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Name: Simon Ward
Event: Census
Event Date: 1850
Event Place: Sangamon county, part of, Sangamon, Illinois, United States
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Marital Status:
Race (Original):
Race (Expanded):
Birthplace: Kentucky
Estimated Birth Year: 1819
Dwelling House Number: 1509
Family Number: 1509
Line Number: 15
NARA Publication Number: M432
NARA Roll Number: 127
Film Number: 442915
Digital Folder Number: 004181044
Image Number: 00479
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Simon Ward M 31 Kentucky
Dorinda Ward F 41 Kentucky
John Ward M 13 Kentucky
Sarah Ward F 10 Kentucky
Gardaman Ward M 7 Kentucky
Saml Ward M 6 Kentucky
James Ward M 4 Kentucky
Martha Ward F 2 Illinois

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Received from Christine Hicks, Jan, 2013:

Dorinda Cooley Ward

John [Cooley] and Sarah [Willis] had eight children and one of their daughters was Dorinda.

John and Sarah's children include—

Elizabeth (b. 1794 in KY - d. 1879 in Wapella, DeWitt, IL)
John (b. 1799 in KY - d. March 21, 1856 in Sangamon, IL)
Rhoda (b. 1803 in KY)
Jane (b. 1808)
Dorinda (b. 1810 - d. 1879)
Edmond (b. October 17, 1816 in Casey, KY - d. March 10, 1892 in Casey, KY)
Thomas Hutchins (b.1818 in KY - d. November 1879 in Kenny DeWitt, IL)
Lucinda (b. 1820 in KY)

Simon B. Ward and Dorinda Jane Cooley Ward

This story starts out with the birth of Simon B. Ward. He was born in 1819 in Kentucky. Some of the later records indicate that Simon had a younger sister named Caroline who was born in 1823 in Kentucky. He married Dorinda Jane Cooley.

They had seven children-

John T (b. in 1837 in Kentucky - d. August 21, 1863 in Carrollton, Orleans Pari
Sarah Jane (b. April 7, 1840 in Kentucky-d. February 27, 1906 in Shiawassee, MI
Jeremiah V (born in 1843 in Kentucky)
Samuel H. (born in 1845 in Kentucky)
James C. (b. June 24, 1846 in Kentucky- d. September 18, 1917 in Peoria, IL)
Martha E. (born in 1848 in Illinois)
Mary A. (born in 1853 in Illinois)

Additional information about the children include:

John Thomas married Almeda H. Cole (who is also one of our relatives and there is further information under the Cole Family section). John is listed under the 1850 and the 1860 Census Records when he lived with his parents and siblings. In 1850 they lived in Sangamon, IL and he was 13. In 1860 they lived in Union, Marion, MO and he was 23. Almeda and John had a son named Franklin H. Ward (1865-1956). John enlisted on August 11, 1862 from Decorah, Iowa (Winneshiek County) in Company I 38 Inf. Regiment as a Private. He died in LA on August 21, 1863 of "Disease". He is buried in Chalmette National Cemetery, Chalmette, St. Bernard Parish, LA in Section 92, Grave 7688. I was able to find Franklin's gravesite information and there was a nice surprise—a picture and an obituary. Franklin was born on July 12, 1865 in Iowa (The above information came from two different sources and Franklin's information also came from two different sources and yet the dates of John's death and Franklin's birth don't really match up). Franklin married Cecelia Sanders (1866-1951) in 1833. They had five children—Bessie (Holiver Holmes of Buddington, WA); Flossie (Dan Wenzel of Rudd, Iowa); Frank (of Mason City, Iowa); Walter Henry (1880-1958) of Steuben, Iowa); and William (died in 1955 in Clear Lake, Iowa). Franklin then married Nannetta Wagner Foster (1880-1950) in 1910. They lived in Crawford, WI until she died in 1950 and then Franklin moved to Boscobel, WI. Franklin died on May 2, 1956 in Boscobel, WI. Franklin and Nanetta are both buried in Boscobel Cemetery in Boscobel, WI. (Sources)

Sarah Jane will be our descendant. She will grow up and marry Seth Chester Cole, our great-great-grandfather. (See Cole Family section)

Jeremiah V. married Elmira/Almira Cole. (See Cole Family Section). I was able to locate some of the Census Records for Jeremiah. In 1870 he and his wife lived next door to Seth and Sarah Cole (his sister) in Loyal, Clark, WI. The household included—Jeremiah (27); Almira (34); Margaret (10); and AJR Ward (4). In 1880 he (38) lived in Petersburg, Menard, IL with his wife Almira (43); and his children--Robert (12) and Almeda Reynolds (13) who is listed as his step-daughter (13). Almeda has a birth year of 1866 in MN. Their son Robert S. Ward was born in October, 1868 in WI. In 1900 the Census record has Jeremiah (58); Almira (64); and Robert (31) living in Ballard, King, WA. There is Almeda A Burchard (22); Glenn T Burchard; and Robert S Burchard living with them. Almeda and Glenn are identified as their granddaughter and grandson-in-law. This Almeda has the middle initial of "A" and was born in 1878 in Illinois. Could she be a daughter to AJR? In 1910 Jeremiah (68) and Almira (74) lived in Jerseyville Ward 2, Jersey, IL. Robert (41) and Cecil W. (8) lived with them. Cecil was born in 1902 in Washington and is listed as a granddaughter to Jeremiah. Her father was born in Wisconsin and her mother was born in Illinois. I would guess that Cecil was Robert's child (daughter or son?). (I just found a Family Tree for Cecil W. Ward born in 1903 in Washington. It listed Robert Ward as her father and Leah Blair as her mother. It stated that she married Irwin Lacher and in 1920 and 1925 she and lived in Marengo, Iowa.) In 1920 Jeremiah (77) and Robert (52) lived in Seattle, King,Washington. (Documents) There are some records for Robert. In 1892 he lived in King, WA and he was listed as single. In 1900 he continued to live in WA in Ballard, King County. In 1910 he lived in Jerseyville Ward 2, Jersey, IL and he is listed as widowed. In 1920 he lived in Seattle, King, WA and his father lived with him. In 1930 he lived in Port Gamble, Kitsap, WA. (Reviewed Documents) The only record I could find for Jeremiah's daughter Margaret was in 1870 in Loyal, Clark, WI where she is incorrectly listed as "Margaret E. Cole" (10). In that same Census Record the step-daughter AJR (Almeda) is 4 years old. (Document) There is some additional information about the second Almeda and her husband Glenn. Glenn's name was actually Theodore Glenn and the records include one name or the other. He was born in 1878 in Michigan. In 1880 he lived with his parents—H. and Ellen Burchard on Long Lake, Grand Traverse County, MI. He was 3 years old and his siblings were—Edith (13); Stewart (9); and Eddie (1). James Thorton (18) lived with the family and he was identified as a nephew. There are public records 1901-1906 for him at 426 Crawford, Seattle, WA. In 1910 Almeda Arvella (32) and Glenn (33) and their son Robert (10) lived in Seattle, King, WA. This record has Almeda's father born in Canada. In 1920 this family lived in Everett, Snohomish, WA. The household included—Theodore G (41); Almeda (42); Robert Stewart (b. January 22, 1900-d. July 19, 1964) age 19; and Harold Ward (b. August 8, 1901-d.October, 1978 in Stanwood, Snohomish, WA) age 18. (Document) From the public records from 1924-1937 it appeared that Glenn moved to different residences in Seattle, WA. Glenn's occupation was carpenter and ship builder. There is marriage record for Almeda and William A Kase for May 15, 1926 in Pierce, WA. (Reviewed Records) I found two listings for Harold W Burchard in Seattle, WA. One had the spouse as Helen Mac Donald and the other had the spouse as Jessie Truebridge. Helen and Harold had two sons—Harold (1930) and Wallace (1932). When I looked at death records and grave information, I did find a grave for Robert S Burchard. He is buried in the American Legion Cemetery in Steward, Alaska. Plot: Row N It is inscribed with "WOJG Trans Corps Alaska World War I & II". (Document)I found that William August Kase (b. April 21, 1874 in IL- d. October 1, 1949 in OR) is buried in Iwaco Cemetery in Pacific County, WA. (Reviewed Document) The 1860 Census record has Samuel as 15 years old. There is a Civil War Registration for 1863 that states that Samuel was 19 and registered in Pontoosuo, Hancock, IL. A Family Tree has this as the same Samuel Ward. In 1880 he (36) lived in Salisbury, Sangamon, IL with his father and brother, James. (Reviewed Document)

I found an Illinois Death Index for James Ward. It has the father as Simon Ward so I know that it is correct. It gives the dates of his birth, date and where he died. His burial took place in Athens, IL. At present, I can't find the cemetery. His occupation was "retired farmer". (Document) The Census Records have James in 1850 living with his parents (4); 1870 living in Sacket, Sangamon; and 1880 living in Salisbury, Sangamon, IL

The only record I can find for Martha is the 1860 Census record when the family was living in Union, Marion, MO. She was 12 years old. (Document)

The 1860 Census Record is the only recording of Mary. She was 7 years old at that time. (Document)

There is a record of a young Simon Ward living in Perry, Kentucky in 1830, but I wasn't able to verify that this was Simon B. Ward. (Document)

The records show that Simon B. Ward was probably living in Liberty, Casey, Kentucky in 1840. At this time he would be married to Dorinda Jane Cooley and they would have a child—John T. (1837) and just have a newly born daughter named Sarah Jane. (Document)

In 1850, Simon and Dorinda made a home in Sangamon, Illinois. The children were—John T (13); Sarah Jane (10); Jeremiah V (7); Samuel H. (6); James C. (4); and Martha E. (2). There is a Gardaman Ward who has the same birth year as Jeremiah. I believe they are the same person and this is another case of misidentifying a household member. (Document)

By 1860 Simon and Dorinda moved with their family to Union, Marion County, Missouri where Simon is listed as a farmer. The family included Simon (41); Dorinda (50); John (23); Jeremiah (17); Samuel (15); James (14); and Martha (12). Mary A was born in 1853 in Illinois. It is at this home that Caroline Ward (born in 1823 in Kentucky) lived with the family. I'm not sure who Caroline is, but perhaps a sister to Simon? This age census doesn't include relationships. I have tried to research her and found a Susan Caroline (1824-1890). She was born in Freedom, Casey, KY and died in Casey Creek, Casey, KY. She was one of ten children, but Simon was not listed as a brother. (Reviewed Document)

In 1870 the Simon and Dorinda moved back to Illinois. The records indicate that the members of the household also included Samuel (26) and James (24). (Document)

There is an 1880 Census Record for "Simore Ward" (62). I believe that this is Simon. It indicates that he is a widower and living in Salisbury, Sangamon, Illinois. There are two other members of the household—Sam (36) and James (34). These would be his sons. (Document)

A Family Tree for Dorinda Cooley Ward indicates that she died in 1870 in Sangamon, Illinois at age 61. However, I just found her gravestone. It is located in Salisbury Cemetery in Salisbury, Sangamon County, IL. The death date is December 14, 1879. I did not find any other family members buried in Salisbury cemetery on the website. Simon died in 1880.