Following are various records not published in The Pettit Correspondent relating to the Pennsylvania Pettits found in Morgan, Muskingum and Perry counties, Ohio.

Deed From Thomas Pettet to Benjamin Sharpless and Septimus Cadwallioer, 1818
Bethel Church, Perry County, Ohio
Cemetery Records from Floy Scatterday
Eli Pettit Obituary, Leavenworth, Kansas, 1899
Rev George M Fate
Jane Pettet Obituary, Porterville, Perry County, Ohio, 1890
Joseph Pettet Obituary, Kileville, Ohio, 1924
Joseph Pettit Obituary, Long Beach, California, 1903
Joseph Pettit Obituary, Burr Oak, Kansas, 1939
Peleg and Rachel (Pettit) Rumfield
Samuel A Pettet Obituary, Portorsville, Ohio, 1926
Sarah Pettet letters to James Lindsey, 1864
Solomon Pettet Obituary, Meridian, Idaho, 1902
Thomas Pettet Obituary, Perry County, Ohio, 1888
Thomas Pettit, 50th Wedding Anniversary, Perry County, Ohio, ca 1888
Pettit Lands, Vinton County, Ohio
William H Butts
William Pettit Obituary, Unionville, MO, 1933