Notes for John Cooley (c1800-1846) m1 unk m2 Martha Bearden


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Current speculation is that this may be John H Cooley, son of James (-1821), son of John Cooley of Stokes county NC and that he may have been the John who committed suicide in the Howard county MO jail in 1846. I think we're beginning to rethink that theory.

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Book 1 page 32

State of Missouri
County of Monroe

Be it remembered that John Cooly and Martha Bierden was [sic] joined
together in the holy state of matrimoney [sic] on the twenty third day of
November in the year of our lord eighteen hundred and thirty five.
Certified under my hand this 28th day of November AD 1835.

D.marquis D Embree JP

Filed for record on the 3d December 1835 and duly recorded

Exdward M Holden
RM @Cc

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John Cooley 210001 01100101 (Randolph county p283)

I had assumed that this John was the John who shows in Macon co in 1850 and 1860 but no children are attributed to him. It now seems more likely that this is John and Martha. Considering that possibility:

2 males under 5 (EC and Marlo?)
1 male 5-9 (husband of Nancy in Decatur TN 1860?)
1 male 30-39 (John)
1 female 5-9 (Mary Ann Storey)
1 female 15-19 (Julia Ann?)
1 female 30-39 (Martha)
1 female 50-59 ( !!!! )

Then who was the older woman? John's mother? Martha's mother?

And if they married in 1835, how are the older children explained? Was
John married twice? Is he the John who married Eliza Locke? Was EC born in
1834 or 1835? There could be one or more half-siblings....perhaps for an
earlier marriage of Martha's? If that's Julia Ann, she was born even
before John and Eliza married. And if that's true, then Martha may have
been -Mrs- Martha Bearden.

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Is this John's widow?

Series: M653 Roll: 1247 Page: 203

Oat Storey 24 m TN farm hand
Mary A Storey 18 f MO
Martha Cooley 53 f GA domestic lady
M C Cooley 21 m MO farm hand
Wm E Cooley 2 m TN
R W Cooley 9/12 TN

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Yes, it has been shown that Martha is John's wife/widow. "M C Cooley" is Milo Cooley. There is more information in his notes.

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Series: T9 Roll: 409 Page: 139

Martha Cooley 71 GA GA GA
Julia Ann ?9 VA VA GA

The GA birth would indicate that this is the correct Martha. She listed as widowed/divorced. The first digit for Julia Ann's age is unreadable. That she and her father were born in VA is inconsistent with what we know of John Cooley, Martha's husband. And there is a girl enumerated on the 1840 census for John Cooley in Randolph county MO (which I think is John and Martha) old enough to have been born prior to John and Martha's marriage. Therefore, I think it's that she was Martha's daughter from a previous marriage. Could she have born Julia Ann Bearden in Virginia?

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Martha BIERDEN m John COOLY, 23 Nov 1835, Monroe, MO.

It's noteworthy that Monroe county is next to Randolph and Macon counties.

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The Johns are being jostled around again. I'm merging another file into this one. All of this needs to be rewritten.

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This is appearing more and more to have been the John Cooley of Howard co MO who was jailed in 1846 for incest. That man committed suicide. Current theory is that is wife may have already been dead and his orphaned children put under the protection of James and Martha Cooley of Randolph co MO.

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Sandy Stanton found the following article through the State Historical Society of Missouri.

Columbia Missouri Statesman
July 10, 1846
Pg. 1, column 3

Suicide. - John Cooley hung himself in the jail in this place, on Tuesday. He was awaiting his trial upon a charge of rape upon his own daughter. - Fayette Times.

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Current speculation by Sandy Stanton, Jim Cooley of Las Vegas and myself is that he may have had four children at his death:

Elizabeth, 1833-1884 m Bailey
Ervin C Cooley, 1834-1922
Willow (male), c1837-
Polly, 1840-

His cousin James Cooley of Randolph co MO may have adopted them and moved to Dickson co TN where he appears in 1850.

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From Jim Cooly of Las Vegas:

23 Nov 1835
Monroe, MO

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John Cooley m Eliza Locke 4 Apr 1832, Howard co MO.

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I checked with the Howard co MO circuit court, where John Cooley committed suicide in jail, to see if there are any records of his upcoming trail or anything relating to orphans. Their response:

After searching Index Book 1 of the Howard County circuit Court records, no records are found for a John Cooley or Cooley children.

That doesn't kill the theory but we have no documentary evidence for it.

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Subject: I recieved the packet!
From: "Michael Cooley"
Date: Fri, March 15, 2013 9:50 pm
To: "John Cooley Mailing List"

I don't have a scanner but will have it scanned next week. Then I'll
repackage the whole thing and snail mail it to Jim--who may be able to
read some of it better than I can.

It's big. It includes IOUs that James had signed and it's evident he owed
quite a bit of money and that his property was liquidated to cover the
debt. There are also some pages for a John W Coley who, I think, was no

Much of it is hard to read. I'd gone through 3/4 of it before I saw
anything of real genealogical value. It's a list, with no real
explanation, but the cleanest, clearest document in the whole packet:

William Cooley Oregon Territory
Paren Cooley Missouri
Nelly & William Green Illinois
Hannah & William Beardin Mo.
Elizabeth and Edward Stinson "
John Cooley dead his heirs
Angeline Cooley married Daniel Morgan in Texas
Edward Cooley Illinois
Elizabeth & John Bailey Dickson Co. Ten.
E. C. Coley " " " "
Milo Cooley " " Minor
Mary Cooley " " do.

It's spelled out better in a later document, but I don't see a date. It
references the land that James bought from John B Walker, which is
registered in Book J, page 245. Here is the good stuff. (Congrats Jim and

Your petitioner states that the following are the only Heirs at Law of the
said James Cooley, as he is informed and believes, to wit. William Cooley,
Paren Cooley, William Green & wife Nelly formerly Cooley, William Bearden
and wife Hannah formerly Cooley, Edward Stinson and wife Elizabeth,
formerly Cooley, Daniel Morgan and wife Angeline, formerly Cooley, Edward
Cooley, John Bailey and wife Elizabeth, formerly Cooley, E.C. Cooley, Milo
Cooley, & Mary Cooley, the last six of whom are children of a decd Brother
of sd James Cooley, the last two of which are minors under the age of 21

And I rest my case. :) Thoughts in a moment.