Cooleys on the 1830 and 1840 Indiana Census

• 1810 Pennsylvania • 1790 & 1800 Pennsylvania • Various 1860 census
• 1841 Great Britain • 1830 and 1840 Indiana • All 1820


  • A20349 - Descendants of Jabez Cooley of Goshen, NY.
  • A12022 - Descendants of Benjamin Cooley of Springfield, MA
  • YP4491 - Descendants of John Cooley of Stokes County, NC
  • S984 - Descendants of William Cooley and Elizabeth Firmin of Fayette County, PA
Age groupings: 0-4, 5-9, 10-14, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-89, 90-99, 100+


John Cooley1830Bartholomew0020001-11001
Edward Cooley1830Carroll20011-00001
Jesse Cooley1830Clark2200101-0110001
David Cooley1830Franklin00001-00001CF02<-Ebenezer<-JabezR-A203491
Isaac Cooley1830Franklin10001-10001CF02<-Thaddeus<-JabezR-A20349
John T Cooley1830Franklin10001-20001CF02<-Ebenezer<-JabezR-A20349
Thadeus Cooley1830Franklin000010001-00011001CF02<-JabezR-A2034910
John A Cooley1830Montgomery201001-12100100001CF10<-William m Firmin2R-S984
Wm Cooley1830Sullivan220001-10001
James Cooley1830Washington220001-01002CF02<-Aruna<-Adonijah<-NathanielR-A120224
John Cooley1830Washington1121001-000011CF01<-Edward<-JohnR-YP4491
Martha Cooley1830Washington0-0000010001CF01m Edward<-Johnn/a
Stephen Cooley1830Washington10001-00001CF01<-Edward<-JohnR-YP4491
Thomas Cooley1830Washington2001001-1120001CF01<-Edward<-JohnR-YP4491
Henry Cooley1840Columbus, Bartholomew10001-01001CF02<-Thaddeus<-JabezR-A20349
Isaac Cooley1840Columbus, Bartholomew210001-00115CF02<-Thaddeus<-JabezR-A20349
Jabez Cooley1840Columbus, Bartholomew000001-000001CF02Born c1801-1810, 30-39
Jas Cooley1840Columbus, Bartholomew2000101-0220001CF02Male 20-29 and 40-49
Irah Cooley81840Wayne, Bartholomew00001-0001CF01<-John<-Edward<-JohnR-YP4491
Noah Cooley1840Wayne, Bartholomew00001-1001CF01<-John<-Edward<-JohnR-YP4491
Reuben Cooley1840Wayne, Bartholomew0001001-00001001CF01<-Edward<-JohnR-YP4491
Edward Cooley1840Carroll111001-1000001
Joseph Cooley1840Clinton0002101-011001<-Henry Cowley
R R Cooly1840Decatur100011-11001CF02<-Jabez<-Jabez<-JonathanR-A12022
William Cooley1840Delaware2210001-000001CF02William < Seth < Caleb3R-A12022
James Cooley121840Waterloo, Fayette1010001-011001m Eliza Peoples
John A Cooley1840Cain, Fountain00000000001-00000000001CF10<-William m FirminR-S984
David F Culey1840Franklin000011?-1001001CF02<-Ebenezer<-JabezR-A20349
John Cooley1840Franklin2110001-011101CF02<-Ebenezer<-JabezR-A20349
Reuben Cooley1840Franklin121001-10001CF02<-Ebenezer<-JabezR-A20349
Aruna Cooley1840Jackson00001-10002CF02<-Aruna<-Adonijah<-NathanielR-A12022
Hiram Cooley1840Jackson0100001-022101CF02<-Aruna<-Adonijah<-NathanielR-A12022
James Cooley1840Jackson2112001-1101CF02<-Aruna<-Adonijah<-NathanielR-A12022
Jessee Cooley1840Scott002100001-00011001b c1778 VA9
John Cooley1840Laramie, Tippecanoe03212001-1110201<-Henry Cowley6
John A Cooley1840Laramie, Tippecanoe10001-10001<-Joseph<-Henry Cowley
James Cooley1840Sheffield, Tippecanoe2110001-221101<-John<-Henry Cowley
John A Cooley1840Wayne, Montgomery2121001-01201CF10<-John A<-William m FirminR-S984
Jonathan Cooley1840Wayne, Montgomery212001-010001CF10<-John A<-William m FirminR-S984
Loren Cooley71840Franklin, Montgomery00001-0
Nancy Cooley1840Union, Montgomery02-0001001
Louis Cooley1840Washington, Washington10001-10001CF01<-Thomas<-Edward<-JohnR-YP4491
Martha Cooley1840Washington, Washington0-0000001001CF01m Edward<-JohnR-YP4491
Stepen Cooley1840Washington, Washington011001-000001CF01<-Edward<-JohnR-YP4491
Thos Cooley1840Salem, Washington00100001-0011101CF01<-Edward<-JohnR-YP4491
David Cooley1840Jackson, Washington00001-0001CF01<-John<-Edward<-JohnR-YP4491
John Cooley1840Jackson, Washington11110001-0000001CF01<-Edward<-JohnR-YP4491
Joseph Cooley1840Gibson, Washington011001-111101CF01<-Reuben<-Edward<-JohnR-YP4491

1 These Cooleys are negative for the A12022 (Benjamin) markers. The tests are pending, but there's every reason to believe they are positive for A20349.

2 William Cooley and Elizabeth Firmin probably married in Maryland. They moved to and died in Fayette County, PA

3 William born in NY, wife in Ireland, older children born in NY and VT, younger children born in Indiana after 1840. "Biographical and Historical Record of Jay and Blackford Counties, Indiana" says William was born in NY 1800 and died 1876. He married Jane Rainey.

4 James Lyman Cooley m Esther Hubbard. DNA not tested but probable because of the documented descent.

5 His first wife, Francis Alley, died in 1839.

6 John was born in Pennsylvania 1783 and died in Tippecanoe 1865. He married Sophia Marie Drose. I don't know the evidence that his father was Henry of Ross County, Ohio, but a John Cooley is listed in his estate records of 1813. Henry is said to have married Mary Shannon in York County, PA.

7 "Lorian" Cooley. 1850 Mortatily schedule lists his birth 1816 (MA), died Dec 1849.

8 "Isiah" Cooley.

9 Per 1850 census, Scott County, IN.

10 His father, Jabez, died that year. It appears his mother was living with him.

11 Reuben married Rebecca Rockafeller in Franklin County, IN on 18 Oct 1830.