Notes for Claude Leonard Cooley (1888-1964) m1 Fanny Hall m2 Anna Johnstone McCord m3 Irma D Armstrong


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Is this him?

COOLEY CLAUDE L, 03/20/1888, M, MISSOURI, SAN BERNARDINO, 02/10/1964, 548-09-0199, 75 yrs

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From Bonnie Lillywhite, July 2012

Claude L. Cooley, San Bernardino Evening Telegram, 2-12-1964, pages B4 and

A native of Missouri; San Bernardino resident 42 years.

Survivors include wife Irma D., of San Bernardino; a daughter, Mrs. Ivis
Knight of Victorville; a son, Normal L., of Highland; 5 grandchildren; 11


Mark B. Shaw Mortuary; Burial: Mt. View Cemetery.

PS I think that the son's name was Norman not Normal
It appears that this Claude was md 3 times:
1) unknown (mother of Norman L Cooley and Ivis M Cooley
2) Anna Johnstone McCord, md 28 Apr 1919 in Randolph County, MO
3) Irma D

Norman L Cooley b 20 Apr 1910 MO, d 10 Nov 1973 San Berdu, CA
Ivis M Cooley Knight b 15 Apr 1915 MO, d 12 Dec 1996 Victorville, San
Berdu, CA

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Subject: Re: Claude L Cooley obit
From: "Mary Lou Cooley"
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Marriage of Claud L Cooley & Fanny Hall, 02 Sep 1906 in Sullivan Co., MO

County of Sullivan

THIS LICENSE AUTHORIZES any Judge of a Court of Record or Justice of the
Peace, or any Licensed or Ordained Preacher of the Gospel, who is a citizen
of the United States, to SOLEMNIZE MARRIAGE between Claud L. Cooley of
Winigan in the County of Sullivan and State of Missouri who is under the age
of twenty-one years; and Fanny Hall of Winigan in the County of Adair and
State of Missouri who is over the age of eighteen years.

The consent of the father of Claud L. Cooley filed with application for
License. {seal}

WITNESS my hand as Recorder of Deeds, with the seal of office hereto
affixed, at my office in Milam Mo. this 28th day of August 1906.
/s/ J. N. McGee
Recorder of Deeds.

County of Sullivan

This is to certify that the undersigned A minister of the Gospel did, at
Frank Conner's in said County, on the 2 day of September A.D. 1906 unite in
Marriage the above named persons. And I further certify that I am a citizen
of the United States, and legally qualifyed under the laws of the State of
Missouri to solemnize Marriages.
/s/ J. E. Chadwell

The foregoing Certificate of Marriage, was filed for record in my office
on the 3rd day, of Sept. A. D. 1906.
/s/ J. N. McGee
Recorder of Deeds.