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To the honor of being a native of the beautiful state of California Mr. Murley adds the distinction of being the son of one of the state's pioneers, William Murley, who, though now passed to that bourne to which all are destined, still lived to enjoy the benefits of an advanced civilization. At the time of the birth of William P. Murley, July 22, 1858, the family home was in Alameda county, but three years later it was transferred to Monterey county. They did not remain here permanently at that time, however, for three years later they returned to Alameda county and made their home there for two years thereafter. The year 1866 found them located in Monterey county once more, and from that time to the present this has continued to be the home of the family, although various members have in the meantime passed away. On locating here the second time the father homesteaded and pre-empted three hundred and twenty acres in Qiolame valley, where he carried on farming and stock-raising throughout the active years of his life.

Parkfield was the town nearest to his home, and in the schools of this place William P. Murley received a fair knowledge in the rather primitive schools. He was twenty-three years of age at the time he started out on his own behalf and became a land owner, having homesteaded one hundred and sixty acres of land in the county. He had made this his home for about eighteen years, when, in 1898, he sold out his ranch and removed to Parkfield, and for two years conducted two blacksmith shops in the town. Selling out at the end of two years, he turned his attention once more to agricultural pursuits by the purchase of the William Imess ranch, near Parkfield, and here he has since been contented to remain. The ranch comprises one hundred and sixty acres, upon which Mr. Murley carries on diversified farming, raising successfully the various grains grown generally in this locality, besides which he raises a large number of hogs.

Mr. Murley's marriage occurred in 1887, uniting him with Miss Alameda Chenny, a native of Alameda county, and a lifetime resident of the state. She passed away December 5, 1893, leaving, besides her husband, one daughter, Delia Maggie.

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Name William Perian Murley
Event Type Death
Event Date 23 Nov 1942
Event Place Monterey, California, United States
Birth Date 22 Jul 1856
Birthplace California
Gender Male
Father's Name Murley
Mother's Name Cooley