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This James had long been thought to have been the James who married Jane White and who died by 1829. It will be a controversial notion but I think that Jane's husband was Joseph Cooley's son. And I now think there'ss good reason to believe that this is the James Cooley of Jack county TX and that Mathias of that same place was his brother. The DNA supports this idea. The tricky part is that James was born in PA in 1808/09. That never fit into the picture but there is now evidence that Isaac Cooley, of this same family, was born in Ohio c1805. The patriarch, James Cooley (1772-1821), was a horse trainer. There appears to be no evidence of his presence in KY, where he is supposed to have been, during these years. Was he plying his trade in PA and OH, growing a small family in the process?

Isaac's son, William Washington Cooley, was born in Howard co MO in 1825. He and his wife moved to Monroe county OH by 1860. Had they already

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Let's pretend that James M is the James Cooley of Jack county TX and was born in PA. Let's accept that the 1880 census for Wm Washington Cooley is correct and that his father (Isaac) was born in OH. We know that James (the father) was still in NC in 1800 and was presumably still there in 1804 and 1805 when his father deeded land to him. We then have this for the births of his first 5 sons:

Demarquis D Cooley, 1802 in NC
Isaac N Cooley, 1805 in OH
James M Cooley, 1808 in PA
Timothy Goode Cooley, 1810 in KY
John H Cooley, 1812 in MO

We have a man who couldn't sit still. This is consistent with the horse-training, gambling, drinking, tavern and horse-track owning, would-be politician James Cooley.

This is a lot of speculation based on weak evidence but it provides a course of inquiry.

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Four children have been attributed to the James Cooley / Jane White couple. It's unlikely that a young man who died by the age of 21 had four children. Evidence is mounting that this is not that James, that he was the son of Joseph. (See -- Despite his birth in PA, I'm increasingly suspicious that this James was the James of Jack county, TX. The DNA and the age are perfect matches. See