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History of Appanoose County Hibbsville pages 532 - 533 (Franklin
James Hibbs
Hibbs, James, dealer in dry goods and general merchandise, Hibbsville,
residence same; born in Putnam Co. Indiana, in 1826; in 1847, removed to
Jefferson Co., Iowa and there engaged in the farming line and breaking
prairie for one year, and went to Wapello Co., engaged in farming until
during 1849, when he came to Appanoose Co., and entered land in what was
then Shoal Creek Township; helped to make the returns of the first election
from that township; the year following, returned to his farm and occupied it
until 1851, when he built a store, stocked it with goods and entered into
his present business, being the first in that township. He platted and laid
out a town, calling it Hibbsville, which in 1857, consisted of three general
stores, a drug store, a hotel, a blacksmith shop, a shoe store, a grist and
saw mill, carding machine and a post office, all doing a good business.
Now, Mr. Hibbs is the only one there, not even a blacksmith shop remaining.
A schoolhouse was built in his village as early as 1854, in which the first
term of school was taught by Miss C. Stanton, now a resident of Centerville.
In 1853, he sold out his business interest and commenced the erection of the
first mill in th township; completed the sawmill that fall, and in 1855 put
in the flouring department; he also attached a carding apparatus. This
business he retained until 1858, then disposed of his milling interest and
for four years kept the hotel in Hibbsville; during the year 1862 he again
entered merchandising, hauling his goods from Ottumwa with a blind mule,
where he has since continued, having been in the business for sixteen years
without intermission. In 1853, he succeeded in establishing a post office
at Hibbsville, which he has himself held for twenty years, through all
administrations and through the rebellion. In 1873, Mr Hibbs instigated a
movement and succeeded in organizing th first Grange of the county. In
1855, he married Miss Martha Cooley; she was born in Indiana in 1840; her
father, Edward C., came to Iowa in 1848, first settled in Washinton County
and engaged in farming; he afterward removed to Keokuk, and there engaged in
milling; then to this county, where he erected the first carding machine of
the county west of Centerville. He died in 1853; her mother died in 1862;
her father had been a member of the M.E. Church since 16 years, and his
mother since she was 19 years of age. Mr. and Mrs. Hibbs have six children,
Mahlon E., James W., Martha E., George B., Nancy J., Samuel D. Greenbacker.
Owns his business, consisting of a store heavily stocked with goods, and 380
acres of land, valued at $25 per acre. Hibbs, Jesse, Sec. 19, Hibbs,
Mahlon, Sec 19; P.O. Hibbsville, Hibbs, Pleasant, Far., S. 33; P.O.