Notes for Joseph R Cooley (1846-1886)


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The following special to the [Clarksville, Tennessee] Chronicle was received
from Pensacola, Florida Wednesday evening:

J.R. Cooley was found dead in his store here this morning with his skull
crushed by a lick with an ax. His watch and money were gone and the door
found ajar. He was found lying on the floor, having been killed while
weighing some meat, and was struck from behind. The store is in the
outskirts of this city, and nothing was known of the killing until this
morning, though he must have been killed early in the night. No clue yet as
to the murderer, but the coroner's jury is investigating the case. The
deceased was well thought of here and was doing a good business. If the
murderer is captured, he will hang for sure.

J.R. Cooley was a native of Montgomery county, having been brought up in the
Eighth district. He was a brother to Mrs. Isaac Peterson Howard, and a half
brother to John Booth, of St. Bethlehem. He was about 35 years old, and
spent nearly all of his life until six years ago, in this county, living
several years in New Providence, doing business with J.J. Garrott, S.
Buckley and Thomas Riggins. Six years ago he went to Florida where for two
years he held a responsible position with Muskeegan Lumber Company before he
went into business for himself.

We trust the law will not be thwarted in administering to the murderers the
punishment this horrible deed demands.

[Source: Clarksville (Tennessee) Semi- Weekly Tobacco Leaf February 26,

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Also from the above website.

Notes by Margaret R. Winders:
Joseph H. Cooley was the brother of Martha Ann Cooley Howard, wife of Isaac Peterson Howard. ~~

Joseph R. Cooley was the son of Thomas F. Cooley and Mary T. Pollard Cooley. His grandparents were Joseph Henry Pollard, Sr. and Elizabeth Coleman Pollard. Joseph was listed in Joseph Pollardís will April 1865. After Thomas Cooley died, Mary married Wesley Daniel Booth. The above John Booth was one of their four sons.