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His age is given as 70. If true, it would make him born closer to 1790.

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Photos and info about Cooley's Bridge, named for Hiram.

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1826: Tucker Woodson sold to Hiram Cooley, for $400, 142 1/2 acres on Mountain Creek part of a 1,000 acre tract originally granted to William Wood. Witnesses: Isaac Jordan and James -(X)-Cockum. Dated November 29, 1826. Greenville Co., South Carolina: Deed Book P, page 185.

1831: Murry Woodson and Hiram Cooley applied for letters of administration on the estate of Tucker Woodson, deceased. September 19, 1831. Greenville Co., South Carolina.

1831: Hiram Cooley and Murry Woodson, administrators of the estate of Tucker Woodson, deceased, "...there is a necessity of immediately selling all the personal estate of the interstate for distribution among the heirs as they are all of lawful age. For the above noted reason your petitioners crave an order of sale..." Hiram Cooley, Murray-[x]-Woodson. October 3, 1831. Greenville Co., South Carolina.

1831: " John Watson Esq., ordinary...I Murray Woodson a legal heir and representative of Tucker Woodson deceased, late of the district [Greenville] aforesaid...who died intestate do hereby apply to the court of ordinary for a division or sale of the real estate of said deceased situate in the district aforesaid on Saluda river containing 131 acres more or less, it being part of a tract of land originally granted to James Moore bounded by lands of John Clark, Elizabeth Benson and said river. Your applicant would also state that the following is a correct list of the heirs of said deceased (viz) myself, Jane Pettis, John Cockrum and Sarah his wife, Charlotte Johnson, Hiram Cooley and Mary his wife & John Armstrong and Elizabeth his wife. Six in all, all of whom live at this time within this state." Murray-(X)-Woodson. Dated November 14, 1831.Greenville Co., South Carolina. The named heirs were ordered to appear at courthouse December 5, 1831.

1831: Sale bill of the Estate of Tucker Woodson returned November 14, 1831; John Armstrong, 1 rifle gun barrel $1.50; John Cockram, 1 rifle gun $4.25; Samuel Poor, 1 shott gun $3; Lotty Johnson. Elias Chapman, Samuel Roberts, John Gamball, Wm. Davenport, Jane Pettis, David Vinson, Hampton Shumate, Zecheriah Nichols, Abner Cox, Hugh Poor, John Poor, Senr., Alexander Acker, John McDavid, Robert Davenport, Daniel Cockram, Francis Davenport, Henry Lawless, Jefferson Sullivant, Austin Williams, Hiram Cooley, Daniel Asburn, Nathaniel Dobins, Tarlton Lee, Wm. Holiday, Robert Ashley, Murry Woodson, Harrison J. Clark, John Poor, George T. Anderson, Joseph Campbell, Josiah Cobb, Barksdale Pinion, Berkly Bagwell, James Harkins; James McDaniel, 1 negro boy Joe $500; Lotty Johnson, 1 negro boy Bob $501; James Cockram, 1 negro girl Ede $382; John Armstrong, 1 negro child Elias $152; Samuel Roberts, 1 negro girl Synthia $300; Jane Pettis, 1 negro boy Ned $277; John Cockram, 1 negro girl Sary Ann $160; Lemuel Jenkins, Doct. Sullivant; Halbert Acker, Clerk, certified true sale bill 14 November 1831. Greenville Co., South Carolina.

1831: "...herewith heirs of Tucker Woodson, deceased do hereby consent to a division or sale of the real estate of said deceased." Murray-(X)-Woodson, Jane-(X)-Pettis, Lottie-[X]-Johnson, John-[x]-Cochrum, Sarah Cochrum, Hiram Cooley, Mary-[X]-Cooley, John Armstrong, Elizabeth-(X)-Armstrong. Dated November 21, 1831. Greenville Co., South Carolina.

1832: John Watson, Ordinary, summons to sell certain tract of Tucker Woodson, deceased, from Court of Ordinary upon return thereof determined that said land could not be divided without injury to the interest of the parties and ordered same to be sold, Advertized for sale on the first Monday of January, 1832 and Hiram Cooley last and highest bidder to whom the said land was struck off for $205, on Saluda River, joining Exekiel Vincents to head second branch below Pierces Ford joining John Clark to the river, 131 acres. December 10.

1835: The heirs of Tucker Woodson received their shares of his estate: Jane Pettis, Charlotte Johnson, John Armstrong, Murray Woodson, John Cochrun and Hiram Cooley. January 19. 1835. Greenville Co., South Carolina.

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Birth: 1796
South Carolina, USA
Death: Apr. 2, 1864
South Carolina, USA

Hiram Cooley was the son of Jacob Cooley Jr. and Nancy Gover Cooley.

Hiram had 12 children, 2 with Susan and 10 with Mary.

The first bridge built across the Saluda River was built near Pierces Ford and Clarks Ferry in the early 1800's. On March 10th 1836, Hough Poor sold his half interest in the bridge to Hiram Cooley and then on March 16th John C. Cothran also sold his half interest to Hiram. Poor had owned the Anderson county side and Cothran had owned the Greenville County side. The sale include the privilege of landing rights in each county, and also the rights to build and rebuild forever, Since the bridge was now privately owned it became a toll bridge. In 1841, Hiram was given a charter to operate the bridge in his own name, and so was called Cooley's Bridge. During the early days of the bridge people had to pay a toll of 5 cents to walk or ride in a buggy or wagon across the bridge. The people complained that the toll was such an extravagant price, being about a full days wages. But since the ferry was so far down the river and it being dangerous most people decided to pay the toll to cross. The main use of the bridge, was for the Cooley families who lived on both sides of the river. After Hiram's death in 1864, the wooden bridge fell into disrepair, until November 6th 1895, when a contract was given to J.H. Whitner of Knoxville, TN for a steel frame bridge with a wooden floor for $4800. This steel bridge served the public until August of 1927 when it was washed away in a flood. In the early 1930's a new concrete bridge was built a short distance down stream from the old bridge site and the road was rerouted to it, and the road was named Cooley Bridge Road.

Hiram built his house in 1830 and it stood until it was burned down on January 27th 1983. According to the owner Louise Gaines, she had put wood on the wood stove in the kitchen and then had gone outside for about half an hour. When she returned, the kitchen wall was on fire. Everything was lost. She later rebuilt a brick house on the same site. The site is off the main road (Highway 247), which is called Cooley Bridge Road.

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Susan Cothran Cooley (____ - 1821)
Mary Ann Woodson Cooley (1803 - 1850)

John Hiram Cooley (1815 - 1887)*
John Joseph Cooley (1819 - 1896)*

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Hiram Cooley Plantation Cemetery
Greenville County
South Carolina, USA

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