County, Oklahoma, Thomas (Tom) was running from the laws the last time the family heard from him he came though Comanche with the laws right behind him he told the family that they would not see him again he had to get to the outlaw hideout on the Oklahoma-Arkansas line and would not be able to come back out because they would kill him. James married and was raising a family he left Jack County Texas and I haven't found them yet. Sophonia according to family tales married a man by the name of Gillett who drilled oil wells and no one knows where she went after they headed toward California. Ebb was last known of in Jack County Texas around 1900 nothing more there. These are the only ones I have been able to find anything out on. I know that Tom and Scott were suppose to be the only two of the boys who were wanted by the law.
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