Notes for Evaline Cooley (1836-1863) m Garrett Sleyster

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GARRETT SLEYSTER, farmer. Mr. Sleyster belongs to that large and valuable class of citi- zens of German nativity whose industry and good citizenship have done so much to develop the material wealth of Chariton county, and promote its welfare and prosperity. He was born in Zutpen, Holland, October 18th, 1835, and when eleven years of age was brought over to this country by his parents, John H. and Ann Sleyster, who emigrated to America in 1846, and settled near Brunswick, in Chariton county, this State. The father died here the first of the same year, and afterwards the mother married Andrew Bunk, who also died, his death occurring in 1863. She is still living at an advanced age in this county. After the father's death, Garrett went to live with John Zahler and remained with him for five years, after which he lived with his mother until his marriage, which occurred January 27th, 1857. He was then married to Miss Evaline Cooley. She died six years afterwards, January 4th, 1863, leaving him three children: Annie, now the wife of Fred. Myer; Margaret, whose husband is William Oldvader, and Evaline.