Index to all Cooley Trees

List of All Cooley Lineages

*Charles Franklin Cooley (1883-1948) m Maude Jane Didawick
*George W Cooley (1844-1901) m Laura A McInturff
*John W Cooley (1809-1888) Ann Elizabeth Hottel
*Ray A Cooley
A F Whitfield (1879-)
A J Cooley (1843-c1850)
A J Carroll Cooley (bef1810-)
A Jack Brian Sr (1913-) m Lorraine Hubbel
A R Cooley
A W Cooley (c1841-)
A Wesley Cooley m Mary Louise Hayne
Aaron Cooley (1773-1863) m Rhoda Hammond
Aaron Cooley (1812-)
Aaron Cooley (1821-1844) m Martha Turner
Aaron Burr Cooley
Aaron Henry Cooley (1802-1845) m Savannah Hovious
Aaron Henry Cooley (1845-1918 MO) m1 Susan Hasaer m2 Laura Field
Aaron Nicholas Cooley
Aaron Nicholas Misner (1848-1938) m1 Jane Cox m2 Emily Jane Nottingham
Aaron Riley Cooley (1866-1943) m Bessie Ryan
Aaron Wood Cooley (1834-1884 MO) m Polly Ann Cox
Abby Cooley (1816-) m Auria Thomas
Abel Cooley (1898-)
Abigail Cooley (-)
Abigail Cooley m Jonathan Robbins
Abilene Cooley (c1643-) m Japhet Chapin
Abner Cooley (1831-1886) m Eleanor Rapp
Abner Cooley (c1856-) m Maria Chapin
Abner J Cooley
Abraham Cooley (1790-1830) m Jane Edwards
Abraham Cooley (1800-)
Abraham Cooley (1832-1895) m1 Nancy Catherine Noblitt m2 Mary Elizabeth Cooley () m3 Almira Smith
Abraham Cooley (1863-1943) m1 Catherine Nelson m2 Cora Ida Sneed
Abraham Cooley (c1732-)
Abraham Cooley (c1740-1820) m Sarah Reeder
Abraham Cowley (-1753) m Mary Margaret Tankard
Abraham Cowley (1759-1799) m Elizabeth Harwood
Abraham Cowley (1787-) m Dinah Silverwood
Abraham Lane (1822-1889)
Abraham Joseph Cowley (1841-1917 IA) m Mary Ann Webster
Abraham L Cooley (1862-1864)
Absalom Cooley (1810-1888) m Harriet Alford
Ada Cooley (1880-) m George Wright
Adaline Cooley (1822-1882) m W P McMillin
Adaline Cooley (1841-1929)
Adaline Cooley (1868-1914) m William Edward Turner
Adam C Willis (1840-)
Adam Martin Cooley (1851-)
Addie Cooley (1867-)
Addison Coley (1849-)
Adelia Ann Cooley (c1859-)
Adeline Cooley (c1852-)
Adeline A Cooley (1841-) m Benjamin Franklin Thomas
Adie Lillian Simmons () m John Wiley Sanders
Adonijah Cooley (1741-1810) m Hannah
Adrian Henry Cooley (1886-1952) m Mary Smith
Agnes Cooley (1902-)
Agnes Marie Cooley (1895 TN) m ___ Phillips
Alan J Cooley ()
Alan Rogers Coley
Alatha Hines (9123-1988) m Barney B Vassey
Albert Cooley (1849-) m Mary
Albert Cooley (1862-1915) m Francis Ann Johnson
Albert Cooley (1865-)
Albert Cooley (1879-1941) m Sarah Ann
Albert Cooley (c1870-)
Albert Cooley
Albert Cowley (1857-1895)
Albert Telle (-)
Albert Whitfield (c1854-)
Albert Whitfield
Albert A Cooley (1858-)
Albert Dustin Cooley (1902-1976) m Alice A Sutherland
Albert Eldridge Cooley (1893-) m Martha Nehse
Albert F Cooley (1830-1885) m May Jane Busby
Albert G Cooley (1865-1897)
Albert G Cooley (1904-)
Albert Harley Cooley (1899-)
Albert Henry Cooley (1900-1956) m Beulah Lewis
Albert Homer Cooley (1876-1936) m Elsie R Scott
Albert J Cooley (1866-1889)
Albert Loral Cooley (1916-1986) m Elsie May Toborg
Albert M Cooley (1908-)
Albert Marion Whitfield (1823-c1844)
Albert Marvin Cooley (1878-1966) m Margaret Thompson
Albert Marvin Cooley (1908-1985) m Margaret Fosmark
Albert Omega Cooley (1869-1900) m Betsy Jane Stone
Albert Omer Cooley (1892-1892)
Albert Otho Cooley (1872-) m Laura Ellis
Albert Pleasant Cooley (1919-1977)
Albert R Cooley (1848-1936) m Calista Jane Danner
Albert Ross Cooley (1876-1971) m Alice Melvina Fry
Albert S Cooley
Albert Sidney Cooley (1879-1950) m Winifred Grace Ralston
Albert T Cooley (c1903-)
Albert Thomas Coley (1907-1979)
Albert Thomas Cooley (1922-1983 TX) m Alice Delores Blanton
Albert Thompson Cooley (1847-1932 IL) m Leeannah Crawley
Alberta H Cooley (1890-1890)
Alex Whitfield (1834-1893) m Rebcessa Hicks
Alexander Cooley (1763-1837)
Alexander Cooley (1835-1922) Eliza Shields
Alexander Cooley (1862-)
Alexander Cooley (1876-1929) m Mittie M ____
Alexander Hissom Cooley (1893-1962) m Anna Jones
Alexander Mack
Alexander May Cooley (1848-) m Sarah Elizabeth Smith
Alexander Washington Cooley (1874-1962) m Alma Krousgrill
Alford Cooley (c1874-)
Alford William Ruston Cooley (1904-1988)
Alfred Cooley (1816-1891)
Alfred Cooley (1860-)
Alfred Cooley (1862-1947) m Laura Belle Chapman
Alfred Cooley (c1883-1916) m Florence Minnie
Alfred Cooley
Alfred Cooley (c1831-)
Alfred Taylor Cooley (1858-1934)
Alfred W Cooley (c1851-1918)
Algernon Coley (c1873-)
Alice Cooley (-)
Alice Cooley (1880-)
Alice Cooley (c1854-) m Williams
Alice Belle Pineo (1881-1964)
Alice Cooley (1906-)
Allen Cooley (1780-1850+) m Rebecca Andrews
Allen Cooley (1805-) m Mary
Allen Cooley
Allen Whitfield (1891-1964)
Allen Whitfield (c1846-)
Allen D Cooley (1932-1993) m Lounette Keller
Allen Joseph Cooley (1868-1901)
Allen M Cooley (1851-1852)
Allison Claude Cooley (1925-2011) m Billie Dell Hogue
Alma Cooley (1905-)
Alma Cooley (c1864-)
Almond Elwood Cooley (c1876-)
Alonzo Cooley (1883-1883)
Alonzo Cooley (1883-1971) m Emma Belle Corbin
Alonzo Cooley (c1853-)
Alonzo B Coley (1849-1931) m Imogene Lilian Adams
Alonzo B Cooley (1840-)
Alonzo M Cooley m Catherine Bailey (1877-1953)
Alton R Cooley (1865-1932) m Emma
Alton T Cooley Jr (1892-1986) m Carrie Lear
Alva Edison Cooley (1890-1984) m Mary Kate McGlothlin
Alva J Cooley (c1903-) m Ellen Ruthann Wetmore
Alvin Cooley
Alvin Boyd Cooley (1888-1964) m Mary Elizabeth Harrison
Alvin George Cooley (1901-1985) m Irene L
Alzada Cooley (1826-1907) m Burrell R Roberts
Amanda Cooley (1847-) TN
Amanda Cooley (1859)
Amanda Leonard (1815-)
Amanda White (c1840-)
Amanda Blayne Cooley (-)
Amanda C Cooley (1856-1902)
Amanda E Cooley (1869-1873)
Amasetha Cooley (1846-) TN
Ambrose Cooley (c1788-)
Ambrose Cooley
Ambrose Telle (-)
Ambrose Burnside Cooley (1862-1939) m Elmira Gibson
Ambrose Hurlbutt Coley (1897-1922)
Amelia Leonard (1830-)
America Cooley (1826-1891) m David G Campbell
Amos Coley (1892-)
Amos B Cooley
Amos Franklin Cooley (1875-1905) m Ada Willie Watts
Amos Fredrick Cowley (1870-1942) m Rose A Ingraham
Amos S Gilbert (1829-1858)
Amos T Cooley (1905-1909)
Amos William Coley (1911-1983) m Evelyn Cobb
Anderson Cooley (c1841-)
Andrew Cooley (1804-)
Andrew Cooley (1823-1891) m Ann McCafferty
Andrew Cooley (1848-1888)
Andrew Cooley (1848-1888)
Andrew Cooley (1896-1987) m Loretta May Moulton
Andrew Cooley (c1708-)
Andrew Cooley (c1786-1860+) m Catherine Burchett (1789-1860)
Andrew Cooley (c1835-)
Andrew B Cooley (1881-)
Andrew Bernard Cooley (1887-1927) m Cora Belle Wilson
Andrew Coley (1736-)
Andrew Hyle Cooley (1865-) m Emma Smith
Andrew J Cooley (1814-1886) m Lucy A Evans
Andrew J Cooley (1851-1900) m Salina Batzner
Andrew J Cooley (1855-)
Andrew Jack Cooley (1924-1987)
Andrew Jackson Cooley (1857-1917) m Charlotta A Hare
Andrew Jackson Cooley (1874-1892)
Andrew Jackson Bud Cooley (1848-1932) m Effie May Waldron
Andrew Tyson Cooley (1915-1984)
Andrew Young Cooley (1900-1955) m Lillie Marie Swofford
Angel Cooley () m Rick Cooley
Angeline Cooley (1837-) m Hugh West
Angeline Cooley (c1825-) m1 Daniel Morgan m2 ___ Tollott
Angeline Cooley (c1843-) m ___ Underwood
Anita Cooley ()
Ann Cooley (1754-1755)
Ann Cooley (1854-)
Ann Cooley (c1811-) m1 Thomas D Beauchamp m2 Isaac Piles
Ann Cooley m William Moore
Ann Elizabeth Cooley (1830-1862) m Isaiah Alexander Faris
Anna Cooley (1821-)
Anna Cooley (c1811-) m John Elliott
Anna Cooley (c1854-)
Anna Beatrice Cooley (1894-1979)
Anna Belle Cooley b: 29 JUN 1891
Anna Lou Gruben (1908-1998) m Frank Boyt Houghton
Anna R Cooley (c1920-)
Anna Riller Cooley (c1848-)
Anna T Cooley (1855-)
Annabelle Cooley (1863-)
Anne Cooley (1793-1816) m Minitree Monday
Annie Cooley (1887-)
Annie E Cooley (1889-)
Annis Cooley (1857-)
Arasmus E Cooley (1857-1931) m Cora Lee Kingsley
Archibald Handley ()
Archibald Francis Cooley (1877-) m Mary H Ralph
Archie Cooley (1888-)
Archie Daniel Cooley ()
Archie Elsworth Cooley (1879-1948) m Lydia Odessa White
Archie Lee Cooley (1903-1992) m Ruby Louise Daiprai
Archie Monroe Cooley (1907-1972)
Archie Taft Whitfield (1909-1967)
Arlen P Cooley (1938-2008)
Arlen Ray Cooley (1939-1995) m Sue Ellen Dudding
Arley Joseph Cooley (1904-1915)
Arthur Andries (1927-1984) m Marian Brockway
Arthur Cooley (1895-)
Arthur Cooley ()
Arthur Cooley (1881-
Arthur Cooley (1890-1975) m Annie Johnson
Arthur Cooley (1901-1972) m Jessie Pearl Brough
Arthur Cooley (c1872-)
Arthur Cooley
Arthur Cooley
Arthur Whitefield (c1902-)
Arthur B Cooley (1879-1899)
Arthur C Cooley (c1887-)
Arthur E V Cooley (1942-2009)
Arthur Emmett Cooley (1901-)
Arthur F Cooley (1889-)
Arthur H Cooley (1849-1909) m Laura Lehmer
Arthur I Cooley (1912-)
Arthur J Cooley (c1872-1956)
Arthur Leon Whitfield Sr (1913-1995)
Arthur M Cooley (1887-)
Arthur Moore Kiergan (1848-1933) m1 Nina Mariah Lyon m2 Rosa Mary Hofrichter
Arthur N Cooley (1902-1961) m Marie B Lubker
Arthur S Cooley (1866-1957)
Arthur Watson Cooley (1893-1949) m Bertha J Honeycutt
Arthur Waugh Cooley
Arthur William Cowley (1861-1861)
Aruna Cooley (1810-1822)
Arunah Cooley (1770-1823) m Polly
Arvie Quillen (1909-)
Asa Oliver Cooley (1839-1920) m 1843 America Bowman
Asa W Cooley (1808-)
Asa W Cooley (1848-1909)
Asahel Cooley (1719-1742) m Mary
Asahel Cooley (1742-)
Asahel Cooley (1844-1920)
Asahel Cooley Jr m Ester Warriner
Asahel J Cooley (1849-1854)
Ashford Cooley (1901-1989)
Ashford Jackson Cooley (1865-) m Claudia May Ely
Aspen LeAnne Cooley (-)
Aubrey Whitfield (1910-1968)
Aubrey Michelle Cooley (-)
Aubry Daniel Cooley (1876-1975) m1 Margaret Ellen Jones m2 Lola B Hitchcock
Audley Cooley (c1909-)
Audrey Lynn Cooley (1978-)
Audy Lee Cooley (1893-1959) m Grace Mills
Augusta E Cooley (c1867-)
Augustin Cooley (c1850-)
Augustus Price (1898-)
Austie Cooley (c1907-)
Austin Cooley
Austin Craig Cooley (1873-1952) m Eleanor F
Austin Wilbur Cowley (1872-1936)
Azariah Coley (1776-) m Sarah Andrews
B Berry Cooley (c1877)
Bailey Stilson Coley (1793-)
Barbara Cooley m ___ Lancaster
Barney Balus Cooley (1909-1964) m Hester Pauline Westbrook
Barney Edmond Bishop (1894-1963) m Beulah Mae Stevenson
Barney Roark Cooley (1870-) m1 Mary Bell Potter
Barrett Elwood James (1929-1929)
Barry Lynn Cooley (-)
Barthena Cooley (c1849-) m G M Dallas Roberts
Basil Cooley (1903-)
Beecher E Cooley (1915-1997) m Claribel Lamb
Belle R Cooley (1867-1901) m Thomas Eugene Wilson
Belton Cooley (1872-)
Ben F Cooley (1863-)
Bender Cooley (1899-1899)
Benjamin Coley (1794-1841) m Polly Caron
Benjamin Cooley (-) m Betsy Quick
Benjamin Cooley (1615-1684) m Sarah
Benjamin Cooley (1681-) m Margaret Bliss
Benjamin Cooley (1719-) m Elizabeth
Benjamin Cooley (1723-) m Elizabeth Biggerstaff
Benjamin Cooley (1731-) m Elizabeth Truesdale
Benjamin Cooley (1747-)
Benjamin Cooley (1750-1833) m1 Mary Barton m2 Rebecca Smith
Benjamin Cooley (1778-1864)
Benjamin Cooley (1799-)
Benjamin Cooley (1824-) m Mary Jane Patterson
Benjamin Cooley (1827-1903) m Martha J Cox
Benjamin Cooley (1890-1967) m Sallie
Benjamin Cooley (c1848-1900+) m Louisa Lee
Benjamin Cooley (c1910-)
Benjamin Cooley Jr (1701-) m Elizabeth Charles
Benjamin Cooley
Benjamin Leonard (1814-)
Benjamin White (c1843-)
Benjamin Barnes Cooley (1823-1870) m1 Hettie Ann Shipley
Benjamin Coleman Whitfield (1924-2000)
Benjamin D Cooley (1931-2012)
Benjamin F Cooley (1828-1912) m Malinda J Miller
Benjamin F Cooley (1851-) m1 Priscilla A Devoren m2 Hattie Devoren
Benjamin F Cooley (1858-) Julia Ann McKinney
Benjamin F Cooley (1868-)
Benjamin F Cooley (1881-1953) m Mary Lou Blew
Benjamin F Cooley (1913-1947)
Benjamin F Cooley (c1849-) m Martha Brinnon
Benjamin F Cooley (c1853-)
Benjamin Franklin Cooley (1774-1847) m Jane Dickey
Benjamin Franklin Cooley (1836-1909) m Susannah Lawson
Benjamin Franklin Cooley (1853-1936) m Mary Ward
Benjamin Franklin Cooley (1853-1940) m Emma Rebecca Gruver
Benjamin Franklin Cooley (1878-) m Nora
Benjamin Franklin Cooley (1894-)
Benjamin Franklin Cooley (1950-2008) m Dolly Caldwell
Benjamin Franklin Whitfield (1800-)
Benjamin Franklin Whitfield (c1848-)
Benjamin J Bearden (1841-1915) m Sarah Jane Moore
Benjamin Jenkins Cooley (1902-1983)
Benjamin Orlando Cooley (1846-1927)
Benjamin Orville Cooley (1887-) m Agnees L Shibley
Benjamin R Cooley (1816-1880+ MO) m Elizabeth Ann Cooley
Benjamin Rush Cooley Jr (1854-1943) m1 Mary Lucas m2 Josephine V
Benjamin S Cooley (1880-)
Benjamin T Cooley (c1872-1895 WA)
Benjamin Timothy Cooley (1848-1931) m Susan Garver
Benjamin Wood Cooley (1870-1942) m Anna Myrtle Fleming
Benjman Green (1857-)
Benoni Cooley (1879-) m1 Helen W ___ m2 Anna M Kirk
Bernice Marie Misner
Berniece Alma Cooley (1894-1977) m Ray Lowry
Berry Cooley (1868-1949)
Berry Cooley (c1858-)
Berry Benjamin Lane (1839-1911)
Berry C Cooley
Berry Singleton Cooley (1887-1972)
Bert Cooley (1871-1958) m Ollie Sefrit
Bert Cooley (1894-)
Bert Milton Cooley (1896-1948)
Bertie M E Cooley (1886-)
Bessie Cooley (c1915-)
Betta Cantrell (1843-)
Bettie J Cooley (1934-) m Willie Harrison
Billy Edward Cooley (1930-1946)
Blair Cooley
Blanch Cooley (c1894-)
Bloomfield Cantrell (1851-)
Bob Bishop (1898-1900)
Bobby Ruff Cooley (1931-1999)
Bodine Cooley (-)
Bolen Victor Cooley (1871-)
Boon Cooley (1881-1882)
boy Cowley (c1720-)
Boyd A. Cooley (1929-1999)
Bradley Cooley (1827-) m Barthena Goss
Bradley Cooley (1883-) m Lorina
Bradley Powell Cooley (-)
Brandy Cooley (-)
Brenda Belle Cooley (1940-2014) m Larry Christenson
Brenda Denise Cooley (c1960-1996) m Kevin Wolf
Bruen Cooley (c1841-)
Burnetta Mathews Cooley ()
Burnie Cooley (1899-)
Burr B Coley (1816-1870)
Burrell Cooley (1860-1937)
Burril J Haggard () m Eliza
Byron Bedford Lee Cooley (1864-1933) m Margaret Ann Sylvester
Cale Cooley (1847-)
Caleb Coley
Caleb Cooley (1786-1828) m Matilda Buckingham
Callie Cooley
Calvin Cooley (1764-)
Calvin Cooley (1820-) m Harriet Chatham
Calvin Cooley (1821-1895) Sarah M Lewis
Calvin Cooley (1853-1912) m Mary MacNeal Camden
Calvin Cooley (1854-1926) m1 Lydia E Blake m2 Martha Ann Booth
Calvin Cooley (1857-1880+) m Mary Katherine Keller
Calvin Cooley (1858-) m Viny Lovitt
Calvin Cooley (1895-)
Calvin Cooley (c1888-)
Calvin Cooley (c1926-)
Calvin Caius Cooley (c1821-) m Jane
Calvin Douglas Cooley
Calvin Douglas Cooley
Calvin E Cooley (c1910-1968) m Lucille Rothwell
Calvin Harker Cooley (1821-1894) m Eliza Dunbar
Calvin Wesley Cooley (1938-1986)
Canda Cooley
Capt Ebenezer Coley (1741-1811) m1 Abigail Morehouse m2 Elenore
Capt John Hamilton Cooley (1811-1861) m Elizabeth Ann Young
Captain Abraham Cowley (1691-1779) m Anne Ware
Carl Cooley (1918-1994) m Mildred
Carl Cooley
Carl Lewis (1925-2001)
Carl Creed Cooley (1883-1914) m Maude C Fleenor
Carl Franklin Cooley (1915-1960)
Carl M Cooley (c1909-)
Carl Nathaniel Cooley (1921-1995) m Iva Bernice Wright
Carl R Cooley (-)
Carlas Nathaniel Coley (1847-)
Carlotte Sue Cooley (-) m Rhinehart
Carmie J Cooley (1896-)
Carney Gilbert Camp (1839-)
Caroline Cooley (1844-1899)
Caroline Cooley (1874-)
Caroline Cooley (c1829-)
Caroline McMillin (1857-) m Willey
Carolyn Cooley (-) m Wineinger
Carolyn Cooley (1945-2004) m1 ___ Isaacs m2 John Winchester
Carrie Cooley (1874-)
Carrie D Shipley (1868-1907) m Ulysses L Triplett
Carrie Lillian Hines (1930-2012)
Carrol R Cooley (1906-1943)
Carroll Milburn Cooley
Carvill Cooley (c1784-)
Cassandra Cooley (c1812-c1846) m James Handley
Cassandra Handley ()
Casseldana Cooley (c1847-)
Catherine Cooley (1857-1947) m Oscar G Robertson
Cecil Cooley (1897-1964)
Cecil Cooley (1902-)
Cecil Cooley (1903-1976) m Hazel Neal Brooks
Cecil E Cooley (1900-1962)
Cecil Franklin Cooley
Cecil Franklin Cooley
Cecil M Cooley (c1903-)
Cecil Omar Cooley (1901-1940) m Ann Fay Kelly
Cecil Rudolph Cooley (1920-2001) m Irma Virginia Haynes
Cecile Joseph Cooley (-)
Celeste Cooley (-) m Hensley
Celia Leonard (1809-1851)
Cenneth E Cooley (1844-1845)
Chambers R Cooley
Chapman Cooley (1790-)
Chapman Cooley (1824-1905) m1 Ginity America Brock m2 Jeanette
Charles Cooley ()
Charles Cooley (-)
Charles Cooley (1808-)
Charles Cooley (1859-)
Charles Cooley (1859-1918) m Emma Merrington
Charles Cooley (1865-)
Charles Cooley (1871-1936) m Flora E Lighthall
Charles Cooley (1880-1917) m Savannah Frances Peterson
Charles Cooley (1886-1973)
Charles Cooley (1887-)
Charles Cooley (c1792-) m Cornelia E Barron
Charles Cooley (c1855-)
Charles Cooley (c1881-)
Charles Cooley (c1932-)
Charles Cooley
Charles Cooley
Charles Cooley
Charles Cooley
Charles Cowley (1897-)
Charles White (1814-)
Charles A Whitfield (1879-)
Charles Albert Coffman (1908-)
Charles Arthur Cooley (1874-1953) m Mary Louise Eyraud m2 Evelyn Edwina Merrifield Crawford
Charles Arthur Cooley (1910-1978)
Charles Arthur Cooley m Jean Koening
Charles B Cooley (-)
Charles B Cooley (1865-1866)
Charles B Cooley (1883-)
Charles Bennett Cooley (1897-1959) m Lita Orr
Charles Brown Cooley (1836-1872)
Charles C Cooley (1872-1942)
Charles C Cooley (1886-1961) m Mable M
Charles C Cooley (c1905-)
Charles Calvin Cooley (1856-1904) m Clara A Gillian
Charles Calvin Cooley (1878-1943)
Charles Calvin Cooley (1892-1969) m Maude Kilgore
Charles Clinton Cooley (1880-1941) m Betty R Collins
Charles Dennis Cooley (1912-1981) m Helen Zocklein
Charles E Cooley (1867-)
Charles E Cooley (1927-) m Reva Dean Brittain
Charles E Cooley
Charles Easter Cooley (1792-1868) m Anne Tomlin
Charles Edward Cooley (-1931 NV)
Charles Edward Cooley (1867-1943) m Olga Opal Bland
Charles Edward Cooley (1882-1914)
Charles Edward Cooley (1917-1998) m Marian Page Stover
Charles Elmer Cooley (1878-1931) m O B Copeland
Charles Emory Cooley (1881-1977) m Minnie Bell McCraw
Charles Emory Cooley Jr (1911-) m Mary Marguerite Gaylor
Charles Everett Cooley (1884-1926)
Charles F Cooley (1876-) m Nora
Charles Franklin Cooley (1869-1912) m Maud May Knowlton
Charles Franklin Cooley (1883-1948) m Maude Jane Didawick
Charles Freeland Cooley (c1917-)
Charles Garrett Cooley (1904-1979)
Charles H Cooley (1859-1940+) m Violet L Phillips
Charles H Cooley (1866-) m Ella Linck
Charles H Cooley (1870-1930) Martha Frances Freeland
Charles H Cooley (1880-)
Charles H Cooley (1896-)
Charles H Cooley (c1872-)
Charles Hardin Cooley (1817-1894) m1 Rachel H McRae m2 Nancy Elizabeth McDaniel
Charles Henry Cooley (1822-1899)
Charles Henry Cooley (1900-1970) m Nora Rose McKnight
Charles Homer Cooley (1911-1974) m Viola Fay Buchanan
Charles Jackson Cooley (1877-1879)
Charles Jubal Cooley (1881-1942) m Grace M Scott
Charles Jubal Cooley Jr (c1917-) m Maxine Peterson
Charles Lincoln Cooley (1865-) unm
Charles Luther Cooley (1874-1946)
Charles M Cooley (1819-1822)
Charles M Cooley (1906-)
Charles M Cooley (1928-2007) m Lela J Snack
Charles Marion Cooley (1851-1892) m Henrietta Fife
Charles Marshall Cooley (1852-1927) m Alice L Harris
Charles Martin Cooley (1870-1920) m Willie Glendora Blair
Charles Morris Cooley (1842-1908) m Frances Jones
Charles O'Farrall Cooley (1888-1949)
Charles O'Neal Cooley (1908-1976)
Charles P Cooley (1872-1914)
Charles Phillip Fees (1861-) m Isola Thorpe
Charles R Cooley
Charles Ranclar Cooley
Charles Stanley Cooley (1929-1947)
Charles Sumner Cooley (1854-)
Charles Terrance Cooley (1930-2011)
Charles Theodore Cooley (1905-) m1 Nella M Wolf m2 Ruby Arlene Williams
Charles Theodore Cooley Jr (1940-1976)
Charles Thomas Cooley (1867-1939) m Eleanor Black
Charles Thomas Cooley (1899-1961) m Elsie Victoria Reynolds
Charles V Cooley (1890-1913)
Charles Van Allen Cooley (1869-1934) m1 Alta C Brown m2 Mrs Ida May White Taylor
Charles W Cooley (1851-1881) m Rosalia Patterson
Charles W Cooley (1897-)
Charles William Cooley (1883-1962) m Phoebe Crotzer
Charles William Cooley (1884-1949) m Eula Mae Upton
Charles William Cooley m Eleanor Painter
Charles William Cooley m Eleanor Painter
Charles William Misner (1883-1980) m Flora Mae Bowen
Charles William Cooley (c1917-)
Charles Wright Cooley (1890-1890)
Charlotte Cooley (1832-1833)
Charlotte Cooley (1851-1931)
Charlotte Gilbert (1833-1875)
Charlotte Ellen Cooley (1863-)
Chester Cooley (1814-1882) m Emma
Chester Cooley
Chester Cooley
Chester C Cooley (1909-1964) m Florence Wilson
Chester Ebenezer Coley (1874-1933) m Edna
Chester Ellsworth Cooley (1925-1990) m Mary Elizabeth Allen
Chester Francis Cooley (1911-1966) m Evelyn
Chester William Cooley (1917-1985)
Chester Winfield Cooley (1916-1957) m1 Agnes Hainey m2 Frances Reffitt
Christabel Cooley (1898-1972)
Christopher C Cooley (1920-) m Nellie Slusser
Christopher Carson Cooley (c1851-1895) m1 Patsy Maria Elkins m2 Minnie B Edmondson m3 Effie Belle Atkins
Christopher Columbus Cooley (1809-1885) m Nancy R Officer
Christopher David Cooley (1958-2009) m Margaret Livingstone Powell
Christopher Herbert Cooley (1874-1959) m Augustine Charlotte Vasse
Christopher Herbert Cooley (1919-1996) m Ethel Victoria Davies
Christopher Kellon Cooley (-)
Cindy Cooley (-)
Claiborn Julius Cooley (c1774-) m Sally Harrison
Claiborne Cooley (1882-1964)
Claiborne Cooley (c1828-1898) m1 Melsena Hill m2 Sarah Ann Short
Claiborne Cooley Jr (1925-)
Clair C Cooley (1908-2004) m1 Gene Morrison m2 Lois Schreiner
Claitus Cooley (1889-1890)
Clara Belle Cooley (1862-)
Clara Belle Cooley (1916-)
Clara D. Cooksey (1903-)
Clare Joseph Cowley (1883-1975 KS) m1 Marie Roos m2 Althea Vieregg
Clarence Cooley ()
Clarence Cooley (1888-1910+)
Clarence Cooley (1897-1918)
Clarence Cooley (c1873-)
Clarence Cooley (c1902-)
Clarence Cooley
Clarence Alvin Cooley (1921-1985)
Clarence Anderson Cooley (1891-1975) m Myra Cohon
Clarence Calvin Cooley (1879-1943) m Lovina Richardson
Clarence David Cooley (1906-1971)
Clarence Douglas Cooley (-) m Pauline Mae Murphy
Clarence Edgar Cooley (1868-)
Clarence Eugene Cooley (1926-1927)
Clarence F Cooley (1876-1892)
Clarence Howland Cooley (1903-1957) m Lilybell Jessie Copeland
Clarence J Cooley (c1905-)
Clarence James Cooley (1923-) m Ethel
Clarence L Cooley (1877-1965)
Clarence Leon Cooley (1913-)
Clarence Preston Cooley (1909-1954) m Vella E Windman
Clarence Walter Cooley (1880-1953) Sadie William McCraw
Clarenece Aaron Cooley (1904-1987) m Mary Ann Holt
Clark Cooley (-)
Clark Cooley (1899-)
Clark Sherman Cooley (1884-1960) m Edith Lowry
Claud Bishop (1905-1971)
Claud Cooley (1891-)
Claud Cooley (c1870-)
Claude Cooley (1894-)
Claude Whitfield (1903-1974) m Allie Olen Young
Claude Coleman Cooley (1949-) m Valerie Lynne Messinger
Claude Leonard Cooley (1888-1964) m1 Fanny Hall m2 Anna Johnstone McCord m3 Irma D Armstrong
Claude Molar Cooley (1896-1966)
Claude O Cooley (1873-1957)
Claude Thair Cooley (1874-1956) m Jessie Sansome
Claudine Cooley (c1902-)
Claudius Cooley (1897-)
Clayton W Cooley (1852-1910+) m Mary Ann Cothran
Cleasey Cooley m William Vincent
Cleavon Cooley (1891-1946) m Florence Selester Keel
Cleavon Cooley (1940-)
Clem Cooley (1894-1978)
Clem Wilson "Jiggs" Cooley (1910-1999 KY) m Sylvia Lou Garrett
Clement Landerling Misner (1864-)
Clementine Cooley (1865-1866)
Cleveland Cooley (1885-1961) m Sarah Catherine Hasty
Cleveland Cooley Jr (1925-1964)
Clifford Cooley (1912-)
Clifford Cooley (c1896-1916)
Clifford Bishop Cooley (1953-) m Darlene Doris Vargas
Clifford Jerald Cooley (1906-1987)
Clifford S Cooley (1882-)
Clinton E Cooley (1884-1966) m Fannie ___
Cloe Cooley (1892-) m ___ Alexander
Clyde Cooley (1889-)
Clyde Cooley (1902-) m Angela
Clyde Cooley (c1909-)
Clyde E Cooley (1894-1965) m Phoebe E Denlin
Clyde Ewing Cooley (1896-1941) m Melissa Lilley
Clyde McGlocklyn Cooley (1903-1965)
Clyde R Cooley
Clyde R Cooley
Clyde William Cooley (1916-) m Louise Bowman
Clyde William Cooley (1916-) m Louise Bowman
Clyde William Cooley Jr
Clyde William Cooley Jr
Coleman Cooley (1899-)
Coleman Hill Cooley (1884-1932) m Meda Mae VanPelt
Coleman Ray Cooley (1930-1987)
Colon Lamar Coley (1913-1979) m Evelyn Nolen
Cora Cooley (1899-)
Cora Ellen Cooley (1878-) m William Foote
Cora L Cooley (1883-1919) m William M Gruben
Cora Lee Cooley (1921-1995) m Q Felix Pair
Corbin Cooley (1799-1876) m1 Jane Johnson
Corell Cooley (1903-1991) m Caldwell Jolley
Cornelia Hines (1927-2006) m ___ Prince
Cornelius Cooley (1781-1815) poss m Lucinda Cherry
Cornelius Cooley (1814-1843 MO) m Dorothy Cooley
Cornelius Cooley (1844-) m Mary Minor
Cornelius Grundy Cooley (1855-1940 TX)
Cornelius John Cooley (1870-c1951) m Eliza
Cornelius William Cooley (-) Mary Louise Mainhall
Cornelius William Cooley (c1855-)
Coy Martin Cooley (1894-1981)
Craig Stover Cooley (-) m Sarah Norment
Currin Cooley (c1873-1925) m Myrtle Hambrick
Currin Cooley
Curtis Cooley (1809-) m Matilda
Curtis Cooley (1855-)
Curtis B Cooley (1905-1908)
Cyrus Cooley (1860-)
Cyrus Logan Cooley (1879-1954) m Lillian Morrison
Dabney Stinson (c1838-)
Daisy Cooley () m1 Briggs m2 Earickson
Daisy Cooley ()
Dale Cooley
Dale Alan Cooley (1863-2009)
Dale C Cooley (1905-1988) m Frances Franzwa
Dale L Cooley (1893-1961)
Dallas Cooley (-)
Dan Cooley (1794-1794)
Daniel Coley (1740-1800) m Sarah Sanford
Daniel Coley (1759-) m Olive Cable
Daniel Coley (c1850-)
Daniel Coley
Daniel Colly (1646-)
Daniel Cooley (-)
Daniel Cooley (-c1864) m Betsy Spurlock
Daniel Cooley (1651-1726) m Elizabeth Wolcott
Daniel Cooley (1688-1762) Sr m Jemima Griffin
Daniel Cooley (1715-1786) m1 ___ m2 Sybil Bull
Daniel Cooley (1730-)
Daniel Cooley (1741-1787)
Daniel Cooley (1755-1800) m Hannah Todd
Daniel Cooley (1765-1826) m Mildred Ball m2 Elizabeth Grundy
Daniel Cooley (1765-1834) m Abigail Hulse
Daniel Cooley (1770-)
Daniel Cooley (1818-c1859) m Eliza Wilcox
Daniel Cooley (1821-1886) m1 Hannah m2 Ellen Simmons
Daniel Cooley (1829-1908) m Eliza Jane Burget
Daniel Cooley (1846-1930) m Eliza M Graves
Daniel Cooley (1860-1928) m Mary Alice Mitten
Daniel Cooley (c1695-)
Daniel Cooley (c1770-1845) m Elizabeth
Daniel Cooley (c1770-c1812) m Elizabeth Stephens
Daniel Cooley (c1792-) m Madeline
Daniel Cooley Jr (1786-1832) m Elizabeth Hardwick
Daniel Cooley
Daniel Lane (1830-1899) m Hannah Jane Worley
Daniel Boone Cooley (1827-1882) unm
Daniel Boone Cooley (1865-1946) m1 Jane Martin m2 Lou Ann Osborne
Daniel C Cooley (1820-1912)
Daniel C Cooley (c1827-) m Sarah
Daniel Clinton Cooley (1880-1953) m Dolly Opal Miles
Daniel Cooley (1896-)
Daniel Cooley Jr (1781-) m Mary Butler
Daniel David Ryan (1978-)
Daniel Denton Cooley II
Daniel Denton Cooley m Helen Winfield
Daniel F Cooley (1934-2013)
Daniel F Cooley Jr (1833-2006)
Daniel F Cooley Sr(1890-) m Fannie Y Hale
Daniel Iven Cooley (1881-1964 MO) m Martha Francis Davison
Daniel Lamar Cooley (1903-1904)
Daniel Lee Whitfield (1895-)
Daniel McComas Cooley (1790-) m Harriett Wiles
Daniel Sherman Cooley (c1863-) m Addie Cupps
Daniel W Cooley (1833-1862)
Daniel Webster Cooley (1854-1948) m Martha Hissom
Daniell Cooley (1608-)
Daniell Cooley (1680-1729) m1 Elizabeth Watson m2 Elizabeth Gott
Daniell Cooley (1708-) m Mary
Danniell Coley (1684-)
Darius Coley (1769-1774)
Darrell Eugene Misner (1910-)
Dasia White (c1836-)
David Coley (c1761-1802) m1 Tamar Squire m2 Parthenia Mead
David Cooley ()
David Cooley (1711-1793) m Margaret Hitchcock
David Cooley (1715-1802) m1 Mary Hyde m2 Ann Morehouse
David Cooley (1727-)
David Cooley (1735-1815) m Sarah Mears
David Cooley (1743-)
David Cooley (1815-1865) m1 Laurinda Aiken m2 Elizabeth Pring
David Cooley (1836-)
David Cooley (1848-) m Columbia Jane Goodwin
David Cooley (1848-c1880)
David Cooley (1877-1878)
David Cooley (c1750-)
David Cooley (c1808-) m Eliza Emerson
David Cooley (c1834-)
David Cooley (c1842-1863)
David Cooley (fl 1815)
David Cooley Jr (1894-)
David Cooley Jr
David Cooley
David Cooley
David Cooley
David Green (c1823-) m Eliza A
David Officer (1850-1927) m Mary Jane Miller
David Arthur Cooley (1870-) m Ida Miller
David Aston Cooley (1887-1905)
David B (c1875-)
David Carey Cooley (1835-1922) m Sarah Elizabeth Lounsbury
David Carlisle Cooley (1879-1919) m Lena Gruben
David Cleveland Cooley (1945-1970)
David Coley (1738-)
David D Cooley (1813-1895) m Margaret Jane Anderson
David D Cooley (1897-)
David Dimon Coley (1812-1880) m Mary Eliza Andrews
David E Cooley (1860-1936) m2 Georgia Headley
David Edward Cooley (1876-) m Mary Elizabeth Dillon
David Edward Cooley Sr (1937-)
David F Cooley (1923-)
David Findley Cooley (1803-1867) m Lettice Petty
David H Whitfield (1792-1867) m Hannah
David L Coley (1848-) m Clara Sherwood
David Laurey Cooley (1874-1924)
David Lawrence Cooley
David Lawrence Cooley
David Leslie Coley
David Levi Coley (1815-1900) m Catherine Sherwood
David Levi Coley (1916-1988) m Carol Louise Bates
David Lincoln Cooley (1872-1960) m Annie B
David Lionel Cooley (-)
David Mains Cooley (1840-1901) m Nancy Jane Householder
David Marshall Cooley (-)
David Martin Cooley (1848-1924)
David Matson Cooley (1863-1932 IL) m Etta M Craig
David Means Cooley (1877-1920+)
David Noel Cooley
David Russell Cooley (1927-2003)
David S Cooley (c1872-1894)
David Shelton Cooley (1842-1884) m Melissa Caroline Barrow
David Sherwood Coley (1894-1955) m Anna Louise Jayne
David T Whitfield
David Thomas Cooley ()
David Thomas Cooley (1874-1964) m ___
David Thomas Cooley (1882-1953) m Lula
David Thomas Cooley (1942-2005)
David Wayne Cooley (1961-2004)
David William Cooley (1870-1950) m1 Mina Johnson m2 Jalie Estella Strauser
Davis Gladstone Cooley (1882-1950) m Olive Viola Wolford
Davis Hanson Cooley (1894-1947) m Lillian Hazel Pangle
Davis Hanson Cooley Jr (1923-1996)
Debbie Roberson m Jimmy Graham
Debora Ann Cooley (1959-) m ___ Kruse
Deed Whitfield
Delbert Cooley (1912-1919)
Delbert Franklin Corbitt (1910-1979) m Elsie Boggs
Delia Maggie Murley (c1878-) m Edward A Coreil
Della Fern Cooley (1896-1971) m Lieu T James
Della P Cooley ()
Delmar Earnest Coffman (-)
Delmond Loyal Cooley (1906-2001) m ___ Weaver
Demarcus Cooley ()
Demarquis D Cooley (1802-1826) m Rebecca
Dennis Brewer (1821-1884) m Mary Newland
Dennis Cooley
Dennis Carroll Cooley (1907-1966) m Mary Sutton
Dennis Galloway Cooley (1900-1977)
Dennis P Cooley
Dennis Ray Cooley (1949-2005) m Kathy Elaine Paine
Dennis Ray Cooley (c1937-)
Dennis Wilson Cooley (1923-2004) m Erna Louise Wisser
Denton Winfield Cooley
Derril W Cooley (1899-)
Dessie Ruth Coffman (1907-1979 IL) m Charles Lester Chandler
Dewey E Cooley (1899-)
Dewey Edward Cooley (1917-)
Dewitt Clinton Cooley (1860-1910+) m Nancy J Foster
Dewitt Clinton Cooley (1862-1926) m Addie F Chase
Dibrell Cooley (1900-1952) m Aileen
Dickey Larue Cooley (1949-1970)
Dill Cooley (1843-1861)
Dixon R Cooley (1892-1942) m Marie
Dock Lankford Cooley ( 1910-1987) m Reba Victoria Garner
Doctor Clarence Whitfield (1899-1973)
Doctor Franklin Whitfield (1844-1920) m Anna Susan Herring
Don Cooley (-)
Donald Cooley (1933-)
Donald Cooley (c1832-)
Donald Cooley
Donald Adrian Cooley (1924-)
Donald Bede Cooley (1888-1936) m Edith Moore
Donald Bede Cooley Jr (1916-2000) m Eleanor Robbins Whiting
Donald Blaine Cooley (c1937-) m Penelope Roberts
Donald Dean Cooley (1931-2012) m1 Sue Marie Holacher m2 Ann Benke m3 Michiko Takano
Donald E Cooley (c1912-) m Elizabeth
Donald Edward Coley (1936-1969) m Martha Jennette Brown
Donald Edward Cooley m Marjory Mae Flatau
Donald F Whitfield (1916-1982)
Donald Forrest Cooley (1932-) m Jo Ann Meredith
Donald G Cooley (c1921-)
Donald Gruver Cooley (1912-1962)
Donald K Cooley (c1917-)
Donald Lee Cooley (1936-1936)
Donald Newton Cooley (1887-1963) m Sarah Jane Baldridge
Donald Philip Cooley (1923-2002) m Esther Hoemann
Donald Walter Cooley (1914-)
Donald Wayne Cooley (1952-)
Donna Cooley ()
Dora Cooley (1874-1891)
Dora Bell Cooley (1879-1954) m David Wilbur Snyder
Dorinda Cooley (1810-1879) m Simon B Ward
Doris Agnes Cooley (1903-1995) m Charles Williams Lloyd
Dorothy Cooley (-)
Dorothy Cooley (1814-1851) m1 prob Cornelius Cooley () m2 Joel Smith m3 Benjamin Kiergan
Dorothy Cooley (c1920-)
Dorothy Margaret Cooley (-1994
Dorsey Marion Cooley
Douglas Cooley (c1906-)
Douglas Raymond Cooley (1921-1998) m Margery Clara Miller
Douglas Virgil Cooley (1910-1966) m Abbie A Sullivan
Dover R Cooley (1907-1974) m Ollie Denton
Dr Carter Bryant Whitefield (1804-1865) m1 Dicey Perkins m2 Mary Perkins
Dr Elmer Burt Coolley (1867-1937) m Mary E Fowler
Dr Fleming Cooley III (1935-2012) m1 Carolyn Jean Arnold m2 Ellen Rodriguez
Dr Franklin Cooley (1818-1911) m1 Penelope Ellen Chinn m2 Mary F Wernwag
Dr Gideon Meredith Cooley (c1822-1880+) m Mary J
Dr James Tilford Cooley (1858-1939) m Mary Lou Simmons
Dr Joseph Dillard Cooley (1887-1974) m Alice Fulcher
Dr Justus Henry Cooley (1852-1943) m Mary Haviland
Dr Richard A Cooley (-1994)
Dr Richard W Cooley Jr (1818-1858) m Caroline E Webster
Dr Roger L Cooley (1886-1963) m Helen Selby
Dr Thomas Cooley (1837-1916)
Dr William Cooley (1879-) m Ella Victoria Engstrom
Dr William Cooley Jr (1910-) m Adelaide Nation
Dru Siller Cooley (1897-1975)
Drury Scruggs Cooley (1848-) m Mary J Parris
Dudley Peter Cooley ()
Duncan B Cooley
Durward Cooley (1911-1991)
Dwight Cooley
Dwight J Cooley m Laura B Stevenson
Dwight Van Allen Cooley (1919-)
Dwight W Cooley
Dwight W Cooley
Earl Cooley (1894-1973)
Earl Cooley (1899-1901)
Earl Cooley (c1901-)
Earl Cooley
Earl Carl Cooley (1900-1942)
Earl D Cooley (1892-)
Earl Eugene Cooley (1926-1983) m Evelyn Higdon
Earl Francis Cooley (c1917-)
Earl Lee Cooley (1887-1965) m Dora F Shelton
Earl M Cooley (1937-2008)
Earl Mitchell Cooley (1924-1974) m Ruby Hazel Rigby
Earl Raymond Whitefield (1915-1999) m Buena Ione Rice
Earl Selden Cooley (1914-1969) m Dorothy M
Earnest Cooley (1892-1977) m Pearl Hunt
Eaton Jones Cooley (1798-1854) m 1817 Elizabeth Funk
Eaton Marrow Cooley (1830-1917) m Susan Waggoner
Ebenezer Coley (1768-1823) m Rachel Goodsell
Ebenezer Coley (1821-1852)
Ebenezer Coley (1838-1887) m Eleanor O Gregory
Ebenezer Coley (c1750-1771) m Rachel Sturges
Ebenezer Cooley (1773-1809 OH)
Ebenezer Cooley (1788-1877) m Anna Gerow
Ebenezer Cooley (c1710-)
Ebenezer Cooley (c1773-1809) m Juliana Thomas
Ebenezer Cooley (c1826-) m Margaret Gregg
Ebenezer Bradley Coley (1786-1816) m Amelia Sanford
Ed Cooley
Edd Cooley (1911-1969)
Eddie Cooley (c1891-)
Eddie Carlton Cooley (1934-1934)
Edgar Cooley (1898-)
Edgar Eugene Cooley (1905-1971) m Eva Helen Wilcher
Edgar L Cooley (1859-1942)
Edgar Samuel Cooley (1888 IN-1936 FL) m Bessie
Edgar Welton Cooley (1865-1929) m Maud Bass
Edison Martin Cooley (1912-1999) m Norma Stidmon
Edith Cooley () m ____ Burger
Edith Ann Cooley (1825-) m Daniel W Coleman
Edith Irene Cooley (1898 TN)
Edmond Cooley (1773-1851) m Charlotte Speace
Edmond Cooley (1839-1860s)
Edmond Cooley (1878-)
Edmond Cooley Jr (1805-1876) m Nancy Gilbert
Edmond Willis (1835-)
Edmond Edker Cooley (1909-1992) m Pearl Mae Tippit
Edmond Jones Cooley (1843-1911) m Sarah Jane McClure
Edmund Cooley (1816-1882) m Nancy Sinkhorn
Edmund Cooley (1878-)
Edmund Ogden Cooley (1800-1889) m Catherine Ash
Edna Cooley (c1907-)
Edna Louise Cooley (1893 TN)
Edward Coley (1838-)
Edward Cooley (1734-)
Edward Cooley (1763-1822) m Martha Raper
Edward Cooley (1802-1853) m Elizabeth Crider
Edward Cooley (1807-1870+) m1 Elizabeth Perkins m2 Louisa
Edward Cooley (1819-1900)
Edward Cooley (1822-1896) m Priscilla Goss
Edward Cooley (1840-)
Edward Cooley (1867-1949)
Edward Cooley (1877-1880)
Edward Cooley (1894-)
Edward Cooley (1899-)
Edward Cooley (1907-)
Edward Cooley (c1761-c1824) m Delilah Hartsfield
Edward Cooley (c1805-1869) m Obedience Parham
Edward Cooley (c1825-) m Nancy Woody
Edward Cooley (c1832-) m Harriet?
Edward Cooley (c1880-)
Edward Cooley
Edward Howard ()
Edward Briscoe Cooley (1879-1967) m Stella Alberta Brannon
Edward C Cooley (1826-1902) m Aletha A Oaks
Edward Demarcus Cooley (1827-)
Edward Ebenezer Cooley (1877-)
Edward Franklin Cooley (c1854-1911) m1 Sarah Hannah Bates m2 Susan Randall
Edward Franklin Whitfield (1883-1960) m Jennie McIntyre
Edward Harrison Cooley (1865-)
Edward Homer Cooley (1884-1934)
Edward Hunt Cooley (1840-1862)
Edward Jefferson Cooley (1909-1996) m Lillie Inez Stephenson
Edward L Cooley (1916-1983) m2 Barbara Stancomb
Edward Luther Cooley (1891-)
Edward R Cooley (1866-1948) m Rose A
Edward Sidney Cooley (1869-1943) m Mary Ruth Chestnut
Edward Standifer Cooley (1918-1918)
Edward T Cooley (1854-)
Edward T Cooley
Edward Wayne Cooley (1922-2013) m1 Mary D Konkol m2 Wendy Wykoff
Edwin M Cooley (1864-)
Edwin Mark Cooley (1943-2014) m Loralee
Edwin O Cowley (1870-c1920) m Caroline Susan Eckman
Effie Cooley (1908-)
Elbert Alban Cooley (1891-1972) m Rebecca Brockman
Elbert Edgar Corbitt (1910-2002) m Loama Whitson
Elbert Eugene Coley (1922-1966) m Muriel Alma Rogers
Elbert Eugene Coley (1861-1945) m Elizabeth Arthur Kitchen
Elbert Harold Coley (1889-1974) m Eula Elnora Adams
Elbert John Coley (1886-1888)
Elbert M Cooley (1877-1964) m Clara Dobyns Brooke
Elden Elsworth Cooley (1889-1980) m Elizabeth Mae Opdycke
Elden Elsworth Cooley (1889-1980) m Elizabeth Mae Opdycke
Eldridge Albert Cooley (1919-1975) m Gertrude Rose Bertges Burkhart
Eldridge V Cooley (1907-1973) m Zelda
Eleanor Cooley (1796-1816) m William Green
Eleanor Cooley (1892-1966) m Alfred George Packman
Eli Cooley (1848-)
Eli Cooley (c1916-)
Eli Casey Officer (1831-1896) m Sarah Howard m2 Martha Jane Woods m3 Mary Anne Blaylock m4 Mary Augusta Rice
Eli R Cooley (c1860-)
Eli W Cooley
Elias Cooley (1810-1860+) m Mahalay Lane m2 Nancy (Bunch) Turner
Elias Franklin Cooley (1859-1935) m Ruthia Ellen Wright
Elias Manily Cooley (1888-)
Elijah Cooley (1788-1868) m1 Jemima Walden m2 Elizabeth Ford
Elijah Cooley (1823-1888) m Elizabeth Eldridge
Elijah Albert Cooley (1856-1870)
Elijah Alonzo Cooley (1874-1937) m Iva Eve Upchurch Stow
Elijah C Cooley (1853-1933) m Harriet Jane Webster
Elijah Casey Cooley (1821-1882) m Lydia Ann Bonney
Eliphalet Coley (1746-1812) m Eunice Bradley
Eliphalet Coley (1778-1841) m Priscilla Bradley
Elisabeth Cowley (c1734-) m Gregory Paine
Elisha Cooley (1799-1854) m Hannah Catherine Hunt
Elisha Cooley (1839-) m Lena Fredrich Shrader
Elisha Cooley (c1869-)
Elisha C Cooley (1860-1942) m Mary Catherine Dillihunt
Elisha Cowley White
Eliza Bearden (c1837-)
Eliza Brewer (1819-1851) m Aden W Grisemore
Eliza Cooley ()
Eliza Cooley (1861-1943) m George Andrews
Eliza Cooley (1879-)
Eliza Cooley
Eliza Ann Haggard () m Felix L Mills
Eliza Jane Cooley (c1856-) m1 ___ Fleming m2 ___ McGuirk
Eliza Jane Cooley (1855-)
Eliza Kate Cooley (1871-1953) m Charles Golding
Elizabeth Coley (1711-)
Elizabeth Cooley (1751-1861) m Charles Cubbidge
Elizabeth Cooley (1758-)
Elizabeth Cooley (1783-) m William Blackburn
Elizabeth Cooley (1793-1853) m John Brewer
Elizabeth Cooley (1794-) m Thomas Massie
Elizabeth Cooley (1794-1879) m Henry Moore
Elizabeth Cooley (1798-1831) m George Salley
Elizabeth Cooley (1802-) m William Mims
Elizabeth Cooley (1812-) m James Cantrell Jr
Elizabeth Cooley (1830 TN) m? Francis Langford m? Joseph Coleman
Elizabeth Cooley (1833-1877) m1 Francis Boegman m2 James R Starr
Elizabeth Cooley (1875-1931) m Boyd Lee Cornish
Elizabeth Cooley (1885-)
Elizabeth Cooley (1907-)
Elizabeth Cooley (c1794-1882) m William C White
Elizabeth Cooley (c1800-) m Edward Stinson
Elizabeth Cooley (c1812-1880+) m Joseph Webster
Elizabeth Cooley (c1829-) m ___ Walker
Elizabeth Cooley (c1840-)
Elizabeth Cooley (c1845-)
Elizabeth Cooley (c1863-)
Elizabeth Cooley (c1913-)
Elizabeth Cooley m ___ Bobbitt
Elizabeth Cooley m Peter Beamer
Elizabeth Cooley m William Vanderbilt
Elizabeth Cooley
Elizabeth Cowley (c1682-)
Elizabeth Leonard (1811-1888)
Elizabeth White (1830-1852) m Charles Henry Bechum Pullen
Elizabeth White (c1838-)
Elizabeth A Green (1858-)
Elizabeth Ann Brewer (1827-1900) m George Paynter
Elizabeth Ann Cooley (1824-) m Benjamin Cooley
Elizabeth C Cooley (1842-) m Joel Vandeveer Noblett
Elizabeth F Cooley (1833-1884) m John Calvin Bailey
Elizabeth Jane Cooley (c1827-)
Elizabeth Lee Cooley (1893-)
Elizabeth Maria Cooley (1854-1927)
Ella Cooley (c1842-)
Ella Cooley (c1893-1900)
Ellen Cooley (1862-1862)
Ellen Jane Cooley (1875-1985)
Ellen Jane Cooley (1887-1914)
Ellis E Cooley (1870-1923)
Ellis Franklin Cooley Jr
Ellis Franklin Cooley Sr (c1922-2011) m Ella Kate Cooley
Ellis G Cooley (c1857-)
Elmer Cooley (1902-)
Elmer Cooley (c1922-)
Elmer Bruce Cooley (1909-)
Elmer Burt Coolley (1894-1921)
Elmer E Cooley (1862-1929) m Florence Garrett
Elmer Elard Cooley (1890-1971) m Ethel Birda Walters
Elmer Elard Cooley (1915-2008) m Okey Cole
Elmer Ellsworth Cooley (1868 IL-) poss m Neva (Anderson?)
Elmer L Cooley (1885-)
Elmer Lee Cooley
Elmer Lee Cooley
Elmer Leo Cooley (1907-)
Elmer Leroy Cooley (1890-) m Leta Simmons
Elmer R Cooley (c1920-)
Elmer Wilson Coley (1890-1910)
Elmo Bryan Cooley (1914-2001) m Louisa
Elmo Earl Cooley (1919-1946) m Christine Shortency
Elmo Franklin Cooley (1925-2012)
Elmo Lee Cooley (1922-1922)
Elmo Warren Cooley (1883-1962) m Laura M Ragsdale
Elroy Cooley (1883-)
Elsie Cooley (1892-1971) m Ernest G Tavener
Elvira Cooley (1833-) William Sweaton
Elvira D Cooley (c1852-)
Elvira E Haggard ()
Elwood Albert Cooley (1929-1992) m Laura Rail
Elwood C Cooley (1870-1949) m1 Addie F Hall m2 Minnie Hood Hager
Emeline Cooley (-)
Emerson Frisbie Cooley (1908-1988) m Helen Bowlby White
Emery Cooley (1884-) m Effie Reffett
Emery Cooley
Emily Cooley (1834-1896) m William Perry Murley
Emily Cooley (1867-1940)
Emily Jane Cooley (c1814-1870+) m Rev Joseph Riffe
Emma Cooley (1819-)
Emma Cooley (1827-)
Emma Cooley (1869 TN)
Emma Cooley (c1882-)
Emma Etta Cooley (1870-) m Thomas S Davidson
Emmett Cooley (1882-)
Emmett Eugene Cooley (1869-1939 MI) m Mattie Schmidt
Emmett Jay Price (1896-)
Emmett Paul Howard Cooley (1904-1905)
Emmett R Coley (1915-1994) m Uarda Rosamond Garrett
Emory T Cooley (1818-) m1 Mary C Jones m2 Hannah Brown Hall
Ephraim Coley (1732-1790)
Ephraim R Cooley (1839-1911) m Lucy Ward
Erastus Robertson Cooley (1851-1924) m Hanna Matilda Pardon
Ernest Cooley (1867-)
Ernest Cooley (c1915-)
Ernest A Cooley (1892-1951) m Eleanor Mat Reed
Ernest Everett Cooley (1884-1958 IL) m Maude Belle Reed
Ernest Leroy Cooley (1889-1942) m Goldie Dorothy Wallace
Ernest Leslie Cooley (1891-)
Ernest Victor Cooley (1895-1950) m Erma B
Ernest William Cooley (1879-1929)
Erven William Cooley (1886-) m Ruby Monroe Wagner
Ervin Cooley (c1832-)
Ervin C Cooley (1834-1922) m1 Nancy Ann Nippen m2 Mary Lewis
Ervine Clark Cooley (1854-1832) m Effie Tompkins
Erwin Cooley (c1881-)
Erwin E Cooley (1868-) m Kitty
Erwin Stratton Cooley (1877-1956) m Naomi Lee Spice
Esther Coley
Esther Cooley (1844-)
Esther Cooley (c1910-)
Ethel Cooley (1885-1964) m James Wiley Grissom
Ethel Evelyn Snyder (1907-1929)
Ethington B Cooley (1814-1885) m1 Emily Coulter m2 Tabitha Ray m3 Nancy Ray
Eugene Cooley ()
Eugene Cooley (1925-1987) m Adean Williams
Eugene Cooley (c1870-)
Eugene Whitfield
Eugene Jorgen Cooley (1906-1981 MI) m Helen F Lumbert
Eugene Mitchell Cooley (1865-)
Eugene Orvel Quillen (1917-)
Eugene Wesely Cooley m Elsie Keyes
Eulalia G Cooley (c1845-)
Eva J Hines (1921-2012) m William Lewis
Evaline Cooley (1836-1863) m Garrett Sleyster
Evaline Granville Cooley (1807-1878) m James Officer
Evans Cooley
Eveline Cooley (1844-1845)
Eveline H Cooley (c1854-)
Evelyn Cooley (-)m Harmon
Everett Cooley (1903-1982)
Everett Cooley (1923-1947)
Everett Edward Cooley (1887-1953) m1 Minnie Opal Dotson m2 Anna Prudler
Everett H Cooley (1899-1918)
Everett Joseph Cooley (1891-1964) m Anna Verlina Myers
Everett McCleary Cooley (1898-1966) m Muriel Violet Watson
Everett Otho Cooley (1887-) m Iva F Hollen
Everett Rudolph Cooley (1887-1955) m Mollie Kate Worrell
Everett Rudolph Cooley (1919-1990)
Evert Cooley (c1869-)
Evy M Cooley (1890-)
Ewing McCleary Cooley (1863-1933) Mattie L Gaskill
Ezekiel Coley (c1772-)
Ezra Jefferson Cooley (1901-1962) m Maria A
Fannie Cooley (-) m Shaffer
Fannie Cooley (1884-)
Fatima Prudence Whitefield (1857-1935) m Smith
Felix Cooley (1820-1913) m Sarah M Wroth
Felix Cooley (1855-1936)
Felix Cooley (1914-)
Felix Albert Cooley (1854-1930) m Lula
Felix L Cooley (1842-) m Elizabeth
Felix Marquis Cooley (1883-) m1 Esther Onstead m2 Elsie Conaway Heard
Felix Nathaniel Coley (c1878-) m Laura
female Cooley
female Willis (c1832-)
Festus Cooley (1765-1766)
Fielding C Cooley (1864-1922) m1 Georgia Taylor m2 Elizabeth Farrell
Finis Cooley (c1906-)
Firman Cooley (1850-1917) m Elizabeth Morgan
Firman Homer Cooley (1838-1910) m Catherine Elizabeth Hoak
Firman Homer Cooley Jr (1881-1960)
Firmin H Cooley (1818-1884)
Fleming Blackwell Cooley I (1882-1950) m Annabella
Fleming Blackwell Cooley II (c1908-) m Louise Henderson
Fleming Blackwell Cooley Sr (1848-1914) m Margaret
Fletcher H Cooley (c1898-)
Flint Shepherd Whitfield (1911-1982) m Alice Pleasant Wrenn
Flora Misner (1909-)
Florence "Dan" Hopkins Cooley (1879-1956) m Nettie Jane Wells
Florence Mae Cooley (1881-1973 OR) m Robert H Jonas
Floyd Cooley (1903-)
Floyd Cooley (c1892-)
Floyd Cooley
Floyd Daniel Cooley (1912-1971)
Floyd Ervine Cooley (1901-1966) m Mabel Spencer
Floyd Ervine Cooley m Alice Sullivan
Floyd Evert Cooley (1892-1938) m Martha Josephine Kurtz
Floyd G Cooley (1920-2013) m Louedda Null
Floyd Raymond Cooley (1930-1987)
Ford Calvin Cooley (1924-1999) m Jean Elizabeth Miller
Ford Calvin Cooley (1924-1999) m Jean Elizabeth Miller
Forest D Cooley (c1904-)
Forest Edward Dale Cooley m Nedra Thompson
Forrest Elvin Cooley (-)
Forrest Eugene Cooley (1916-1998)
Foster Cooley (1856-1930) m1 unk m2 Dora Walker
Foster Butler Cooley (1889-1972) m Ida Lebeaux m2 May Phillips Orr
Foster Ray Cooley (1928-1978) m Marie Stratton
Foster Ray Cooley Jr (1950-1950)
Fountain Cooley (1826-1893) m Rebecca Ann Hogall
Frances Cowley (c1654-1666)
Frances Emily Cooley
Frances Kirk Cooley (1848-1943) m1 Thomas Bennett Mosley m2 Jesse D Bond m3 Francis Gash
Francis Cooley (1767-1842) m Eleanor Vandivort
Francis Cooley (1805-1881) m Mary
Francis Cooley (1824-1906) m Henrietta Patten
Francis Cooley (c1859-)
Francis Cooley (c1872-) m Anna M
Francis Cowley (c1720-)
Francis Cowley (c1749-1805) m Mary Chambers
Francis Bennet Coley (1897-1958) m Anna M Ricks
Francis Chase Coley (1866-1934) m Cornelia H Hurlbutt
Francis Fowler Cooley (1902-)
Francis M Cooley (1873-)
Francis Marion Bearden (1844-1931) m1 Ann Elizabeth Cupp m2 Laura M Huls
Francis Marion Cooley (1854-1930) m1 Mary A Cox m2 Mary J Moore m3 Susie Hutchinson
Francis Marion Cooley (1901-1990)
Francis Marion Officer (1839-1911) m Louise Marie Tarter
Francis Marion Cooley (1854-1942) m Martha Anny Gordy
Francis Millroy Cooley (1866-1918)
Francis W Coley (c1849-)
Franics C Cooley
Frank Cooley (1896-1978) m Anna E
Frank Cooley (1859-1942) m Margaret Amanda McCoy
Frank Cooley (1871-1954) m Ruth Bignail
Frank Cooley (1880-)
Frank Cooley (1886-)
Frank Cooley (1898-1931) m Mercedes Youngren
Frank Cooley (c1854-)
Frank Cooley (c1864-)
Frank Cooley (c1865-)
Frank Cooley (c1895-)
Frank Cooley
Frank Cooley
Frank Cooley
Frank Cooley
Frank A Whitfield (1878-1960)
Frank Allen Whitefield (1888-1966) m Fannie Mae Cunningham
Frank D Cooley (1853-1896) m Amanda Evans
Frank Donald Cooley (1928-1946) unm
Frank E Cooley III (1932-2014)
Frank Earl Cooley Jr (1900-1997) m Elizabeth Morrow
Frank Finton Cooley (1868-1908)
Frank G Cooley (1902-1988) m Marguerite E
Frank H Cooley (1906-1966) m Delitha Campbell
Frank H Cooley (1915-1975) m Thelma Foster
Frank H Cooley (c1862-)
Frank Hampton Cooley (1879-1930 IN) m Susie Summers
Frank J Cooley (1890-)
Frank L Cooley (1875-1920) m Nancy Hudson
Frank Laverne Coffman (-)
Frank Llewellyn Cooley (1922-2011)
Frank Oscar Cooley (1875-1957) m Susie Smith
Frank R Cooley (c1873-)
Frank Schmucker Cooley (1885-1949) m Mamie Frances Rudolph
Frank V Cooley (c1859-)
Frank Walker Cooley (1885-1970) m Ethel Julianna Cruikshank
Frank Walker Cooley Jr (1922-2011) m Rita Marie Sexton
Franklin Coley
Franklin Cooley (1868-)
Franklin Cooley (1875-)
Franklin Cooley (1890-1890)
Franklin White (c1845-)
Franklin Arthur Cooley (1893-1963 OR) m1 Irene Dow m2 Myrtle Pearl Kelly
Franklin Arthur Cooley (1926-2007) m Edith Juraine Somdalen
Franklin C Cooley
Franklin Clark Cowley (1929-) ___ Denison
Franklin Delano Cooley (1937-1961) m Shirley Jean Tarter
Franklin Lovett Cooley (1894-1977) m Muriel Laura Hinkle
Franklin Marion Cooley (1855-1940 OR)
Franklin Pierce Cooley (1867-1892)
Franklin R Whitefield (1853-1872)
Franklin V Cooley (1856-1923) m Laura B Scarborough
Fred Cooley (-1903)
Fred Cooley (1888-)
Fred Cooley (c1929-)
Fred Cooley
Fred Albert Cooley (1889-1980) m Mabel Edith Pultz
Fred Allen Cooley (1870-1958)
Fred H Cooley (c1900-)
Fred J Cooley (1888-) m Mamie McCrea
Fred Leroy Cooley (1934-1983) m Darlene June Grimmius
Fred M Cooley (1928-1997)
Fred R Cooley (1905-)
Fred Ted Cooley (1890-)
Fred Vernon Cooley (1943-1953)
Fred W Cooley (1898-1978) Martha E Smith
Freddie Lawrence Cooley (1900-1902)
Frederic A Cooley (1843-) m Emma King
Frederick Coley (1824-1855)
Frederick Coley (c1836-)
Frederick Coley (c1862-)
Frederick Cooley (1781-1845) m Jane Robinson
Frederick Cooley (1819-)
Frederick Cooley (c1879-c1884)
Frederick A Cooley (1897-)
Frederick F Cooley
Frederick L Coley (1844-1924) m Rose
Frederick Leroy Cooley (1885-1956) m Rachel Elizabeth Bailey
Frederick Pierce Cooley (1874-1910)
Fremont Cooley (1853-1925) m Maria Connelly
French Beanard Coley (1903-1969)
G B Cooley (1885-1960+) m Maud Phipps
G L Cooley (c1845-)
Gardner B Cooley (1852-1935) m Mary Isabell Moore
Gardner B Cooley Jr (1879-1953) m Lillian Miller
Gardner Lee Whitfield (1924-1997)
Garland Cooley (c1910-)
Garret Cooley (c1846-)
Gavin Edward Cooley (1923-1989) m Allene Caldwell
Geneva Vaughn Spake (1914-)
George Coley (1748-1797) m Elizabeth Collins
George Coley
George Cooley (1844-)
George Cooley (1717-1786) m Susannah Pease
George Cooley (1743-1814) m Abi Jones
George Cooley (1756-1819) m Penelope Runsill
George Cooley (1784-)
George Cooley (1787-1881) m Lydia Hubbard
George Cooley (1823-1885)
George Cooley (1828-1891)
George Cooley (1850-) m1 Margaret Fulcher m2 Edith Bede Pope
George Cooley (1864-1900) m Mary Elizabeth Crewdson
George Cooley (1872-)
George Cooley (1889-)
George Cooley (1910-c1917)
George Cooley (c1828-)
George Cooley (c1866-1894) m Ann Banfield
George Cooley (c1867-)
George Cooley (c1872-)
George Cooley (c1878-)
George Cooley (c1892-)
George Cooley (c1897-)
George Cooley
George Cooley
George Cowley (1695-1725) m Susannah ___
George Cowley (1723-1781) m Rebecca ___
George Cowley (1758-) m Elizabeth ___
George Whitfield (1804-1826)
George Willis 1830-)
George A Cooley (1859-1927) m Mary Alice Fetters
George A Cooley (1871-1944) m Mabel D Robinson
George A Cooley (1930-1988)
George Asbury Cooley (1849-1920) m Susan M Rucker
George B Cooley (1889-)
George B Cooley (1926-1993)
George B Cooley (c1843)
George B Cooley
George Colton Cooley (1727-1778) m Mabel Hancock
George Cooley
George Currin Cooley (1831-c1908) m Harriett Blakeley
George D Cooley (1831-) m Martha D Pate m2 Nancy
George Danvers Cooley (1827-1880+)
George Davenport Cooley (1833-1917) m Susan Frazier
George David Whitfield (1898-1966) m Hettie Bell Lee
George David Whitfield (1922-1984)
George Dea Cooley (1918-1978)
George E Cooley (1879-) m Georgia
George E Cooley (c1889-)
George E Cooley (1866-1930) m1 Louise Stone m2 Lida A
George Edward Cooley (1848-) m Eleanor Louise Bradway
George Edward Cooley (1852-1917) m Sarah Priscilla Hatter
George Edward Cooley (1865-1893)
George Edward Cooley (1921-)
George Elias Cooley (1887-1953) m Clara Gladys Ross
George Ellsworth Cooley (1809-1834) m Wealthy Chaffee
George Ethelbert Coley (1875-1941) m Maria Brown Quigley-Tweedie
George F Cooley (1918-2006) m Doris
George Franklin Cooley (1907-1965)
George Franklyn Cooley (1861-1889) m Ella Harris Bell
George Fulton Cooley (1880-1967)
George Fulton Cooley (1901-1963)
George H Cooley (1831-1870) m Elizabeth Brink
George H Cooley (1869-1934)
George H Cooley (1874-)
George H Cooley (1879-1881)
George Harrison Cooley (1889-1977) m1 Adaline M Ehlers (Ada Ellis)
George Harvey Cooley (1864-1947) m Lizzie Hayden
George Hubert Cooley (1898-1970) m Minnie Muriel Ringo
George Hyde Cooley (1831-1869) m Elizabeth Brink
George Ira Preston Whitfield (1846-1912) m Margaret Lee
George J Cooley (1867-)
George J Cooley (1867-)
George J Cooley (c1860-)
George Johnson Whitfield (1883-1970) m Ophia S Huff
George M Cooley (-1856)
George M Cooley (1884-)
George M Cooley (c1855-)
George Marshall Cooley (1887-1960) m Birdie Bea ___
George Martin Whitfield (1938-2001)
George Melburn Cooley (c1852-)
George Merle Cowley (1896-1943 WI) m1 Sarah Ann Brebis m2 Grace McCourt Blanding
George R Cooley (1831-1894)
George Raymond Cooley (1896-1954)
George Richard Cooley (1860-1941) Margaret Kathryn Abel
George S Cooley (1898-1963) m Susie
George S Cooley (c1866-)
George Sheely Coley (1915-2003)
George Shirley Cooley (c1859-)
George T Cooley (1848-1931) m Elizabeth R Hutchins
George Thomas Coley (1869-1958)
George Tucker Cooley (1871-1954) m Myrtle B Maxwell
George W Cooley (1804-1880+) m1 Judy Deering m2 Catherine Lineberry
George W Cooley (1806-1857) m Mary Ann Chambers
George W Cooley (1844-1901) m Laura A McInturff
George W Cooley (1867-1945) umn
George W Cooley (1878-1961)
George W Cooley (1891-)
George W Cooley (1893-)
George W Cooley (1893-)
George W Cooley (c1799-1870+) m Nancy Hubbard
George W Cooley (c1847-)
George W Cooley (c1864-)
George W Cooley (c1902-)
George W Moore (1820-1898) m Matilda Porter
George W Whitefield (1848-1888) m Nancy
George W Whitfield (1830-)
George W Whitfield (1838-1895)
George W Cooley (1820-1901) m Sara Isabell Burr
George W Whitfield (c1814-)
George Walker Cooley (1873-1918) m Margaret Virginia Bathis
George Washington Cooley (1861-1942)
George Washington Cooley (1873-1957) m Emma Elizabeth Bullard
George Washington Cooley (1885-1959) m Mary Ann Riggs
George Washington Cooley (1940-)
George Washington Cooley Sr (1910-1981) m Elizabeth E
George Washington Whitfield (1773-1826) m Elizabeth Bush
George Washington Whitfield (1815-1862) m1 Martha m2 Mary Eliza Kendrick
George Washington Whitfield (1840-1920)
George Washington Whitfield (1845-1934) m Lucy Ann Clayton
George Wesley Cooley (1926-) m1 Dorothy Darnell m2 Veda Paxton
George Whitcomb Cooley (1858-1928) m Rebecca Ann Eakin
George Wilbur Cooley (1911-1969)
George Wiley Cooley (1871-1948) m May Ruddick
George William Cooley (1928-2006) m Velvie Webb
George William Cooley (c1911-) m Marjorie E
George William Cooley (c1934-)
Gerald Cooley (1910-1979)
Gerald Cooley
Gerald Lane Cooley
Gerald M Cooley ()
Geraldine Cooley () m James H Wilson
Geroge Adams (1872-)
Gerrel Lee Cooley (1917-1979) m Allen Morgan Geer III
Gershom Coley (c1725-1798) m Abigail Hull
Gertrude Cooley b 1878 TN
Gideon Cooley (1730-1793) m Elizabeth Osborn
Gideon Cooley Jr (1760-)
Gideon Coley (1744-)
Gideon Frank Cooley (1879-1912) m1 Martha L Pulley m2 Lydia M Dudley
Gilbert Coley (1786-1870+)
Gilbert Cooley (1906-1975)
Gilbert Cooley (c1815-)
Gilbert Eugene Cooley (1899-)
Giles M Cooley (1896-)
Gilford Cooley (1907-)
Gita Mae Yates ()
Gladstone Paul Cooley (1899-1992) m Dorothy Nissley Longnecker
Glen Francis Cooley (-)
Glen Nelson Misner (1907-) m Madeline Elizabeth Moehle
Glenn Coley (c1865-)
Glenn Cooley (c1930-)
Glenn Homer Coley (1907-1982)
Gomer Lee Cooley (1888-1960) m1 Ethel L Brown m2 Hermanna E Barmuth
Gordon Cooley
Gordon Hammond Cooley
Gordon Hancock Cooley (c1809-1850+) m Almira Miles
Gould Coley (1817-1852) m Cornelia Hammond
Grace Lane (1901-1948) m Floyd E Knapp
Grace M Cooley (1883-)
Gracie Cooley (1862-)
Grady Cooley
Grady Tillman Cooley (c1914-)
Grant Ackroyd (1873-1881)
Granville Everett Cooley (c1877-)
Green Cooley (1844-) m Salina
Green D Coley (c1831-) m Mary
Greenberry Cooley (1844-1899 Lucerne, MO) m Amelia Mohler Pettit
Greenberry G M Leonard (1812-)
Gregory Cooley
Gregory Paine (c1761-)
Gregory Joe Cooley (-)
Griffeth D Cooley (1886-) m Inez Jones
Grover Byrne Cooley (1894-1977)
Grover Byrne Cooley Jr (1925-1987) m Mildred Pauline Graham
Grover C Cooley (1887-)
Grover Cleveland Cooley (1885-1951) m Anna Laura Heavin
Grover Cleveland Cooley (c1890-) m1 Alice Wright m2 Alice Olivia Smith m3 Dorothy Brown
Grover Cleveland Cooley Jr
Grover Cleveland Cooley Sr (1886-1968) m Allie Barr
Grover Cleveland Whitfield
Grover James Coley (1929-2008)
Grun Whitfield (c1848-)
Guinn A Cooley (c1834-) m Betty
Gus Clarence Cooley (1879-1939) m Laura A Murray
Gus Murray Cooley (1913-1990) m Doris Iverson
Guy Addison Cooley (1900-)
Guy Manford Cooley (1889-1931) m Faye Pearl Wagoner
Hallie L Cooley (1885-)
Hamilton Cooley (c1863-)
Hamilton Jay Cooley (1871-) Ada Leona Haitt
Hannah Cooley (1774-1830+) m Luke Burnett
Hannah Cooley (1787-1827) m Obediah Leonard Jr
Hannah Cooley (1798-1834) m William Wilson
Hannah Cooley (1808-1860+) m William Bearden
Hannah Cooley (1812-)
Hannah Cooley (1849-)
Hannah Cooley (c1654-) m Joseph Garnsey
Hannah Cooley (c1700-)
Hannah H Cooley (1768-) m Benjamin Walden
Hannah Louisa White (1834-1904) m William Henry Tippett
Hansel C Cooley (1883-)
Haralton Osban Cooley (1923-1991)
Harbart Kinchen Cooley (1833-)
Harbert Cooley (1806-1867) m Esther Sumrall
Hardin C Cooley (1872-) m Nancy Perry Crews
Hardin Jabez Cooley (1814-1900+)
Harlan Cooley (1893-c1911)
Harless Wendell Cooley (1931-1991) m Shirley Louise Mitchell
Harley Cooley () m Blance
Harley E Cooley (c1904-1970) m Imogene Word
Harmon Smith Cooley
Harold Cooley (1900-)
Harold A Cooley (1925-2012) m Edna M Clark
Harold Andrew Cooley (1915-1955)
Harold Clinton Cooley (1898-1961) m Sarah Elizabeth Brooks
Harold Clinton Jr Cooley (1925-1997)
Harold Defoy Steadman (1920-1994)
Harold Downing Cooley (1921-2002) m Elsie Lee Legg
Harold Dunbar Cooley (1897-1974) m Madeline Matilda Strickland
Harold F Cooley (1906-1981)
Harold Grady Cooley (1925-2011)
Harold John Cooley (1918-1983) m Magdalen Marie Bigelbach
Harold Kenneth Cooley (1912-1974) m Lucille Powles
Harold Kenneth Cooley (1924-)
Harold Leslie Cooley (1903-)
Harold Lionel Cooley (-1991)
Harold Randolph Cooley (1884-) m Margaret Belle Chittester
Harold Sherwood Cooley (1913-1994) m Martha Pauline Matthews
Harold V Misner (1915-)
Harold Warren Cooley (1928-1980)
Harriet Cooley (1818-1883 IN) m Ambrose Telle
Harriet Cooley (c1827-)
Harriet Cooley (c1856-)
Harriet Annie Cooley (1871-1873)
Harriet Eudora Telle (-)
Harrison Cooley (1809-)
Harrison Cooley (1842-1843)
Harrison Cooley (1861-)
Harrison Cooley (1886-1967) m Sarah H McFadden
Harrison Cooley (c1814-1850) m Nancy Been
Harrison Cooley (c1858-)
Harrison Cooley (c1859-)
Harrison Franklin Cooley (1825-1915) m Elizabeth Jane Sutton
Harrison T Cooley (c1843-1906) m Mary Elizabeth Pfenning
Harrison W Cooley (1863-1864)
Harrison W Cooley (1869-1932) m Lavera B Victor
Harrold Cooley (c1896-)
Harry Cooley ()
Harry Cooley (1864-1886)
Harry Cooley (1870-)
Harry Cooley (1889-)
Harry Cooley (c1899-)
Harry Cooley III (1912-)
Harry Cowley (1879-1920+) Emma Ferris
Harry A Cooley (1879-)
Harry A Cooley (c1881-)
Harry A Cooley
Harry Austin Cooley (1912-1972)
Harry Austin Cooley (1912-1972)
Harry C Cooley (1873-1946)
Harry David Cooley (1941-1941)
Harry Edgar Cooley (1910-) m Juanita Barber
Harry Emerson Coffman (1914-)
Harry Franklin Cooley (1888-) m Kitson I Winget
Harry Glenn Cooley (1905-1964)
Harry Hale Cooley (1872-) Gertrude E
Harry Hislop Cooley (1907-1911)
Harry Leonard Cooley (1907-)
Harry Nathaniel Cooley (1876-1955) m Nora Wilks
Harry R Cooley (1896-1962)
Harry T Cooley (1882-)
Harry Vincel Cooley (1939-2009) m June Madison
Harry W Cooley (1885-)
Harvey Cooley (1855-1933) m Eve Ellen Bland
Harvey Cooley (1877-1958) m Mabel Hurley
Harvey Cooley (1902-)
Harvey White (c1820-1882) m Viana Holman
Harvey A Green (1855-)
Harvey Claude Cooley (1901-1973) m Wanda K Russell
Harvey Erwin Cooley (1870-1951) m Lena Hickman
Harvey H Cooley (1877-1964) m Annie M Maurier
Harvey Herceles Cooley (1874-) m Mary Catherine Headrick
Harvey Lester Cooley (1900-)
Harvey W Whitefield (1856-1928) m Mary Virgina Person
Haskell Cooley
Hassel Floyd Whitfield (1918-1920)
Hattie Cooley
Hazel Cooley (-)
Hazel Louise Cooley (1931-1946)
Hazel Lucille Cooley (-)
Hazel Mary Cooksey (1905-)
Helen Lucille Cooley (c1920-)
Helen Miriam Cooley (1841-1929) m William Cannon Hubbard
Helen Vera Cooley (1922-2013) m Edward F Foust
Helena Cooley (-)m Edmondson
Helene Cooley (c1878-)
Heman Cooley (1794-1876 OH) m Abigail
Henderson Cooley (c1850-)
Henry Coley (1793-1794)
Henry Coley
Henry Cooley ()
Henry Cooley (1788-1805)
Henry Cooley (1815-1851)
Henry Cooley (1815-1853) m Jemima Hieatt
Henry Cooley (1827-1880 IL) m Mary Louiza Eckel
Henry Cooley (1834-1919) m Emma Edinger
Henry Cooley (1849-1928) m Matilda Elizabeth Pushee
Henry Cooley (1874-1941) m Betty Cheek Gresham
Henry Cooley (c1858-)
Henry Cooley (c1878-)
Henry Cooley (c1895-)
Henry Cooley (c1934-)
Henry Cowley (c1763-1813) m Mary Shannon
Henry Allen Cooley (1888-1973) m Victoria Jane Long
Henry B Coley (1848-)
Henry B Cooley (c1905-)
Henry B Cowley (1845-1919) m Ella Cooper
Henry Boardman Cooley (1813-1904) m Marion Frisbie
Henry C Cooley (1824-1853) m Jane
Henry Calvin Cooley (1868-1931) m Amborzine Johns
Henry Clay Cooley (c1825-) m Ila
Henry D Coley (1818-1887) m Ellanova Stuart
Henry D Cooley (c1817-) m Lydia Jane
Henry D Cooley (c1848-)
Henry E Corbitt (1913-1994) m Theo ___
Henry E Gilbert (1837-1862)
Henry Edwin Cooley (1886-1978 MO) m Luvenia Summers
Henry Edwin Whitfield (1819-1884)
Henry Edwin Whitfield (1887-1967)
Henry Elsworth Cooley (1872-1953) m Hattie M Proctor
Henry Grady Cooley (1894-1973) m Lucille Katherine Stanger
Henry Grady Cooley (1922-1995) m Nona Fae Faddis
Henry H Cooley ()
Henry Harden Cooley (1852-1920+) Edith Matilda Cox
Henry I Coley (1884-1885)
Henry Keith Cowley (1928-) m Mary Ann McQuillan
Henry Lee Whitfield m Peggy Marie Carver(1940-1981)
Henry Leonard Cooley (1923-1953) unm
Henry Loor Cooley (1847-)
Henry M Cooley (1847-)
Henry M Cooley (c1848-1937)
Henry Martin Cooley
Henry Miller Cooley (1848-1923) m Florence Howland
Henry R Cooley (1844-1872)
Henry R Cooley (1904-)
Henry Stephen Cooley (1837-1864) m Sarah Bice Brewer
Henry Walter Whitfield (1876-1938) m Mattie Jane Murdock
Henry Ward Cooley (1857-)
Henry William Cooley (1875-)
Henry William Cooley (1917-1968)
Herbert Cooley (c1917-)
Herbert Cooley
Herbert B Cooley
Herbert Clarence Cooley (1892-1964) m Anna Barbara Fitzmaurice
Herbert Clint Cooley Sr (1890-1962) m Ruth L
Herbert Francis Cooley (1893-1981) m1 Gwen Phillips m2 Frances Cochran Hanlon
Herbert Hay Cooley (1898-1983)
Herbert Leroy Cooley
Herbert V Cooley (1905 IL-1956) m Hulda P
Herbert W Cooley (1921-1997) m Irene H Higgins
Herby Leon Cooley (1901-1969)
Herman Cooley (1899-1966)
Herman Benjamin Coley (1905-1948)
Herman E Cooley (1903-)
Herman Franklin Cooley (1883-1929 China)
Herman Joseph Cooley (1915-1929)
Herman M Cooley (1918-1978)
Herman Miller Cooley (1894-1964 NE) m1 Bertha Elnora Westbury m2 Helen Gertrude Johnson
Hermon Cooley (1905-)
Herschel I Cooley (c1862-) m Minnie D
Hershel Henry Cooley (1903-1963) m Alvia Henderson McCall
Hester Cooley m ___ Johnson
Hester Poole (-c1860) m Daniel Cooley
Hewitt Gladstone Cooley (1907-)
Hezekiah Cooley (1742-1791) m Sarah Morehouse
Hezekiah Cooley (1777-1834) m Anna Burr
Hezekiah Morehouse Coley (1805-) m Temperance Gray
Hide Coley (1786-1789)
Hilery R Cooley (1914-1998)
Hilliard L Cooley (1849-1936) m Molly Brown
Hinton R Cooley (c1836-) m Mary Adams
Hiram Coley (c1837-)
Hiram Cooley (1796-1864) m1 Susan Cothran m2 Mary Ann Woodson
Hiram Brinton (c1841-) m Isabel Linn
Hiram Brinton
Hiram Britton Cooley (1909-1979)
Hiram C Cooley (1830-1873) m Hortense Curran Earle
Hiram C Cooley (1878-1971) m Ida Estelle Woodson
Hiram C Cooley
Hiram Edward Cooley (1850-1919) m Nancy Estelle Vinson
Hiram Turner Coley (1833-1833)
Hiram Turner Coley (1835-1864) m Urena Shevalier
Hirman M Cooley (1816-)
Hollis Cooley
Hollis B Vaughn Spake (1899-1936)
Hollis Cleveland Cooley (1925-2011) m Ava Nell Regeon
Hollis Raymond Cooley (1898-) Edith
Homer Coley (1897-)
Homer Cooley (1886-)
Homer Cooley (c1922-)
Homer Cooley
Homer Alvin Cooley (1913-1962) m Frances Marie Newman
Homer D Cooley (1886-1975) m Winifred M Wolfert
Homer Treasure Cooley (1900-1969) m Anna Jouella Carlyle
Horace Cooley (1901-1980) m Minnie Cutler
Horace Cooley (c1865-)
Horace Clement Cooley (1894-1957) m Ophelia
Horace Cooley (1759-1834) m Lucretia Morgan
Horace Franklin Cooley (1927-2010) m Louise Tomlin
Horatio Leonard (1816-)
Howard Cooley (1878-1878)
Howard Cooley (1912-1966) m1 Ann Quall m2 Hazel Blue
Howard Cooley (1931-1915) m Janice E. Hamilton
Howard A Cooley (1915-2009) m Helen R Crum
Howard Bryan Coley (1891-1935) m1 Edith West m2 Blanch W Tyack
Howard Calvin Cooley (1931-)
Howard E Cooley (1896-1953)
Howard E Cooley (1905-)
Howard King Cooley (1880-) m Lillie Ethel Haill
Howard L Cooley (c1917-) Helen
Howard McCabe Cooley (1921-2002 OR) m Lucille Richards
Howard Russell Cooley (1951-)
Howard Smith Cooley (-)
Howard V Cooley (1910-1984)
Huber C Cooley (1885-)
Hubert Cooley (1927-1975)
Hubert Bernard Cooley (1892-1937)
Hubert Griffith Whitfield (1916-2012)
Hubert Martin Whitfield (1978-1944) m Effie Temple Barnett
Hudson Victor Cooley (1918-2000) m Grace Melissa Thompson
Hugh Cooley (1886-1887)
Hugh Cooley (c1918-)
Hugh Edward Coffman (1911-)
Hugh Oscar Cooley (1873-) m Maggie Lee Roberts
Hughie Lonzo Cooley (1912-1999) m Barbara Elizabeth Johnson
Hughie Winford Cooley (1942-1991)
Hurbert Cooley (1807-)
Hurbert Cooley (1919-1948)
Ian Alexander Cooley (-)
Ida Cooley (c1865-)
Ida Cooley (c1882-)
Ida Ella Cooley (1911-) m Thomas Henry Cooley Sr
Infant Cooley (1861-)
infant Brinton (c1828-)
Insa Cooley (-) m Scott
Ira Cooley (1803-1908) m Bathsheba Arrington
Ira Cooley (1851-)
Ira Cooley (1886-1972)
Ira Cooley (c1868-)
Ira Bender Cooley (1871-1969)
Ira David Cooley (1892-1981) m Flonnie Wells
Ira M Cooley (1890-1942)
Ira Stanley Cooley (1898-1984) m Irene Clements
Irene Cooksey (1897-)
Irene Misner (1883-)
Irene Amkie Gruben (1915-2007) m Claud Newton Clark
Irene C Cooley (c1911-) m Hickock
Irvin Woodson Cooley (1869-1936) m1 Mary Estella Hart m2 Effie V Hart
Irwin Cooley (1905-1957) m Margaret Richardson
Isaac Coley (1766-1853) m Sarah Griffin
Isaac Cooley (1720-1780) m Aida Verveelen
Isaac Cooley (1743-) m Deborah Gregory
Isaac Cooley (1750-)
Isaac Cooley (1803-1851) m1 Estella Beckwith m2 Elizabeth Cummings
Isaac Cooley (1805-1887) m1 Frances Alley m2 Sarah Evans 1859 Caroline Lounsbury
Isaac Cooley (1825-1826)
Isaac Cooley (1846-1918) m1 Eliza Caulkins m2 Mary Louella Bowman
Isaac Cooley (1959-1933) m Frances E
Isaac Cooley
Isaac Cooley
Isaac Cooley
Isaac B Cooley (1836-1840)
Isaac B Cooley (1853-) m Kathryn Benell
Isaac J Coley (1847-1922) m Rachel Scott m Martha Alice Wilson
Isaac Martin Cooley
Isaac N Cooley (1805-1838) m1 Elizabeth Monroe m2 Nancy Massey
Isaac Newton Cooley (1856-1857)
Isaac Newton Cooley (1879-1960) m Essie P Brough
Isaac Newton Cooley (c1836-1918) m1 Margaret Ann Breeden m2 Mary E Hamilton
Isaac Newton Coolley (1866-) m Elizabeth Watkin
Isaac Newton Coolley Jr (1912-)
Isaac Young Cooley (1846-1859)
Isabella Cooley (c1839-)
Isaiah Cooley (1851-)
Isaiah Cooley (1815-1895) m Catherine Goss
Isaiah Cooley (c1846-) m Narcissa
Isham Coley (c1805-) m Susannah
Ivis M Cooley (1913-1996) m Knight
Ivy Mary Cooley (1906-1983) m1 Edward THOMAS m2 Steve Christmas
J D Cooley (c1932-)
J M Cooley (1896-)
J Madison Cooley (1832-c1900) m Myra M Smith m2 Sarah T Sallie Moore
J Madison Cooley (1846-)
J Terissa Cooley (1851-1930) m John T Price
J W Cooley (c1838-) m Polina
Jabez Cooley (1729-1800 MA) m Abigail Hancock
Jabez Cooley (1730-1808)
Jabez Cooley (1775-c1814 OH) m Lucy Calkins (c1779-c1835 OH)
Jabez B Cooley (1839-1909) m Sarah Elizabeth Harter
Jack Cooley
Jack B Cooley (1927-)
Jack Coley
Jack Lee Cooley (1931-2009) m1 Eleanor Margaret Bradley-Lisk m2 Olivia G Reyes
Jack Michael Cooley (1953-1953)
Jack R Cooley (1916-1998)
Jack William Cooley (1927-1929)
Jackaline Cooley (1867-)
Jackie George Cooley (c1938-)
Jackson Cooley (-)
Jackson Eugene Cooley (1895-1970)
Jackson L Cooley (1816-1883) m Harriet Lydia Dimick
Jacob Cooley (1762-)
Jacob Cooley (1849-1910+) m Nancy J Ratliff
Jacob Cooley (1870-1960) m Mahala Johnson
Jacob Cooley (c1810-1833)
Jacob Cooley Jr (1760-1826) m Nancy Gover
Jacob Cooley Sr (1735-1816) m Sarah Jordan
Jacob Willis (1827-)
Jacob Felix Fees (1841-1942) m Mary Patton
Jacob H Cooley (1838-1874) m Temiah Teets
Jacob Hasbrouck Cooley (1861-1942) m Addie Elnora Montrose
Jacob Henry Cooley (c1796-1863) m Middy Sanders
Jacob K Cooley (c1869-)
Jacob M Cooley (1827-1863) m Stacy Chapman
Jacqueline Mary Cooley (1945-) m Roy Chantler
James Brewer (1822-1909) m Elizabeth Caroline Wright
James Coley (1870-1941) m Florence Sturges
James Coley (c1808-1878) m Mary Whitley
James Coley (c1873-)
James Cooley () m Janet
James Cooley () m Mary
James Cooley ()
James Cooley ()
James Cooley (-)
James Cooley (-)
James Cooley (1758-1834) m Penelope Gargus
James Cooley (1759-1869)
James Cooley (1760-1840+) m2 Patience Baker
James Cooley (1760-1850) m Martha Stewart
James Cooley (1767-1827) m Lydia Payne
James Cooley (1772-1821) m Elizabeth
James Cooley (1780-1873) m Mary Wright
James Cooley (1782-) m Elizabeth Smith
James Cooley (1786-)
James Cooley (1787-1857) m Margaret Clifton
James Cooley (1796-c1829) m Jane White
James Cooley (1797-1858) m poss Polly Massey
James Cooley (1799-)
James Cooley (1800-1854) m Helena Welch
James Cooley (1801-) m1 Mary Bruen m2 Elizabeth Bruen m3 Hannah Terhune
James Cooley (1802-)
James Cooley (1803-)
James Cooley (1808-c1872) m1 Margaret m2 Emily W Kirkwood
James Cooley (1819-1894) m Rosanna Douglas
James Cooley (1836-1914) m Margaret Ann Jobes
James Cooley (1841-1883)
James Cooley (1843-1863)
James Cooley (1849-1894)
James Cooley (1849-1913) m Vicie Bates
James Cooley (1850-1929) m Minerva Jane Skinner
James Cooley (1855-) m Hannah Terry
James Cooley (1859-1861)
James Cooley (1870-)
James Cooley (1894-)
James Cooley (1894-)
James Cooley (1969-)
James Cooley (c1732-) m Ann
James Cooley (c1816-c1886) m Annie Martin
James Cooley (c1823-) m Elizabeth
James Cooley (c1829-)
James Cooley (c1833-)
James Cooley (c1840-) m Elizabeth
James Cooley (c1843-) m Lucinda
James Cooley (c1843-)
James Cooley (c1847-)
James Cooley (c1847-)
James Cooley (c1850-)
James Cooley (c1855-)
James Cooley (c1860-)
James Cooley (c1868-c1890)
James Cooley (c1871-) m Louise Monroe
James Cooley (c1908-)
James Cooley
James Cooley
James Cooley
James Green (c1833-) m Ann Spoonamore
James Lane (1829-1888)
James Sanders (1794-)
James Smothers (c1845-)
James A Cooley (1809-)
James A Cooley (1840-)
James Albert Coley
James Albert Cooley (1863-1919) m Margret May Ammon
James Alfred Cooley (1924-2003) m Dorothy Ann Palm
James Alfred Cooley (1951-) m Marsh Lynn Smith
James Alfred Cooley (c1901-)
James Allen Cooley (1899-1958) m Pearl Mae Davis
James Allen Cooley Jr (1922-1991) m Faye L
James Allen Whitfield
James Alvin Cooley (1795-1835 MO) m Frances Miller
James Alvin Cooley (1844-1914) m Matilda Jane Stanton
James Anderson Cooley (1862-1951)
James Andrew Cooley (1932-)
James Aret Cooley (1882-1960) m Mary Huckabay
James Armstrong Cooley (c1831-) m1 Elmira Mooreland m2 Mary A Tyler
James B Cooley (1822-c1860) m Mathilda
James B Cooley (1874-) Virgie E
James B Whitfield (c1833-)
James Bernard Cooley (1886-1960) m Gertrude Rosalene Sinkhorn
James Blaine Cooley (1915-1999) m1 Irene Lee Willard m2 Alma Mae Daugherty
James Boyd Whitfield (1921-2008) m Helen Frances Wood
James Brinkley Cooley (1811-1897) m Sarah Gill
James Brinkley Cooley (1893-1982) m Mattie B Cooley
James Buchanan Cooley (1857-) m Ibbie Jane Ward
James Burchett Cooley (1818-1893) m1 Elizibeth Ratliff m2 Eliz Roark
James Burr Coley (1941-1996)
James C Cooley (1845-1907) m Sarah Ann Patterson
James C Cooley Sr (1861-1920+) m Lucilla Thomas
James C Ward (1846-1917)
James Cantrell (1845-)
James Chester Cooley
James Clayton Cooley (c1866-1920+) m Mary E Moore
James Clyde Cooley (1897-1974) m2 Alma Joanne Shepherd
James Clyde Cooley Jr (1907-2000) m Mary Gwendolyn Simmons
James Cooley (1728-1785) m Ruth Parsons
James D Willis (1838-)
James Dale Cooley (c1936-)
James Davis Cooley (1961-1956) m Shirley Anderson
James Davis Cooley Jr (1922-1940)
James Dickey Cooley (1822-1904) m Nancy Caroline Higgins
James Dillard Adams (1874-)
James Dufaye Steadman (1923-1936)
James E Cooley (1838-)
James E Cooley (1866-) m Minnie Ellis
James E Cooley (1882-1884)
James E Cooley (c1855-)
James Edgar Cooley (1906-1946)
James Edward Coley II (1901-1963) m Thelma Fleming
James Edward Coley III (c1929-) m Patricia Hurley
James Edward Cooley (1882-1919) m Annie Lila
James Elvin Cooley (1926-1995)
James Ernest Coley (1880-1961) m Temperance Garrett
James Ernest Coley (1911-1996) m Anna Louise
James F Cooley (1848-1920+)
James F Cooley (1901-)
James F Cooley (c1853-) m Caroline Frances Drake
James F Cooley
James Francis Cooley (1941-1976)
James Francis Cooley m Beatrice
James Frank Cooley (1905-1970) m Ruby Lavina Pickle
James Franklin Coley (1842-1917) m Mary Atlas Louise Josephine Foreman
James Franklin Cooley
James Franklin Cooley
James Freeland Cooley (c1854-Virginia) m Mary F Walters
James George Cooley (1888-1926) m Martha Bessie Rudebaugh
James H Cooley (1811-1875)
James H Cooley (1911-1989) m Alberta
James H Cooley m Jessie Cox
James H Whitfield (c1893-)
James Haney Cooley (-)
James Harold Cooley (1931-2004) m Susan Talavera
James Harold Lewis (1928-1993)
James Harrison Cooley (c1819-) m Eliza
James Harry Cooley (1903-1981) m Mary Emily Willis
James Harvard Cooley (1850-1927) m Harriet DeNeal
James Harvey Cooley (1834-1911) m Frances J Gosney
James Harvey Cooley (1835-1894) m Mary Ann Jones
James Harvey Cooley (1862-)
James Harvey Cooley (1877-1937)
James Henry Coley (1841-) m Mary Margaret Mock
James Henry Cooley (1841-1851)
James Henry Cooley (1871-1954) m1 Sarah Caroline Hoge m2 Laura Lula Coval
James Henry Cowley (1870-1962 MN) m Mary Penel Rowley
James Hite Cooley (1891-1953) m Elsie Virginia Davis
James Howard Cooley (1924-1983) m Wilma Amy Trohkimoinen
James Justus Cooley (1877-) m Anna M
James K Cooley
James K Whitefield (c1847-)
James L Cooley (1844-1855)
James L Cooley (1854-) m Laura Powers
James L Cooley (1871-1889 MO)
James L Cooley (1873-)
James L Cooley (c1844-) m Laura Johnston
James L Cooley (c1847-)
James Lewis Coley (1841-1870) Harriet Nichols
James Lyman Cooley (1797-1866)
James M Camp (1837-)
James M Cooley (1808-)
James M Cooley (1828-1901)
James M Cooley (1830-1910+) m Mary Randolph
James M Cooley (1845-1926) [Victoria Pitchford] m Lucinda
James M Cooley (1845-1929) m Julia A Auxier
James M Cooley (1867-1886)
James M Cooley (1871-1915)
James M Cooley (1883-)
James M Cooley (1901-)
James M Cooley (c1812-) m1 Nancy Garner m2 Emily
James M Cooley (c1830-1891) m Naomi Crawford
James Mack (c1819-)
James Madison Cooley (1829-1882) m Elizabeth Jane Bailey
James Madison Cooley (1878-1930) m Etta May Browder
James Marcus Cooley (1917-1917)
James Marion Cooley (1894-1984)
James Maurise Cooley (1908-)
James Maxwell Coolley (1829-1901) m1 Hester Ann Young m2 Sarah Wycoff
James Miller Cooley (1849-1910+) m Eva J
James Morse Coolley (1918-)
James N Cooley (1837-) m Sarah J Horne
James Nelson Coley (1912-1984) m Hazel Boswell
James O Cooley (1850-1932) m Elizabeth Buckner
James O Cooley (1854-1924) m Phila
James O Cooley (1889-)
James Oliver Cooley (1881-1907)
James Orville Cooley
James P Cooley (1847-1872)
James Paschal Cooley (1889-1961) m Jessie Preston Nidermaier
James Pinckney Cooley (1879-1907) m Annie Paul Woodruff
James Pinkney Coley (1854-1896) m Margaret Rachel Morras
James Preston Cooley (1850-1933) m Mary F Peterson
James R Cooley (1818-) m Rebecca F Pinnell
James R Cooley (1872-)
James R Cooley (1893-)
James R Cooley (c1848-)
James Raymond Cooley ()
James Reuben Cooley (1920-1945)
James Reuben Cooley (1955-2008) m Rebecca Scott
James Richardson Cooley (1887-)
James Russell Cooley (1904-1963)
James S Cooley (1848-1920) m Mary M
James S Cooley (1849-)
James S Sells
James S Whitefield (1840-1904) m Harriet Wood
James Sherman Cooley (1864-1949) m Elizabeth Van Doren Apgar
James Sherman Coolley (1874-) m Pearl McIntyre
James Sidney Cooley
James Sturges Coley (1904-1965) m Cleora Burr
James T Cooley (1829-) m Julia A Huffman
James T Cooley (1897-)
James T Cooley (c1883-)
James T Roberts (1839-1885) m Susanna Bales
James Taylor Cooley (1850-1932) m Nancy Caroline Holliday
James Thomas Cooley ()
James Thomas Cooley (1847-) m Elizabeth Whitehouse
James Thomas Cooley (1892-1976)
James Towler Whitfield (1777-1850) m1 Susannah Minchew m2 Elizabeth Robertson
James Towler Whitfield Jr (1810-1874) m Sarah J
James V Cooley (1913-1994)
James W Cooley (1839-)
James W Cooley (1842-1922) m Catherine Virginia Sheetz
James W Cooley (1842-1922) m Catherine Virginia Sheetz
James W Cooley (1870 IL-)
James W Cooley (1907-1971) m Nina Jewel Francis
James W White (1816-1888) m Eliza Moody
James W Whitfield (1867-)
James W Whitfield (1899-1910)
James W Whitfield (c1845-)
James Washington Coley (1858-1920) m Ella Jane McCaa
James Washington Coley (1872-1954) m Ivy Martin
James Washington Cooley Jr (1865-1865)
James Wesley Cooley (1876-1947) m Louise Harrison
James Wesley Cooley (1892-1973) m Gladys Hannah Porch
James William Coley (1913-1975)
James William Cooley (1874-) m Geneva
James William Cooley (1876-1961)
James William Cooley (1877-) m Lena Stoehr
James William Misner (1873-1971)
James William Whitfield (1872-1961) m Katherine Lewis Hicks
James Wright Whitfield
James Young Cooley (1874-)
James Young Cooley (1874-1931) m Louise Bernice Bonner
Jamima Cox (1861-)
Jane Bearden (c1831-)
Jane Cooley (1808-)
Jane Cooley (1869-1873)
Jane Cox (1851-) m Aaron Nicholas Misner
Jane Gilbert (1826-)
Jane Leonard (1820-)
Jane Brinton (c1800-)
Jane Brinton (c1838-) m Stephen Mandeville Vanscoyoc
Jane Loy (-) m Mark Ries
Jason Hayes Cooley () m Sissy
Jason Lee Cooley ()
Jasper Cooley (1838-)
Jasper Cooley (c1848-) m Fannie
Jasper Cooley
Jasper Lorenzel Whitfield (1907-1982)
Jasper Manning Cooley (1891-1928) m Flora Howard
Jean Cooley () m ____ Dougherty
Jean Cooley (-) m ____ Baker
Jean Winifred Cooley (1924-1995) m Donald Charles D Bishop
Jeane Coley (1720-)
Jeanne L Harding (c1922-) m Ernie
Jeb B Price (1886-)
Jefferson Whitfield (1813-)
Jefferson Whitfield (c1840-)
Jefferson Davis Beauregard Cooley (1863-1963 CA) m Sarah Maria Iler
Jefferson Lucien Fortner Cooley (1923-2010) m Euphemia Guess
Jeffrey Cooley ()
Jeffrey A Cooley (1825-1886) m Louisa Schamahorn
Jemima Cooley (1800-1860) m Thomas K White
Jemima Roberts (1833-1874) m John Sparks
Jeremiah Ward (1843-) m Elmira Cole
Jeremiah J Cooley (c1934-) m Marilyn Mae Garland
Jeremiah Madison Cooley (1889-)
Jeremiah May Cooley (1898-1969) m Dorothy Canna Lefever
Jeremiah R Cooley (1848-1921) m Emma May Tuckerman
Jeremy R Cooley (-)
Jerome Bonaparte Cooley (c1824-1872) m Idotha Smith
Jerome Earl Cooley (1887-) m Bernetta Roberts
Jerry Cooley (c1935-)
Jerry Cooley (c1937)
Jesse Coley (c1759-1792)
Jesse Cooley (1855-1875)
Jesse Cooley (c1813-1860+) m Sarah Hill
Jesse Cooley
Jesse Alonzo Coley (1825-1837)
Jesse Burrell Cooley (1877-1918)
Jesse C Cooley (c1856-) m ___ McKinney
Jesse Demarcus Cooley (1852-1917) m1 Nancy Jane Peterson m2 Rosa Reffett
Jesse E Cooley (1885-)
Jesse Earl Cooley (1889-) m Lelia Vandeventer
Jesse Madison Cooley (1873-) m Rhoda May Brooks
Jesse Monroe Cooley (1909-)
Jesse Nathan Cooley (1875-) m Willie Mae Ely
Jesse Oliver Cooley
Jessee Monroe Cooley (1887-) m Lillie
Jessie Cooley (1912-)
Jessie Cooley (1919-) m Anna Mae Cissel
Jessie E Cooley (1878-) m Frank Brawic
Jessie Evelyn Cooley (1920-2006) m George Gordon Tate
Jessie Freemont Cooley (1906-1968) m Waite
Jessie George Cooley (1908-1979)
Jessie H Cooley (1891-)
Jessie M Cooley (1888-)
Jessie Page Cooley (1882-1929) m Ruth Stanley
Jewel Cooley (c1907-)
Jewel S Cooley (1903-1984) m Bessie Stewart
Jewell Cooley (1916-2003) m C L Pilkinton
Jim Cooley (1896-)
Jim Harland Cooley (1916-1959) m Frances Aleen Mashburn
Jimme Dee Cooley (1937-1968)
Joanna Cooley (1798-1863) unm
Job Coley (1796-1870) m Mary Cooke
Job Cooley (1726-)
Joda D Cooley (1885-)
Joe Cooley (1908-1981)
Joe Cooley
Joe Boyt Houghton (1930-1947)
Joe Fred Whitfield (1939-1991)
Joe Harvey Cooley (1918-2003) m Frankie Mae Bell
Joe Walter Cooley (1897-1920)
Joel Cooley (1834-1867) m Angeline Mary Mayo
Joel Cooley (bef1790-1814) m Amy
Joel Cooley (c1847-)
Joel Cooley m Eley Horton
Joel Cooley
Joel C Cooley (1861-1938) m Annie Price
Joel Henry Cooley (1819-1882) m Drucilla Mahala Ridenouer
Joel Henry Cooley (1846-1925) m Nancy Ann Metcalf
Joel Kincheon Cooley (1800-1867) m Fanny
Johanna Brewer (1824-1910) m Erasmus Washington Shanks
John Burnett (c1847-)
John Coley (1817-) m Johanna Shamel
John Coley (c1830-) m Fannie
John Coley m Jane Childs
John Coley
John Coley
John Cooley () m Patty
John Cooley ()
John Cooley (-)
John Cooley (-1792)
John Cooley (-1834) m1 ___ m2 Lucy Bell
John Cooley (1700-1769) m Mercy Gregory
John Cooley (1727-)
John Cooley (1731-1801) m Sarah
John Cooley (1734-)
John Cooley (1738-1766) m Anna Ogden
John Cooley (1749-1813) m Abigail Lippincott
John Cooley (1758-) m Catherine Burner
John Cooley (1762-1762)
John Cooley (1765-) m Eunice Morehouse
John Cooley (1775-1815) m Sarah
John Cooley (1775-1845) m Sarah Morris
John Cooley (1783-1865) m Sophia Marie Hoffman Drose
John Cooley (1784-1845) m Martha Snodgrass
John Cooley (1788-1795)
John Cooley (1789-1866) m Sela Wright
John Cooley (1792-)
John Cooley (1792-1851)
John Cooley (1793-1844) m Elizabeth White
John Cooley (1797-1857) m Hannah Taylor
John Cooley (1798-)
John Cooley (1801-)
John Cooley (1811-)
John Cooley (1816-1892) m1 Maria Louisa Bryant m2 1852 Mary Ann Baker
John Cooley (1821-) m Mary Montgomery
John Cooley (1822-)
John Cooley (1822-1899) m Susana Patterson
John Cooley (1827-1900+) m Sarah Ann Treadwell
John Cooley (1829-1887) m Mary Ann Shirley
John Cooley (1831-1870) m Sarah Shank
John Cooley (1835-1899) m Josephine Elizabeth Horn
John Cooley (1837-)
John Cooley (1844-) m Mary
John Cooley (1847-)
John Cooley (1848-)
John Cooley (1852-1861)
John Cooley (1854-)
John Cooley (1860-1884)
John Cooley (1868-)
John Cooley (1868-)
John Cooley (1894-1973)
John Cooley (1900-1970)
John Cooley (1906-)
John Cooley (1910-1910)
John Cooley (1932-1995)
John Cooley (c1738-1811) m poss Sarah Matthews
John Cooley (c1758-1807) m Sarah Anne Gilbert
John Cooley (c1776-) m Nancy Brock
John Cooley (c1780-)
John Cooley (c1798-)
John Cooley (c1800-1846) m1 unk m2 Martha Bearden
John Cooley (c1801-) m Chloe Upchurch
John Cooley (c1839-)
John Cooley (c1846-)
John Cooley (c1856-) m Elizabeth Hill
John Cooley (c1869-)
John Cooley (c1873-c1898)
John Cooley (c1875-)
John Cooley [III] (1799-1856) m Lavina Willis
John Cooley Jr (c1827-) m Sophia Caroline Lane
John Cooley m Doris
John Cooley m Mary
John Cooley Sr (1796-1880+) m Annis Hardin
John Cooley Sr [II] (1761-1844) m Sarah Willis
John Cooley
John Cooley
John Cowley (c1651-)
John Cowley (c1738-)
John Fowlke (c1755-) m Hannah Mee
John Moore (1827-1906) m Parthena Willis
John Whitfield (1808-1875)
John Willis (1828-)
John A Coley (1908-1988) m Sadie Estelle Perdue
John A Cooley (1756-1794) m Rachel [Kinchen?]
John A Cooley (1829-)
John A Cooley (1896-)
John A Coolley (1900-) m Carolyn
John Albert Cooley Jr [IV] (1830-1892) m Rachel M Clark
John Allen Cooley (1815-1891) m Catherine
John Allen Cooley (1895-1980)
John Allen Cooley (c1887-)
John Andrew Cooley Jr (1795-1864) m1 Rebecca Jane Douglas m2 Abigail McGilliard
John Andrew Cooley Sr (1767-1847 IN) m1 Susannah Means m2 Catherine Powers
John Andrew Cooley
John Andrew Coolley (1830-1914) m1 Mary Frances Garvey m2 Harriett Wycoff
John B Coley (1839-1863) m Elizabeth
John B Cooley (1817-1875) m Amanda Eckel
John B Cooley (1887-)
John B Cooley (1900-) unm
John Baker Cooley (1858-1934)
John Bradley Cooley (-)
John Brantly Cooley (1764-1960) m Susan Idonia Sanders
John Brinton
John Brinton
John Brown Whitfield 1866-1934)
John Burton Cooley (1839-1927) m1 Nancy J Wizer m2 Josie E Hafley
John C Brewer (1817-1894) m1 Hannah Graves m2 Mary Jane Cravens
John C Cooley (1862-1933) m Alice Cooley Humphreys
John C Cooley (1884-)
John C Cooley (1886-)
John C Cooley (c1725-1767) m Martha Stephens
John Calvin Cooley (1861-1945)
John Calvin Cooley (1885-1885)
John Calvin Cooley (1886-1981) m Isabelle Bryden
John Caylor Cooley (1912-1991)
John Chapman Coley (1825-) m Harriet Scribner
John Charles Cooley (1922-1988)
John Clarence Cooley (1932-1932)
John Clark Cooley (1899-1963) m Ruth Mae Jones
John Cooley (c1876-)
John D Cooley (1883-1953) m Ida Schemmerhorn
John D Cooley (1908-1974) m Rachel Ray Austin (1910-1978)
John David Cooley (-)
John David Cooley (1876-1942) m Alice Jane Cranford
John Day Cooley (1853-1923) m Sarah Elizabeth (Straham) Inberg
John Donald Spake (1916-1989)
John E Cooley (1859-)
John E Cooley (1888-)
John E Cooley (c1927-)
John E Cooley
John Earl Whitfield (1893-1942)
John Earle Cooley (1844-1885) m Mary Elizabeth Kelley
John Edison Cooley (1897-1930) m Rose Lucinda Higgins
John Edward Cooley (1828-1906) m Mary Travis
John Edward Cooley (1853-1917) m Carrie Rebecca Morris
John Edward Cooley (1902-1928)
John Edward Cooley (1906-1961) (Los Angeles)
John Edward Cooley (1909-1983 FL) m Anna R
John Edward Coolley (1864-)
John Edward Officer (1835-1866) m Sarah C Trullinger
John Edwin Coolley (1864-1864)
John Erven Cooley (1851-1916 WI) m Mary Theodosia Lester
John Ervin Cooley (1925-1990) m Irene Pauley
John Eugene Cooley (1868-1921) m Emma Harriet Adeline Bailey
John Eugene Cooley (1914-1999)
John Evans Cooley (1874-1876)
John F Cooley (1900-1977) m Gladys Strickland
John F Cooley m (c1857-)
John Francis Cooley (1842-) m Mary Howe
John Francis Cooley (1861-1903) m Grace R Todd
John Frank Cooley (1870-) m Lindsey Annie Johnson
John Frank Cooley (1891 IN-1920+) m Hester Ferguson
John Frank Cooley (1903-1966)
John Franklin Cooley (1832-1924) m1 Catherine Clanahan m2 Nancy Jane Lance
John Franklin Cooley (1885-1963) m Grace Bell Rawding
John Franklin Cooley (1844-1931)
John Garrett Cooley (1804-1883)
John Gilbert Cooley (1871-1953 IL) m Nora Ethel Hagler
John H Cooley (1812-1860+) m1 Millie m2 Elizabeth Masa
John H Cooley (1823-) m Permelia Stout
John H Cooley (c1857-) m Betty Jane Whitehouse
John H Lane (1835-)
John H White (c1841-)
John H Whitfield (1872-1893)
John Hadley Cooley (1927-1969)
John Hamilton Cantrell (1837-1904)
John Hardin Cooley (1870-1952) m1 Bertie LaRue
John Harmon Cooley
John Harold Cooley (1928-1999) m Carmen
John Hatfield Cooley (1880-1962) m Agnes Rhoda Sams
John Henry Cooley (1842-1910) m1 Nancy Brock m2 Amanda Trusner m1 Sarah Jane Hill
John Henry Cooley (1855-1940) m Ida Chapman
John Henry Cooley (1899-)
John Henry Cooley [V] (1873-)
John Hiram Cooley (1815-1887) m Annie Nixon
John Hyde Coley (1790-)
John Isom Cooley (1881-1949) m Matilda Frances Jones
John Iven Cooley (1845-1915 MO) m Martha Isabelle Youngblood
John J Cooley (1839-1920) m Mary Ann Smith
John J Cooley (c1838-1920+) m Nora Ellen Bohall
John J Whitefield (1808-1872) m Emilia Harper
John J Whitefield (1844-)
John J W Whitefield (1831-1913) m Louisa Frances Kinslow
John Jackson Cooley (1845-1920) m Margaret A Johnson
John James Cooley (1857-1930) m Sarah Ann Hatfield
John Jordan Cooley (c1831-)
John Joseph Cooley (1819-1896) m1 Emily Susan Chapman m2 Stacy Ann Chasteen
John Joseph Whitfield (1848-1904)
John K Cooley (1836-1917) m 1860 Elizabeth Ann McGee
John Keith Cooley (c1905-)
John Kelly Cooley (1881-) m Minnie Novice Felder
John L Cooley (1901-1954) m Dorothy B
John L Cooley (c1858-) m Missouri A McMullen
John Lee Cooley (1916-1998) m Edna Alice Widman
John Lippincott Cooley (1799-1876) m Sarah Purcell
John Luke Cooley (1914-1963)
John M Cooley (1874-) m Lennie Shepperson
John M Cooley (1887-1930)
John Madison Cooley (1861-1949)
John Manassa Cooley (1895-1977) m Flossie Clella Day
John Marion Cooley (1892-1960)
John Martin Whitfield (1854-1925) m Mary Elizabeth
John Maxwell Cooley (1895-)
John Melvin Cooley (1919-1982) m Stella Victoria Sharp
John Milton Cooley (1853-1923) m Mary Alice Ladora Moore
John Morgan Cooley (1863-1916)
John Morton Cooley (1912-1972)
John N Cooley (1884-)
John N Whitefield (1830-)
John nee Cooley Clifford (1888-) m Virginia May Meldrum
John or Jackson Cooley (1830-1870+) m Mary Emeline Brady
John P Cooley (1836-1912) m Catherine Y
John P Cooley (c1844-)
John P Cooley (c1846-)
John Pearce Cooley (1852-1934) m Sarah Elizabeth Cole
John Perkins Whitefield (1872-1956) m Leah Ellen Henry
John Preston Whitfield (c1859-)
John Price Whitfield (c1897-)
John R Cooley (1852-1928) m Jane Galentine
John R Cooley (1916-1916)
John R White (c1838-)
John Remington Cooley (1909-1998) m Rose Carlisle
John Robert Cooley (1870-1941) m Jessie Verona Cox
John Robert Cooley (1908-2002) m Blanche Emily Cornwall
John Roger Cooley (1868-1915) m Elizabeth Brenchley
John Rouben Cooley (1911-1912)
John Ruben Cooley (1869-1936) m Martha Alice Bosley
John S Cooley (1845-)
John S Cooley (1879-1952) m Bessie V Brown
John S Cooley (c1920-)
John Samson B Cooley (c1853-)
John Samuel Cooley (1841-)
John Scribner Coley (1869-1931) m Catherine R Reeve
John Seaborn Cooley (1869-1927) m Florence Roberts
John Seaborn Cooley Jr. (1899-1950) m Roberta
John Sherman Cooley (1860-)
John Sidney Cooley (1844-1901) m Sarah Jane Welch
John Smith Cooley (1869-1947) m ___
John Stock Cooley (1855-1925) m Mary Jane Cargill
John Sumpter Cooley (1898-1960) m Mary Elizabeth Foster
John Sumpter Cooley Jr (1930-1955)
John T Cooley (1836-)
John T Cooley (c1847-)
John T Whitefield (1845-1907)
John T Whitfield (1836-1900+) m1 Charlotte Wilkerson m2 Henrietta Ann Taylor
John Thomas Camp (1843-1889)
John Thomas Cooley (-1994)
John Thomas Cooley (1800-1873) m Elizabeth Weir
John Thomas Cooley (1845-) m Nancy J Cofer
John Thomas Cooley (1875-1939 OR)
John Thomas Ward (1837-1863) m Almeda H Cole
John Todd Cooley (1840-1922) m Mary Ann Wright
John Tolbert Cooley (1868-)
John Toler Whitefield (1780-1860) m Elizabeth Thomas
John Tucker Cooley (c1809-1880) m Martha T Cole
John V Cooley (c1915-)
John Virgil Cooley (1889-)
John W Cooley (1790-1857) m Mahala Hardwick
John W Cooley (1809-1888) Ann Elizabeth Hottel
John W Cooley (1825-1830)
John W Cooley (1841-)
John W Cooley (1842-1864)
John W Cooley (1859-1942) m Arah Eichlen
John W Cooley (1859-1942) m Arah Eichlin
John W Cooley (1860-) m Ella Stevens
John W Cooley (1861-1923) Frances Melinda Addison
John W Cooley (1864 IL-1920+) m1 Margaret E Hanes m2 Shella J
John W Cooley (1867-)
John W Cooley (1900-1962) m Ruby Kincaide
John W Cooley (1905-1964)
John W Cooley (c1822-) m Minerva Ann Cole
John W Cooley (c1841-1843)
John W Cooley (c1855-)
John W Cooley (c1857-)
John Wailon Cooley (1925-2007) m Lucille Crow
John Walter Cooley (1886-1963) m Marie Claar
John Wayman Cooley (1881-1964) m Mary Elizabeth Gibbs
John Webster Cooley (1863-1864)
John Wesley Coley
John Wesley Cooley (1810-1870) m Celia Satcher
John Wesley Cooley (1847-1919 TX) m Nancy Malinda Horton
John Wesley Cooley (c1831-) m Lucretia M Jones
John Wesley Cooley (c1840-)
John Wesley Cooley Jr (1818-1866) m Sarah Margaret Albright
John Wilbert Coley (1884-1975) m Emma Luella George
John Wilbur Cooley (1903-1965) m Agatha H Kingan m2 Alice Bell Barnes Showe Walls
John William Cooley (1811-1898) m Nancy Joanna Penelope Hunt
John William Cooley (1816-1866) m Mary Ann Leach
John William Cooley (1851-1926) m Margaret Virginia Wilkinson (1856-1917)
John William Cooley (1855-1929) m Bertha Mary Warthen
John William Cooley (1869-1944)
John William Cooley (1875-1875 MO)
John William Cooley (1888-1919) m Lucinda Clem
John William Cooley (1888-1919) m Lucinda Clem
John William Cooley (1890-1962) m Rosa Marek
John William Cooley (1896-1949) m Francis Bernice Little
John William Cooley (1898-1965) m1 Maizie Mozelle Blalack
John William Cooley (1922-2009)
John William Cooley (c1838-c1850)
John William Cooley (c1845-)
John William Cooley Jr (-)
John Winston Cooley (1905-1973)
John Y Cooley (1929-1987)
John Young Coolley (1853-1853)
Johnnie Cooley (1903- 1920)
Johnnie Mae Gruben (1914-)
Johnny Whitfield
Jon Cooley (c1938-)
Jon Russell Cooley (1936-)
Jonas Cooley (1832-1860)
Jonas Cooley (c1892-)
Jonas Marcus Cooley (1873-1943) m1 Emma Marietta Morse m2 Mary Madeline Adamson
Jonathan Coley (1754-1832) m Elizabeth Gilbert
Jonathan Coley (1797-1832) m Orra Coley
Jonathan Coley (c1717-1810) m Lucy Sturges
Jonathan Colly (1613-)
Jonathan Cooley (1686-1752) m Joanna Colton
Jonathan Cooley (1750-1840)
Jonathan Cooley (1777-1817) m Jane Passmore Evans
Jonathan Cooley (1823-1830)
Jonathan Cooley (1837-1901) m1 Sarah Hunt m2 Asena Davis
Jonathan Cooley (c1729-1790) m Ruth
Jonathan Cooley (c1760-)
Jonathan Cooley (c1790-1840+) m Ann
Jonathan Cooley (c1845-)
Jonathan A Cooley (c1857-) m Gertrude
Jonathan B Cooley (1844-1892) m1 Lucy Parrish m2 Sarah Elizabeth Shartz m3 Anna M Marlin
Jonathan L Cooley (c1839-)
Jonathan Loid Coolley (1855-1855)
Jonathan Lycurgus Cooley (1842-1926) m1 Phoebe Elizabeth Hendrick m2 Mary A Parks m3 Celia Langworthy
Jonathan Milfred Coolley (1872-) m Bertha Shepherd
Jophep Coley m Mary
Jordan Ezra Cooley (1844-)
Joseph Adams (1876-)
Joseph Burnett (c1841-)
Joseph Coley (1618-)
Joseph Coley (1709-)
Joseph Coley m Ruth Tongue
Joseph Cooley (-)
Joseph Cooley (-)
Joseph Cooley (-)
Joseph Cooley (1661-1740) m Mary Griswold
Joseph Cooley (1681-) m Elizabeth ___
Joseph Cooley (1762-) m Margaret Toomey
Joseph Cooley (1767-1826) m1 unknown m2 Kaziah Casey
Joseph Cooley (1791-1863) m1 Elizabeth Allen m2 Catherine Irwin
Joseph Cooley (1801-1887) m Ann Sumberland Turley
Joseph Cooley (1817-1870) m Elizabeth Locke
Joseph Cooley (1822-1867) m1 Mary Leese m2 Mrs Elizabeth Noblett Dowell
Joseph Cooley (1827-)
Joseph Cooley (1840-) m1 Nancy Frances Followell m2 Katherine Lane Berry
Joseph Cooley (1842-1864)
Joseph Cooley (1848-1914+) m Elizabeth Chambers
Joseph Cooley (1913-1913)
Joseph Cooley (c1836-)
Joseph Cooley (c1840-)
Joseph Cooley (c1919-)
Joseph Cooley II (-1741) m Mary Dorchester
Joseph Smothers (c1840-)
Joseph Albert Cooley (1906-1920 IL)
Joseph Allen Cooley (1855-1917) m Clara B
Joseph Baughknight Cooley (1877-1950) m Annie Lee Lansford
Joseph Baughknight Cooley (1922-1981)
Joseph Breckinridge Cooley (1860-1932 OR) m Clarissa Ellen Iler
Joseph C Cooley (1860-)
Joseph C Cooley (1868-1924) m Sophronia Margaret Lane
Joseph Claude Cooley (1890-1969) m Mabel Busby
Joseph Cooley (1721-)
Joseph Custer Cooley (1904-1914)
Joseph D Cooley (c1837-1870)
Joseph D Cooley
Joseph Davis Cooley (1821-1861) m Sarah Jane Ramey
Joseph Dillard Cooley (1815-1887) m Cena
Joseph Dillard Cooley (1849-1937) m Martha Ann Dean
Joseph Donald Cooley (1912-1991) m Ruth Lucile Williamson
Joseph E Cooley (1880-1959) m Gertrude Shearon
Joseph Edward Cooley (1851-1929 MO) m1 Julia Frances Rice m2 Victoria Sparkman
Joseph Edward Cooley (1886-)
Joseph Edwin Cooley (1819-1892) m Mary E Howard
Joseph Erwin Cowley (1898-1944) m Leora Fairbanks
Joseph Eugene Cooley (1854-1923) m Elizabeth Ann Stillwell
Joseph Franklin Cooley (1897-1975) m Louis Bales
Joseph G Whitfield (1803-)
Joseph G Whitfield (c1843-)
Joseph H Cooley (1853-) m Annie Christain Whitley
Joseph H Cooley (1871-1951) m Lula Headrick
Joseph H Cooley (1908-)
Joseph Harold Coffman (1913-)
Joseph J Cooley (1816-1881) m Matilda Anderson
Joseph James Cowley (1817-1897 OH) m Maria Hanna Hunt
Joseph L Cooley (1881-)
Joseph Lester Cowley (1868-1889)
Joseph M Cooley (c1903-)
Joseph M Cooley
Joseph Marion Cooley (1837-1922) m Catherine Baumgardner
Joseph Marshall Cooley (1879-1963) m Myrtle Cooley
Joseph Porter Cooley (1896-1958) m Flossie Clella Day
Joseph R Cooley ()
Joseph R Cooley (1846-1886)
Joseph Rama Cooley (1891-c1950) m Hazel Turner
Joseph S Cooley (1828-1877) m Juliann Huffman
Joseph Stewart Cooley (c1824-) m Hannah Azuba Outcalt
Joseph Thomas Cooley (1842-1934 MO) m1 Rhoda Jane Rice m2 Sallie Coulter
Joseph Thomas Officer (1841-) m1 Mary Elizabeth Townsend m2 Margaret Ellen Stotts
Joseph Tucker Cooley (1793-1862) m1 Sarah Ragsdale m2 Maude Woods m3 Malinda Nye Umberger
Joseph W Cooley (1765-)
Joseph W Cooley (c1835-1863)
Joseph William Cooley (1864-1887)
Joseph William Cooley (1864-1887)
Joseph William Cooley (1867-1947 IA) m Araminta D Johnson
Joseph William Cooley (1868-1944)
Joseph William Cowley (1863-1947) m Annie Sanderson
Josephine Cooley (1887-1959) unm
Josephine Cooley (1916-) m Charles Schmidt
Joshua Cooley (1818-)
Joshua Cooley (c1798-1880) m Sarah Rayburn
Josiah Whitefield (1814-1893) m Dicey R Perkins
Josiah Whitefield (1838-1865) m Julia Ann Fox
Josiah B Whitefield (1842-1862)
Josiah Bryant Whitefield (1842-)
Joyce Coley (1619-)
Juanita Cooley () m Rayens (-)
Jube H Cooley (1891-1962) m Carrie Myrtle Bost
Jube H Spade Cooley Jr (1927-2012) m Patsy Ruth Bumpass
Jubelee W Cooley (1847-1921) m ___
Judith Cooley (1776-)
Julia Adams (1869-)
Julia Cooley ()
Julia Cooley (-) m Caldarea
Julia Cooley (1849-1923) m Arthur Rance
Julia Cooley (1860-)
Julia Cooley
Julia A Cooley (1853-) m John Uetz
Julia Dean Cooley (1854 TN) m Alex Richards
Julia Ruth Cooley (1898-)
Julian A Cooley (1871-) m Alsace L
Julie Zarra () m
Julius Cooley
Julius Cooley
Julius C Cooley (1846-1903) m Enicey C Ray
June Cooley (-)
Justen Cooley
Justus Cooley (1768-1837) m1 Mehettable Many m2 Nancy Anne Everitt
Justus Cooley (1811-1879) m Elizabeth Pine
Justus Henry Cooley (1910-1993) m Josephine
Jute Browning Cooley (1893-1931)
Karen Cooley m ___ Alderson
Kate Cooley (1881-)
Kathryn J Jolley (1926-2013)
Keith Roy Cooley (1935-2013)
Kelly Burton Cooley (1907-1969)
Kenneth Cooley (1909-)
Kenneth Cooley (1945-) m Janice
Kenneth Cooley
Kenneth Cooley
Kenneth Cooley
Kenneth Charlton Cooley (1908-) m Frances Arbuckle
Kenneth Clyde Cooley (1925-1948)
Kenneth Earl Cooley ()
Kenneth Elton Cooley (1920-1998)
Kenneth Gilpin Cooley (1918-1977) m Hazel Inez Orndorff
Kenneth Leon Cooley (1927-1999)
Kenneth Reynolds Cooley (1901-1975) m Grace Showers
Kenody Calvin Cooley (1889-1964) m Bessie Bachelder
Kenody Clinton Cooley (1828-1904) m Laura Emmeline Wheat
Kermit Cooley (1913-1996)
Kevin Cooley ()
Kimberly Michelle Cooley (1983-)
Kinchen Cooley (1780-1858) m1 Elizabeth Higgins m2 Lucy Shephard
Kinchen Harbert Cooley (1833-) m1 Nancy Williams m2 Sarah Williams
Kletia Cooley (1872-1892) m Degrafenreed P McKinley
Kyle Bishop Martin Cooley (1993-)
L Cooley (c1847-)
LaGrande J Whitfield (1850-1912)
Lark Cooley (1874-1918) m Ann Lofton
Larkin Allen Cooley (1874-1933)
Larry Cooley (1846-)
Laura Cooley (1866-1884)
Laura Cooley (1892-)
Laura Cooley (c1870-)
Laura Cooley (1856-)
Laura Elizabeth Cooley (1857-1877 OR)
Laura H Cooley () m William Whitmill Webster
Laura Lee Cooley () m ___ Hill
Laurie Eveline Cooley (1852-) m Dewitt Clinton Remington
Laverne Cooley (c1902-)
Lawrence Cooley (1904-1958)
Lawrence Cooley (1919-)
Lawrence Cowley (1938-1998)
Lawrence Bradford Cooley (1921-1974) m Norma T Tompkins
Lawrence I Cooley (1905-1970) m Marie
Lawrence Leon Cowley (1876-1960 OK) m1 Gertrude Chapman m2 Myrtle Beatty
Lawson Cooley (c1794-) m Amanda C Jarrett
Lazarus Cooley
Le Roy Cooley (1877-1948) Janette Rittenhouse
Le Roy Cooley Jr (1916-2000) Patricia M
Leah Cooley (1903-)
Lee Ettie Cooley (1874-)
Lee H Price (1883-)
Lee R Cooley (1896-)
Lee Robert Whitfield (1874-1951)
Lee S Cooley (1866-)
Lee Sidney Cooley (1874-) m Mabel V Birchell
Leftwick Cooley (1872-1944) m Jane P
Legrand Stanley Whitfield (1824-1906)
Leigh Cooley (1868-)
Lemley Preston Cooley
Lemuel Cooley (1880-) m Lee ___
Lena Margaret Cooley (1904-1942) m Jones
Lena Maybelle Cooley (1913-2003) m William Glenn Pair
Leo Rae Cooley (1922-1984) m Erma Margaret Heal
Leola Cooley (1906-1989) m Charles Herbert Thompson
Leon Merrill Cooley (1916-1993)
Leon Milton Cooley (1942-2012)
Leona Myrtle Cooley (1880-1978) m Benjamin Franklin Corbitt
Leonard Cooley (1883-1914)
Leonard Cooley (c1915-)
Leonard Cowley
Leonard C Cooley (1868-1936) m Mattie B
Leonard Calvin Cooley (1924-)
Leonard E Cooley (1913-)
Leonard Harrison Cooley (1889-1942) m Sarah E Linthicum
Leonard Jewett Cooley (1821-1864)
Leonard Moore Cooley (1875-1940) m Mary A
Leonidas R Cooley (1846-1937) m Lucy A Matlock
Leonza Pratt Cooley (1877-1901) m Ella Dora Emiline Corbitt
LeRoy Cooley (1896-1968) m Rita Mae McClelland
Leroy Franklin Cooley (1897-1954) m Meda L Ray
Leslie Coleman Cooley (1813-1971)
Leslie Everett Cooley (1910-1972)
Leslie Hiram Coley (1894-1927) m Edith May Leonard
Leslie Hiram Coley Jr (1924-2012) m Mona Loraine Crisfield
Leslie James Cooley (1880-) m Ida S Feller
Lester Dale Cooley (1927-2002)
Lester Gillian Cooley (1899-)
Lester L Cooley (1904-1984) m Hazel Bernice Seibert
Lester Lee Cooley (1917-1995)
Letha M Quillen (1912-)
Lettie May Cooley (1870-)
Levania Cooley (1900-)
Levester Baers Cooley (1884-1885)
Levi Coley (1777-1859) m Mary H Hide
Levi Cooley (1841-1869)
Levi Cooley (1892-1980) m Dora L Hunt
Levi Cooley (c1814-1860+) m Elizabeth Warren
Levi Whitefield (c1829-)
Levi B Coley (1818-1874) m Sarah M Nichols
Levi Homer Cooley (1881-1974) m1 Ora Branch m2 Margaret Totten
Lewis Cooley (1832-1894) m Harriett Martha Ann Abel
Lewis Cooley (1861-)
Lewis Cooley (1892-)
Lewis Cooley (1914-)
Lewis Cooley (c1803-)
Lewis Cooley (c1814-1860+) m Mary Maxon
Lewis Whitfield (1808-) m Martha Bumpass
Lewis Ball Cooley (1855-)
Lewis C Cooley (-1936)
Lewis Claude Cooley (1877-1946) m Mary A Chapman
Lewis Dewey Cooley (1898-)
Lewis J Cooley (1855-) m Martha
Lewis M Cooley (1848-) m1 Angeline Hammond m2 Dora Rhody
Lewis Newton Cooley (1877-1913) m Alice Robinson
Lewis W Cooley (1898-1941) m1 Lena Belle Dillon m2 Eva Gertrude Yoast
Lewis Wallace Cooley (1903-1987) m Carol Helen Stokes
Lidda Collye (1607-)
Lillie E Spake (1892-1935) m Wilbert B Steadman
Lillie Faye Cooley (1922-) m Laurence Henry Miller
Lincoln Ackroyd (1875-1951)
Lincoln Cooley (c1863-)
Lincoln Morris Cooley (1890-1939) m Alda Davis
Linda Carol Cooley () m ____ Throckmorton
Lindsay Frederick Cooley (1910-)
Linton Heard Cooley (1891-1973) unm
Lionel O Cooley (1911-1950) m Marjorie Rush
Lishey Cooley (1882-1913)
Littleberry Cooley (1821-1903) m1 Milly A Arrington m2 Louvenia Arrington
Littleberry Cooley (1862-1927) m Christine Lavicey Alston
Livera Cooley (1838-1885) m George Peter Mills
Lizzie Cooley (-) m William Thompson
Lizzie M Cooley (c1910-)
Lloyd Cooley (1880-)
Lloyd Cooley (1919-)
Lloyd Asa Cooley (1929-1997)
Lloyd V Cooley (1927-2001) m Barbara Dotson
Lola M Robbins (1890-)
Longshore Manning Whitfield (1894-) m Beulah
Lonnie Rae Cooley (1952-2017)
Loren Cooley (1897-1979) Lola Amanda Fitch
Loren J Cooley (c1928-)
Loren Russell Cooley (1901-1951) m Rhea Caryl Statton
Lorena Cooley (1880-)
Loretta Cooley (c1877-)
Lori Rowe ()
Lottie Marguerite Cooley (1902-)
Lou Ettie Cooley (1874-)
Louella Cooley ()
Louis Cooley (c1873-) m Mable
Louis Cooley (c1885-)
Louis Cooley (c1905-)
Louis Cooley
Louis A Cooley (c1869-)
Louis D Cooley ()
Louis Edman Cooley (1897-1960) m Anna Marie Stanfield
Louis R Cooley (1885-)
Louisa Cooley (c1808-1880+) m James R Sanders
Louisa Jane Cooley (c1845-) m Dewitt Clinton Ferris
Louisa Kizziah Cooley (1854-1927) m1 Joseph M Hodges m2 Joseph Marshall Sells
Louisa M Cooley (1839-)
Louise F Cooley (1870-1870 OR)
Lowell Arthur Spake (1889-1950) m Myra L Goodwin
Lucas Valentine Cooley (1874-1967) m Bertha Brownfield
Lucian Cooley (1906-1976) m Laurabel Adams
Lucian Dale Cooley (1959-) m Mary Ann
Lucinda Bearden (c1838-)
Lucinda Cooley (1802-1858) m George Gipson Gilbert
Lucinda Cooley (1841-1916) m Shelton Land
Lucinda Cooley (1865-) m Ira Roberts
Lucinda Cooley (c1820-) m John Willis
Lucinda Cooley (c1849-1916) m1 Walter William Ackroyd m2 Shafer
Lucinda Lane (1837-1906) m John L Worley
Lucinda Ellen Officer (1848-) m Jamison C Kincaide
Lucius Morgan Cooley (1806-1883) m Sally Maria Bussey
Lucretia Cooley (c1846-)
Lucy Coley
Lucy Cooley (1813+) m ___ Mills
Lucy Cooley m Nathaniel Chapman
Ludolphus Cooley (c1880-)
Luellen Lafayette Triplett (1899-1960) m Lorena F Smith
Luis Cooley (1799-)
Luke Burnett (c1812-) m Delphy
Luke Cooley (1782-1850) m Olive Knight
Lula Cooley () m W L Minor
Lula B Robbins (1892- )
Lula L Cooley (1884-)
Luster Cooley (1896-1981) m Janie Belle Bollinger
Luther Cooley (1766-)
Luther Cooley (1824-1863) m Susan Dunbar
Luther Cooley (c1851-1852)
Luther D Cooley (1894-1895)
Luther Edward Cooley (1837-1901) m Hannah Beal
Luther H Coley (1834-1891) m Jennie Phillips Jones
Luther Marvin Cooley (1924-) m Betty Taylor
Luther Pearl Cooley (1881-1958) m Lela Grace Holden
Luther Sherman Coley (1908-1998)
Lydia Cooley (1772-) m William Joseph Garland
Lydia Cowley (c1732-) m William Fowke
Lydia Fowlke (c1772-) m Benjamin Bennett
Lydia Ann Cooley (1831-1910) m Archer Bridges
Lydia Ellen Misner (1862-)
Lydia O Cooley (1878-1939) m William Louis Brian Sr
Lyman A Duttry Cooley (1896-1953) m Kathryn B Froom
Lytle Whitfield (1920-)
Lytle Briggs Whitfield (1890-) m Lela C Brandon
M J McMillin m M W Boyd
Mabell Bernice Caddell (1913-) m Roy Eugene Fulmer
Mack M Robbins (1891-)
Madeline Wilmouth Cooley (1915-)
Madison Cooley (c1846-)
Madison Monroe Cooley (1854-1933) m Martha Louvina Dennis
Mae Cooley () m ____ Shepperson
Maggie Cooley (1878-)
Maggie Cooley (c1920-) m ___ Guffey
Maggie L Cooley (1892-)
Mahlon Cooley (1795-1795)
Mahlon Cooley (1802-1825)
Mahlon Cooley (c1844-) m Sarah
Mahlon M Cooley (1856-) m Charlotta
Malcolm E Whitfield (1882-1910)
Malcolm Egbert Whitfield (1849-1912) m Helen Lytle Carney
Malcom Worley Lane (1868-1909) m Amelia Williams
male (c1910-)
male Cooley (1860-)
male Cooley (1887-)
male Cooley (1929-1929)
male Cooley (c1876-)
male Cooley m ___ Waters
male Cooley m Charlotte E
male Cooley
male Cooley
male Cooley
male Cooley
male Cooley
male Cooley
male Cooley
male Cooley
male Cooley
male Cooley
Malinda Jane Cooley (1833-) m Noah Mullinix
Malissa Fairfield Gilbert
Mamie Cooley (c1871-)
Mandy M Cooley (1878-)
Manford Cooley
Marcus Earl Whitfield (1913-1991)
Margaret Cooley (1765-) m Samuel Brinton
Margaret Cooley (1834-)
Margaret Cooley (1859-)
Margaret Cooley (c1832-)
Margaret Cooley (c1878-)
Margaret Cooley (c1917-)
Margaret White (1827-1884) m Thomas Willis Attebury
Margaret White (c1834-)
Margaret Caroline Cooley (1872-)
Margaret Catherine Cooley (1835-) m Irvin Henry
Margaret Eileen Cooley (1837-1909) m George Washington Bolin
Margaret Elsie Cooley (1872-1953) m Samuel H Shannon
Margaret L Green (1856-)
Margarette Cooley (c1904-)
Margery Cooley () m Alexander
Maria Cooley (1854-) TN
Mariah Cooley (1834-) m William H Robbins Jr
Mariah Cooley (c1827-1880+) m James C Hartley
Marie Cooley (1911-)
Marie Allyson Cooley (1950-) m Daniel David Ryan
Marietta Cooley (1868-1925) m James Owens
Marion Carl Andries (1893-1955) m Mildred York
Marion Claude Cooley
Marion E Cooley
Marion Estes Cooley (1923-1996)
Marion F Cooley (c1918-)
Marion Fowler Coolley (1898-1955)
Marion G Cooley (c1888-)
Marion L Cooley (1936-1982)
Marion Lee Cooley (1880-1954) m Rose M Rodgers
Marion Lee Cooley (1922-1980)
Marion Lee Cooley (c1816-)
Marion Leggett Cooley
Marion Virginia Hines (1935-2005) m Volney Robert Brannon
Mark Cooley (1892-)
Mark D Cooley (1952-2008)
Mark Edwin Cooley (1933-1998) m Rita Ann Horn
Mark L Cooley (1863-)
Marlene Cooley (1931-2008) m James O Norfolk
Marquis Lafayette Cooley (1851-1910+) m Ida May Martino or Martin
Marshal J B Cooley (1902-1988) m Ermel Vuel Cooley
Martha Cooley () m James Hibbs
Martha Cooley (1711-)
Martha Cooley (1730-)
Martha Cooley (1760-) m ___ Davis
Martha Cooley (1803-1888 IL) m William Tibbles
Martha Cooley (1810-)
Martha Cooley (1824-) m Evan A Prather Elkins
Martha Cooley (1827-) m John Willis Horton
Martha Cooley (c1810-) m John Bunch
Martha Cooley (c1841-)
Martha Cooly (1640-)
Martha Cowley (c1719-)
Martha Fees (1889-1914) m Charles Moranda
Martha Fowlke (c1769-) m William Milward
Martha Gragg () m ___ Snowden
Martha Robbins (1900-)
Martha Turner m Isaac Wilson
Martha Adaline Misner (1868-)
Martha Ann Cooley (1828-) m Charles William Misner
Martha Ann Cooley (1845-1872) m Isaac Peterson Howard
Martha Ann Cooley (1876-)
Martha Ann Officer (1829-1884) m John Kilgore Dickey
Martha Brinton (c1792-) m Erastus Mack
Martha C Cooley (1850-)
Martha E Ward (1848-)
Martha J Cooley (c1835-) m Washington McCoy
Martha Jane Cooley (1823-) m John Montgomery
Martha Jane Cooley (1855-1858)
Martha Jane Cooley (1942-2006)
Martha Jane Cooley (c1851-)
Martha Loren Cooley (1839-1902) m Foster Sylvester Mattison
Martha Lorinda Cooley (c1852-) m Samuel Ault
Martha Melinda Cooley (1854-1901) m William H Andries
Martin Cooley (1806-1843) m Catherine Currin
Martin Cooley (1845-)
Martin Cooley Jr (c1902-1961)
Martin F Cooley (1873-1948) m Vena Wilson
Martin Hammond Cooley m1 Catherine Sanford m2 Jennie Bell Rynders
Martin Luther Cooley
Martina Cooley (c1840-) m ___ Smith
Marvin D Cooley ()
Mary Brewer (1835-1887) m John Fulmer
Mary Camp (1835-)
Mary Coley (1619-)
Mary Coley (1684-1767)
Mary Coley (1686-)
Mary Coley (c1721-)
Mary Cooley (-) m Collins
Mary Cooley (-1777)
Mary Cooley (1757-1867)
Mary Cooley (1791-) m Jesse Mitchell
Mary Cooley (1820-) m Emanuel Burget
Mary Cooley (1852-)
Mary Cooley (1888-1965) m William Lee Hall
Mary Cooley (c1651-) m1 Peter Simson m2 John Stream m3 Joseph Lockwood
Mary Cooley (c1842-) Oat Story
Mary Cooley (c1909-)
Mary Cooley m Henderson
Mary Cooley m Abraham Riffe
Mary Cooley m Noah Barton
Mary Cowley (c1647-)
Mary Cowley (c1684-)
Mary Cowley (c1691-)
Mary Cowley (c1712-) m Edward Marson
Mary Fowlke (c1770-) m George Bennett
Mary Leonard (1818-)
Mary Quillen
Mary Stinson (c1831-)
Mary Whitfield (1782-1880)
Mary A Cooley (1822-1898) m James Cox
Mary A Cooley (1836-) Mathew Robinson
Mary A Ward (1853-)
Mary Adaline Misner (c1879-) m Ed Cooksey
Mary Ann (1815-1874) m Noah Tryon
Mary Ann Cooley (1815-1875) m Noah Tyron
Mary Ann Cooley (1823-1895) m1 Sam Dunn m2 Peter Ellis
Mary Ann Cooley (1849-)
Mary Ann Cooley (1858-1858)
Mary Ann Cooley (c1825-1852) m Isaac Stormer
Mary Ann Cooley (c1831-)
Mary Ann Cooley (c1836-)
Mary Ann Cooley (c1857-) m Mack Joyce
Mary Ann Cunningham ()
Mary Ann Roberts (1830-1899) m John Maxwell
Mary Ann White (1817-) m Jefferson Gragg
Mary B Cooley (-)
Mary B Cooley (1713-1714)
Mary B? Cooley (1876-)
Mary C Green (1854-)
Mary Catherine Cooley (1858-1935) m Elijah Thomas Sullivan m2 William Thomas Wharf
Mary Catherine Cooley (1873-) m William Sneed
Mary E Cooley (1870-)
Mary E Cooley (1885-)
Mary E Cooley (c1844-)
Mary E Cooley (c1910-)
Mary E Green (1851-)
Mary Elizabeth Cooley (1857-1859)
Mary Elizabeth Cooley (1876-1905) m William Perry Bishop
Mary Elizabeth Cooley (c1835-) m George Anderson
Mary Elizabeth Telle (-)
Mary Ellen Cooley (1796-) m1 William Newman m2 John Smart
Mary Ellen Cooley (1903-1948) m Marcus Yates
Mary Ellie Misner (1849-)
Mary Emeline Cooley (1857-) m C F Cooley
Mary Fern Misner (1921-)
Mary Frances Cooley (1848-1924) m1 Green Lawson m2 Ozem B Nichols m3 William G Jones m4 A L Turner
Mary Green Cooley (1805-1810)
Mary I Cooley (c1847-)
Mary J Cooley (1863-) m Charlie Hendricks
Mary Jane Cooley (-)
Mary Jane Cooley (1844-) m Andrew J Melvin
Mary Jane Cooley (c1844-)
Mary Lewella Cooley (1852-) m William L Powell
Mary Ottowa Price (1890-1988) m Thomas Floyd Caddell
Mary Rosalee Cooley (1924-) m Lloyd A Johnson
Mary Sue Cooley (1918-1983) m Jerry A Rainey
Marye Coolye (1639-)
Mason Elbert Cooley (1927-2002)
Mathias Cooley (1837-1915) m Wilhemina Smith
Mathias M Cooley (1818-1870) m Martha Whitney m2 prob Mrs Cynthia Franks Lawrence
Mathilda Ellen Cooley (1846-1919) m John C Shipley
Mathilda Margaret Cooley (1810-1843) m William Willis Camp
Matilda Cooley
Matilda Cooley
Matilda Roberts (1842-1908) m Thomas Jefferson Meers
Matthew Cooley (1806-1876) m1 Isabella Espy m2 Margaret Collins
Matthew Cooley (1833-1910+) m Sarah E Huffman
Matthew Cooley (1855-1902) m Margaret Kimmell
Mattie Beatrice Cooley (c1903-2006) m Marvin Henry Garland Mulkey
Mattie Bell Cooley (1908 TN)
Mattie Ruth Caddell (1916-)
Maud Cooley (1887)
Maud Cooley (1888-1936) m Louis Franklin Hammit
Maude Cooley (1888-1890)
Maude C Cooley (c1867-) m Harry Reynolds
Maude Iris Cooley (c1897-) m ___ Harding
Maude S Cooley (1878-)
Maurice Irwin Coffman (-)
Max David Cooley (-1974) m Dianna
Max Richard Cooley (1932-1998) m Mary
May B Cooley (c1807-)
McCabe Cooley (1899-1958 CA) m Marie Henrietta Hennequin
McGirt Cooley (1873-1942)
Melbren Windell Deford (1931-1987)
Melinda Cooley (1812-1884) m Samuel Turner
Melissa J Cooley (c1847-)
Melissa Lynne Cooley (1979-)
Melvin Cooley
Melvin H Cooley (1910-2002) m ___ Stump
Melvin Herscel Cooley (1924-2003)
Melvin Leroy Cooley ()
Melvin Leroy Cooley (1920-1980)
Merrill Cooley (c1845-1910+) m Harriet True
Merrill D Cooley (1913-1976) m Edith M Schank
Merrit F Cooley (1901-1903)
Mertie Cooley (1878-)
Mertie Pearl Cooley (1885-1975) m Albert Martin Jaco
Mettie Reba Cooley (1902-2001) m1 John L Ford m2 Lloyd Hersley Graham
Micajah Cooley (c1806-)
Michael Coley (1772-1807) m Eunice Hide
Michael Cooley ()
Michael Cooley (1834-)
Michael Cooley
Michael Frank Cooley (1943-2017)
Michael Hugh Cooley (1950-)
Michael John Cooley (-)
Michael Lee Cooley (1947-)
Michael Lee Cooley (1950-2013) m Joyce
Michael Lloyd Cooley (-)
Michael Shannon Cooley (1967-)
Michael Thomas Cooley m Elinor Marion Pingle
Middleton Cooley (1826-1878) m Ellen Arrington
Middleton E Cooley (1858-1926)
Mike Cooley (1899-1910)
Mildred Cooley (c1908-)
Mildred Cooley (c1915) m ___ Pickett
Mildred Cooley (c1916)
Mildred Irene Quillen
Mildred L Cooley (c1909-)
Mildred Louise Cooley (1935-1985) m Robert Sidney Roberson
Mildred Nettie Cooley (1878-1958) m1 Sylvanus Edgar Alderman m2 Edward Charles Tallant
Miles W Cooley (1835-1862)
Millard Cooley (1875-1899)
Millard Fillmore Cooley (1851-1927) m Alice Mann
Miller Hines III (1934-)
Miller Day Cooley (1882-1956) m Eva Remington
Miller Wisdom Cooley (1822-1902) m Elizabeth C Hill
Millicent Cooley (c1899-) m George Bierton
Millie Cooley (1863-) TN
Millie M Eulalie Spake (1894-)
Milly Coley
Milo C Cooley (1840-1919) m1 Rebecca Underwood m2 Mary Ann White
Milton Clifford Cooley (1895-1937) m Blanche Gertrude Frank
Milton Ebbert Cooley (1912-)
Minerva Cooley (c1876-)
Minnie Cooley m Robert Lee Kendrick
Minnie Belle Cooley (1891-)
Minnie Lee Cooley (1873-) m Charles Sims
Miriam Corrine Cooley ()
Missouri Gilbert (1824-1861)
Missouri Officer (1845-1916) m Allen P Snyder
Misty Dawn Cooley (1974-) m Jerry Martin Guillen
Mitchell C Cooley (1873-)
Mitchell M Cooley (1839-1874) m1 Nancy Holland
Mollie Adams (1881-1934)
Monroe Whitfield (c1857-)
Monroe Anderson Cooley (1884-1963) m Cora Mai Stults
Mordacei Cooley (1884-1912)
Mordicai Cooley (1829-)
Morehouse Coley (1766-1843) m Abigail Ogden
Morris Cooley (c1861-)
Morris B Cooley (1875-1924) m Jennie T
Morris Brandon Cooley (1923-1973)
Morris Lee Cooley (1922-1986) m Annie Lee Henry
Morris Robert Cooley (1912-1988)
Moses Cooley (1817-1890)
Moses Cooley
Moses E Cooley (1878-)
Moses E Cooley (1890-1940+) m Margaret D Tuck
Moulthorp Zalman Coley (1799-1849) m Angeline Wilson
Munroe Cooley (c1848-)
Munson Coley (1815-1851)
Muriel Martha Quillen
Murl Cooley Snyder (1910-1964)
Myra Louisa Cooley (1858-1919) m William G Robbins
Myria Cooley (-)
Myron Patchin Cooley
Myrtle Belle Misner
Namon Hollomon (c1857-)
Nancy Cooley (-1807) m David Reece
Nancy Cooley (1771-)
Nancy Cooley (1797-1876) m Matthew D Lane
Nancy Cooley (1810-)
Nancy Cooley (1821-) m Raphel or Ralph Roberts
Nancy Cooley (1828-1880) m1 William Kelly m2 John Fulton Banta
Nancy Cooley (c1811-) m James Smothers
Nancy Cooley (c1835-)
Nancy Green (c1838-)
Nancy Snowden () m ___ Howard
Nancy A White (1815-1885) m1 James Harvey Gragg m2 Benjamin Gragg
Nancy Alice Cooley (1873-1937) m Levi T Crockett
Nancy Ann Cooley (1818-1912) m Jacob Fees
Nancy Ann Bridges (1863-1902)
Nancy C Cooley (c1850-)
Nancy Catherine Cooley (1849-1926) m Duty Green Woodruff
Nancy Eveline Officer (1843-1931) m Aaron Wyland
Nancy Jane Cooley (1835-1907) m1 Alfred U Robbins m2 William C Anderson
Nancy Jane Cooley (1835-1907) m1 Alfred Robbins m2 William C Anderson
Nancy Jane Cooley (1853-1921)
Nancy Jane Monday (1812-1866) m Henry Miller Holloway
Nancy Jane Moore (1826-1880) m Eli White
Nannie Cooley (1899-1990) m Miller Hines Jr
Naoma Cooley (c1915-)
Napoleon Cooley
Narcissus Cooley
Nate Cooley (c1983-) m Amanda Mosley
Nathan Preston Cooley (1922-1944)
Nathan Tennis Cooley (1870-)
Nathaniel Cooley (1706-) m Ann Rogers
Nathaniel Cooley (1714-1768) m Rachel Bliss
Nathaniel Cooley (1732-)
Nathaniel Cooley (1744-1826) m1 Keziah Mary Evertson m2 Sarah Carpenter
Nathaniel Cooley (1775-)
Nathaniel C Coley (1833-) m Elizabeth Efrid
Nathaniel G Cooley (1824-1880+) m Mary Cary m2 Eliza J Shirley
Ned Walter Cooley (1922-1922 Oakland CA)
Nehemiah Coley (c1685-1759) m Sara Rolfe
Nehemiah Cooley (1715-1780) m Sarah
Nehemiah Cooley (1752-1830) m Anstice Todd
Nehemiah Cooley (1780-)
Nellie Cooley (1859-1943) m John Woods
Nellie A Robbins (1895-)
Nellie Demeris Ackroyd (1870-1872)
Nellie Nevada Misner (1888-1969) m Charles Timothy Quillen
Nelson Cooley Sr (1810-1860) m Susannah Hailes
Nelson C Cooley Jr (1850-) m Mary Ann Phillips
Nettie Cooley (1863-)
Nettie Irene Cooley (1890-1973)
Newton Bearden (c1833-) m Mary
Newton Cooley (c1856-)
Newton W Cooley (1836-)
Nicolette Cooley (c1917-)
Nimrod Washington Cooley (1864-1948) m1 Elizabeth Tressa Penland m2 Sarah E Maynor
Nina Belle Cooley (1875-1964) m Elbert Sims
Noah Cooley (1782-)
Noah Cooley (1816-1886) m Nancy A Johnson
Noah Cooley (1846-1916) m Nancy Jane South
Noah Cooley (1883-)
Noah Cooley (1894-)
Noah Cooley (c1904-)
Noah John Cooley (1875-1960) m Nellie Moore
Noah Peter Misner (1860-1910) m Martha Jane Boldry
Noonie Eunice Spake (1896-)
Nora Bailey () m Eli Simmons
Nora Quillen
Nora Estel Misner
Norma Cooley (c1917)
Norma Jean Cooley (-) m Roberson
Norma Jean Knapp (1930-1988) m Wayne LaRue Roquet
Norman Cooley (-)
Norman Lee Cooley (-)
Norman Lee Cooley (1910-1973) m Florence Katherine Oechsner
Norman Tucker Cooley (1883-1956) m Sena E
Norvin Leroy Cooley (1913-1968)
Nova Victor Cooley (1893-) m Ida
Oatly Cooley (-)
Obadiah Cooley (1647-1699) m Rebecca Williams
Obadiah Cooley (1678-1764) m Dorcas Hale
Ocie Whitfield
Odie Jewell Cooley (1886-1979)
Olive Cooley (-)
Olive Cooley (c1862-)
Olive Lucille Cooley (1912-2009) m Noel Tipton
Oliver Cooley (1863-1864)
Oliver Hazard Perry Cooley (1831-1915) m Mary F Cropper
Oliver Jacob Cooley (1871-1942) m Minnie Myrtle Schlosser
Oliver Pearl Cooley (1898-)
Oliver S Cooley (1888-1916)
Omer H Cooley (1877-1940) m Nora E Reynolds
Ondine Clifford Cooley (1881-c1901)
Onesimus Coley (1739-1806) m Eunice Burr
Opal Genevieve Wilson (1899-1974) m Lloyd Purl Sheldon
Opal M Brian (1902-1991)
Orange Scott Cooley (1857-1923) m Pearl Adele Austin
Ordia Earl Cooley (1892-1949) m Marie Almarie Lowry
Ordia Earl Cooley Jr (1934-1986) Marjorie A Ruddell
Oren Eugene Cooksey (1915-)
Orlando Cooley (1850-1861)
Orley Dale Cooley (1885-) m Viola Bond
Orlo J Cooley (1907-1966)
Orrie Cooley (1904-)
Orville Cooley (1902-1902)
Orville Charles Cooley (1910-1981)
Orville Leo Cooley (1923-2002)
Orville Raymond Cooley ()
Oscar Cooley (1910-1980)
Oscar Cooley
Oscar J Cooley (c1902-) m Flossie
Oscar Merrell Cooley (1884-1956) m Sara Lillie Saunders
Oscar Otto Cooley (1908-)
Oscar Raymond Cooley (1874-1935) m Susan Whitehouse
Oscar William Cooley (1901-1988) m Lydia Phylancy White
Oswald D Cooley (1889-)
Othel Cooley (1911-)
Otho Stull Cooley (1861-) m Julia Thompson
Otis Cooley (1908-1976) m Viola May
Otis Cooley (c1875-)
Otis E Cooley (1871-1950) m Rosella Baker
Otis Felmer Cooley (1906-1980)
Otis Hubbard Cooley (1820-1860) m Mary Caroline Stock
Otis P Cooley (1885-1904)
Otis P Cooley (1885-1904)
Otto Edward Cooley (1895-1943) m Dora Jane Scivalley
Overton Cooley
Ovie Lee Cooley () m Ollie Lee Wison
Park Vantassel Cooley (1882-)
Parker H Willis (1842-)
Parthena C P Cooley (1875-)
Patricia Marie Ryan (1981-)
Patrick Cooley ()
Patrick Dale Cooley () m Patty
Patrick Ely Cooley ()
Patrick Ely Cooley ()
Patrick Wayne Cooley (1990-)
Patsey Cooley m ___ Perry
Patsy Cooley (1930-2001) m Donnie M Devers
Patterson Cooley (1842-1843)
Paul Cooley ()
Paul Cooley (1880-)
Paul Cooley (1885-)
Paul Cooley (1889-)
Paul Cooley
Paul Douglas Cooley m Sybil Boyd Feather
Paul E Cooley (1898-1899)
Paul Edwin Cooley (1923-1986)
Paul Epkie Gruben (1917-2000) m Virginia Stephens
Paul Eugene Cooley ()
Paul H Cooley (-)
Paul Harold Cooley (1915-1982) m Tersey Barb
Paul Harold Cooley (1915-1982) m Tersey Barb
Paul Harold Cooley Jr
Paul Harold Cooley Jr
Paul James Cooley (1914-2007) m Rebecca Faye Leyland
Paul James Cooley (1947-1949)
Paul Loma Whitfield Sr (1913-1989)
Paul Preston Cooley (1830-1907) m Jane Apgar
Paul Silas Cooley (1903-1938) m Sarah Myrtle Sanner
Pauline Cooley (1920-) m Leon Melbren Deford
Pearl Cooley (1892-1962) m ___ Thiel
Peary Patton Cooley (1901-)
Peleg Cooley Jr (1812-) m Maryette Coons
Peleg O Cooley (1768-1838) m Martha Bassett
Pemberton Cooley (1879-1945) m Martha Grass Crooks
Pemberton Cooley Jr (1913-)
Penelope Cooley
Percey P Cooley (1895-)
Percy M Cooley (1878-) m Daisy V
Perrin Cooley (c1856-)
Perrin Cooley Jr (1811-1899) m1 Lucinda Carter m2 Eliza Rudolph
Perrin Cooley Sr (1769-1841+) m Sarah
Perrin Green (c1825-) m Lucinda J Spoonamore
Perrin C Cooley (1820-1912) m1 Emeline Sutton m2 Polly Wood m3 Margaret A Reed
Perry A Cooley (1853-1935) m Jenny Rose Culp
Perry A Cooley (c1872-)
Perry Duncan Gilbert (1821-1853)
Perry F Cooley (1899-)
Perry Lester Misner (1886-)
Pete Cooley
Peter Cooley (1674-) m Hannah Couch
Peter Cooley (1702-1743) m Ruth Treadwell
Peter Cooley (1778-1832) m Mary Hanks
Peter Cooley (1778-1858) m Sarah
Peter Cooley (1789-1843) m Nancy Perry
Peter Cooley (1841-1873) m Sarah Elizabeth Cooley
Peter Cooley (1870-)
Peter Cooley (c1641-1690) m Sarah Hide
Peter Cooley (c1730-) m Rebecca Bennett
Peter Cooley (c1736-)
Peter Cooley (c1787-1830+) m Ann Catherine Lynch
Peter Cooley (c1840-)
Peter Cooley (c1855-)
Peter Cooley Jr (1756-) unm
Peter Green (c1836-)
Peter Ely Cooley (1905-1975) m Mary
Peter Franklin Cooley (1833-1901) m Sarah Catherine Schmucker
Peter Franklin Leach Cooley (1859-1930) m Nancy Margaret Hottel
Peter Sanford Coley (1812-)
Phebe Jane Cooley (1861-1936) m William Ketchum Miller
Phebee Cooley (1692-1802)
Pheebe Collye (1609-)
Phelix P Cooley (1870-1878)
Pheriby or Phoebe Cooley
Philip Cooley (1770-1838) m Margaret Barton
Philip Cooley (1805-1862) m Elizabeth
Philip Cooley (c1830-)
Philip Cooley Jr (1805-1862) m Elizabeth Hyde
Philip Ancel Cooley (1880-1930) m1 Etta Throckmorton m2 Julia Sims
Philip Harmachise Cooley (1893-1966) m Bertha Evelyn Turner
Phillip Edward Cooley
Phillip Martin Cooley (1840-1912)
Phillip T Cooley (1876-1907)
Phinius H Cooley (c1859-)
Pleasant C Cooley (1845-1922) m1 Mary Jane Strickland m2 Grace E Kelly
Polly Cooley
Porter Cooley (1886-)
Preston Cooley (1872-1935) m1 Sarah Cozar m2 Mary Elizabeth Luttig
Preston Cooley (1883-1884)
Preston Cooley (1930-)
Preston H Whitfield (1869-1930)
Princes Albert Cooley (1875-1960) m1 Etta May Mayo m2 Tabitha Isabel Schminkey m3 Nannie Cunningham
Priscilla Green (c1830-)
Priscillah Cooley (1691-1755)
Prudence H Cooley (1852-1926) m Julis Marion Adams
Quentin Walter Cooley (1922-1984)
Quillian E Cooley (1894-1916)
R Benton Cooley (c1889)
Rachel Cooley
Rachel Barthenia Cooley (1891-1965) m Jacob Coffman
Rail Jackson Cooley (1896-1934) m Zonie Carden
Raleigh King Coley (c1896-)
Ralph Bishop (1896-)
Ralph Cooley (1864-)
Ralph Cooley (1880-1880)
Ralph Cooley (1893-)
Ralph Cooley (1895-1983) m Estella May Hanshaw
Ralph Cooley (1905-1976)
Ralph Cooley (1921-)
Ralph Cooley (c1810-c1840) m Sarah Land (c1810-)
Ralph Cooley
Ralph Roberts (1837-1899) m Mary E Finch
Ralph Whitfield (1900-)
Ralph Alex Cooley (1928-) m Clarice Mary Bellucci
Ralph Blain Cooley (1878-) m Myrtle M Cress
Ralph Clarkson Cooley Jr m Miriam McDorman
Ralph Clarkson Cooley m Mary Fraley
Ralph Edward Cooley (1909-1972)
Ralph Edwin Quillen (1919-)
Ralph Garrett Cooley (1929-1998) m Deloris Davis
Ralph H Cooley (c1910-)
Ralph Steven Cooley (1960-) m Welsh
Ramon Cooley (1897-)
Randolph Harrison Cooley (1838-1893) m Drucy Kneedler
Ray Cooley (1898-)
Ray Cooley (1908-1991) m Ethie Roney
Ray Cooley (1914-1980)
Ray A Cooley
Ray Clyde Cooley (1883-1917)
Ray G Cooley (1895-1972) m Izora M Cooley
Raymond Cooley (1891-) m Ester Cooley
Raymond Cooley (1916-1969) m ___ File
Raymond Cooley (1919-1922)
Raymond Cooley
Raymond Cooley
Raymond Coreil (c1929-)
Raymond Arthur Cooley (1922-) m Juanita
Raymond Edgar Cooley (1893-)
Raymond Henry Cooley (1914-1947)
Raymond Hershel Whitefield (1944-1994) m Kathryn Ann Cullens
Raymond J Cooley (1884-1965)
Raymond L Misner (1912-)
Raymond Lester Cooley (1940-2006 KY) m Ruth Burger
Raymond Reginald Cooley (1927-1933)
Raymond Wesley Coley (1912-)
Reason Cooley (1845-1871)
Reason Cooley (1879-)
Rebecca Roberts (1832-1908) m Joel J Crook
Rebecca Elizabeth Cooley (1838-)
Rebecca H Cooley (1801-1851) m William H Haggard
Rebecca J Cooley (1794-1850) m Thomas Hardwick
Rebeka Cooley (1823-1827)
Reese Cooley (c1874-)
Reggie Luther Cooley (1908-1976) m Sylvia Gertrude Douglas
Reginald Charles Wilson Cooley (1899-1971) m Winifred Gillard
Reginald W Forbush Cooley (1910-1981)
Reuban Greenberry Cooley (1866-1938 MO)
Reuben Cooley (1779-1859) m1 Mary Harris m2 Elizabeth Followell
Reuben Cooley (1784-1855+) m Martha
Reuben Cooley (1808-1832) m Mariah Hardwick
Reuben Cooley (1808-1878) m Rebecca Rockafeller
Reuben Cooley (1829-1918 WI) m Elizabeth Smelser
Reuben Cooley (1837-1914) Mary Kay Followell
Reuben Cooley (1844-1848)
Reuben Cooley (1862-) m Sarah Jane Crews
Reuben Cooley (c1805-c1870)
Reuben Cooley Jr (1794-1866) m Lucy Smith
Reuben Cooley Sr (c1769-c1795) m Mary Martin
Reuben Coley (1742-)
Reuben Daniel Cooley (1855-1930) m Mary C Miller
Reuben J Cooley (1816-1904) m Adaline Johnson
Reuben J Cooley (1842-1902) m Permelia Jeffries
Reuben J Cooley (1858-1932) m Catherine Dorothy Dietz
Reuben James Cooley (1890-) m Laura S Stave
Reuben Jefferson Cooley (1893-1966) m Tennie Marie Brumfield
Reuben Ransom Cooley (1805-1870+) m1 Elizabeth Jacobs m2 Rhoda (Paramore) Deem
Rev Asahel Cooley (1753-1828) m Elizabeth
Rev Cyrus P Coolley (1839-1905) m1 Pelina Biggs m2 Isabelle Dodds
Rev Edward Huntington Coley (1861-) m Julia Seely Covell
Rev Frank Earl Cooley (1860-1939) m Mary Thomasson Love
Rev Henry N Cooley (1846-1893) m1 Leona Thomason m2 Elizabeth Amanda Cooley
Rev James Edward Coley (1832-1915) m Mary Gray Huntington
Rev James Washington Cooley (c1816-1892) m Mary Frances Davidson
Rev John Cooley (1799-1850+) m Eliza Watford
Rev Jonathan Coolley (1803-1880 IL) m1 Mary Rusk m2 Malinda Maxwell
Rev Joseph Cooley
Rev Oliver Edward Cooley (1898-1989) Lucy Ann Roberts
Rev William Emory Cooley (1913-2002) m Madelle Elizabeth Fullen
Rev William James Cooley (c1818-1859) m Martha W Batts
Rev William Morrow Cooley (1822-1903) m Elizabeth Ann Dunlap
Rex A Cooley (1899-1983)
Rex Morse Cooley (1897-1910)
Rex R Cooley (1880-1947) m Winnifred Ward
Rex Shibley Cooley (1916-1987) m Mary Hancock
Rhea Cooley (-) m Richard Loy
Rhoda Cooley (1803-1870+) m Henry Willis
Rholin Keith Cooley ()
Rholin Melba Cooley (1899-1971)
Rice Cooley (c1774-1800+)
Richard Coley (1683-)
Richard Coley (1843-1923) m Mary Ann Norris
Richard Coley (1896-1954) m Christina Adamson Smith
Richard Coley (1938-2007) m Anne Catherine Stewart
Richard Cooksey (1919-)
Richard Cooley ()
Richard Cooley ()
Richard Cooley (1722-1809) m Elizabeth
Richard Cooley (1756-1840) m Rachel Lewis
Richard Cooley (1806-1845) m 1832 Ruth Lewellen
Richard Cooley (1847-)
Richard Cooley (c1887-)
Richard Cooley (c1956-) m Karen Dillon
Richard Cooley
Richard Cooley
Richard Cowley (c1645-1646)
Richard C Cooley (1822-1890) m1 Sarah E m2 Dorcas P O'Brien m3 Mary Smith McCullough
Richard C Cooley (1861-1921)
Richard E Cooley (c1933-) m Lorna Joyce Lloyd
Richard Edmond Cooley ()
Richard Forrest Cooley (1951-1982)
Richard Gideon Whitfield (1859-1906)
Richard Louis Cooley (1928-1980)
Richard M Cooley (-) m Doris
Richard M Whitfield Jr (1832-1885) m Mary F Love
Richard McMurray Whitfield
Richard Minchew Whitfield (1802-1874) m Susannah Farquhar
Richard Monroe Cooley (1879-1950) m Ida Miller
Richard P Cooley (1885-)
Richard Pattison Cooley (1921-2012) m Margaret Claire Knopf
Richard Statton Cooley (1959-2016)
Richard Strother Cooley (1924-)
Richard W Cooley Sr (c1785-1840+) m Hannah
Riley Cooley (1889-1969) m Mary Lofland
Robert Cooley (-)
Robert Cooley (-)
Robert Cooley (1754-1794) m Lucy Brown
Robert Cooley (1793-1871) m Jane Smith
Robert Cooley (1820-1897 WI) m Margaret McGinnis
Robert Cooley (1847-)
Robert Cooley (1851-)
Robert Cooley (1868-) m Julia Ellen Brown
Robert Cooley (1868-)
Robert Cooley (1875-)
Robert Cooley (1923-2010) m ___
Robert Cooley (1926-1971) m Alta Davis
Robert Cooley (c1852-)
Robert Cooley (c1862-)
Robert Cooley (c1911-)
Robert Cooley
Robert Cooley
Robert Cooley
Robert Cowley (1634-)
Robert Howard ()
Robert A Cooley (1869-1945) m Minnie Weatherford
Robert A Lincoln Cooley (1863-) m Elvernon L Barber
Robert Britt Cooley (1841-1864) unm
Robert Brot Cooley ()
Robert Cecil Cooley (1925-1984) m ___ Myers
Robert Charles Cooley (1877-1952 WI)
Robert Clarence Cooley (1886-) m Bertha Riggle
Robert Cooley (1828-1906) m Margaret Hannah Shermer
Robert D Cooley (1866-)
Robert D Cooley (1880-)
Robert D Cooley (1898-)
Robert D Cooley (1917-2006) m Mary Ellen Bassett
Robert E Cooley (-)
Robert Edgar Cooley (1917-1970)
Robert Edmond Cooley (1875-1932) m Ethel Camp
Robert Edward Cooley (-)
Robert Eli Cooley (1868-1929) m1 Alice Dickey m2 Signa Johnson
Robert Flavius Cooley (1866-1921) m Lula Alatha French
Robert Frank Cooley (1914-1962)
Robert Franklin Cooley (1836-1916) m Nancy Rebecca Ellen Hubbard
Robert Franklin Cooley (1926-1994)
Robert H Cooley (1904-)
Robert H Cooley (1910-1972)
Robert Hall Cooley (1907-1983)
Robert Harold Cooley (1905-1992) Helen A Miller
Robert J Cooley (c1846-) m Sarah A Morris
Robert Jesse Cooley (1853-1904) m Mahaly Caroline Elliott
Robert Joseph Cowley (1927-) m Virginia Finders
Robert Kinchen Cooley (1846-)
Robert L Cooley (1866-)
Robert L Cooley (1877-1962) m Alice May Lemaster
Robert Lafayette Cooley (1849-1919) m Nancy Clara L McFatridge
Robert Lee Cooley (-)
Robert Lee Cooley (1907-1969) m Grace Alice Runyan
Robert Lee Cooley (1929-1968)
Robert Marcus Cooley (-1941)
Robert N Cooley (1793-1860) m1 Elizabeth Ford m2 Mary Hutcheson
Robert Paul Cooley (1902-1970) m Selina Lanford
Robert R Cooley (c1909-)
Robert R Whitfield (c1891-)
Robert Reed Cooley (1837-1843)
Robert Roosevelt Cooley (1908-)
Robert Russell Cooley (1894-1944) m Virginia
Robert S Cooley (1825-1902) m Mary Ann Fox
Robert S Cooley (c1846-)
Robert Shermer Cooley (1862-)
Robert Simpson Cooley (1885-1956) m Mary C South
Robert Smith Cooley (1822-1892) m Martha Jane Moore
Robert Smith Cooley (1843-1910+) m Jennie L Gilleland
Robert Sylvester Cooley (1855-1928 WI) m May A Yeaden
Robert Thomas Cooley m1 Mary D Ball m2 Nancy
Robert Ulysses S Grant Cooley (c1868-1882)
Robert V Cooley (1921-2012) m1 Ruth P Stotz
Robert V Cooley (c1930-)
Robert Volney Officer (1837-1917) m Vianna Bunton
Robert W Cooley (c1831-) m Martha Adaline Melton
Robert W Cooley (c1840-)
Robert W Cooley (c1859-1902) m Maude
Robert Wesley Cooley (1861-) m Lillie Vener
Robert Wesley Cooley (1878-)
Robert William Cooley (1833-1903)
Robert William Cooley (1907-1977) m Mettie Adell Pair
Robert William Cooley m Eliza Maria Stone
Robinson Taylor Cooley (1908-1962) m Dorothy Shepperson
Roger Cooley (1719-1802) m Mary Stebbins
Roger Cooley (1755-1843)
Roger Cooley
Roger A Cooley
Roger A P Cooley (1903-1904)
Roger A Pryor Cooley (1860-1913) m Hattie Gertrude Davis
Roger A Pryor Cooley (1906-1906)
Roger Atkinson Pryor Cooley IV (1924-2012) m Barbara Smith
Roger Morrence Cooley (1958-) m Marjean Pierce
Rolland LaVerne Triplett (1929-1978) m Arlene M Church
Rollie Fay Cooley (1900-1964) m Inez Roberta Crick
Roma Beula Cooley (1911-1984) m Kenneth Gutman
Ron Cooley
Ronald Cooley () m Cora Sue
Ronald D Cooley ()
Ronald Frederick Cooley (1946-1946)
Ronald Ralston Cooley (-)
Ronald Ray Cooley (1955-) m Kimberly Rae Bruhn
Rosa Belle Gruben (1911-2002) m Paul Gordon Young
Rose Anna Cooley (1875-1949) m Chancie Bower
Rose Louisa Cooley (c1869-1893) m Edward Goss
Rose Marton Ackroyd (1878-1961)
Roseanna Willis (1850-)
Rosella Cooley () m George C Piles
Rosilla Cooley b 1850 TN
Ross Gruben (1911-)
Ross Earl Cooley (1895-1981)
Roy Cooley (1899-1918)
Roy Cooley (1916- 1981)
Roy Cooley (c1902-)
Roy Whitfield
Roy Alexander Coley (1905-)
Roy B Cooley
Roy Berton Cooley Sr (1913-1992)
Roy C Cooley (c1895-)
Roy Cleburn Cooley (1929-1991) m Anna L
Roy E Cooley (1906-1983) m Carrie L Walker
Roy Emers Misner (1897-1981)
Roy Harold Cooley (1920-1974)
Roy Lee Cooley (1897-1958)
Roy Martin Cooley (1923-2012) m Zada
Roy Max Cooley (1889-) m Fay Winifred Kitchen
Roy Morris Cooley (1900-1973) m Georgia Robinson Hill
Royce A Cooley (1903-1979) m Gertrude A
Ruben Rufus Whitfield (1871-)
Ruby Quillen
Ruby Jeanette Brian (1899-1988)
Rufus Cooley (1877-)
Rufus Barton Cooley (1925-2002) m Betty Hillman
Rufus J Cooley (1877-)
Rufus P Cooley (1800-1852) m Eliza Viets
Rupert Lucian Cooley (1893-1967) m Lillie Mabe
Russel H Cooley (1880-1909) m Sarah Candace Brownfield
Russell Cooley (c1925-)
Russell Earl Cooley (1914-2005)
Russell Joseph Cooley (-)
Russell Lee Cooley Jr (1922-2012)
Russell Lee Cooley Sr (1893-1957) m Pearl Doane
Russell M Cooley (1840-1864)
Ruth Cooley (1893-)
Ruth Cooley (c1908-)
Ruth Cooley
Ruth Irene Misner (1919-)
Ruth Mae Bishop (1900-1980)
Ruth R Cooley (1890-)
Ryan A Cooley (1888-)
S J Cooley (1920-1991) m Marie Joyce Stewart
Sadie Cooley (-)
Sady Cooley (1890-)
Salley Cooley (1768-)
Sallie Cooley
Sally Cooley m ___ Saunders
Sally Cooley
Sally Cooley
Sally Ann Cooley (1850-)
Sally Ann Cooley (c1822-) m William Gilliam
Sally B Cooley ()
Sam George Cooley (1924-2010) m1 Lucille M m2 Margaret Helene Tooms
Sam P Whitfield (1852-1933)
Samantha Cooley (c1857-)
Sammuel Coley (1693-1803)
Sampson J Cooley (1881-)
Samuel Coley (1614-1684) m Anne Prudden
Samuel Coley (1747-) m Mary Gray
Samuel Coley (1770-1850) m Ruhamah Coley
Samuel Coley (1784-)
Samuel Coley (1795-1865) m Lucinda Turner
Samuel Coley (c1702-)
Samuel Coley
Samuel Colly (1643-)
Samuel Cooley (1646-1714+) m Mary Curtis
Samuel Cooley (1770-1840) m Elizabeth
Samuel Cooley (1782-1855) m Mary Britton
Samuel Cooley (1794-) m Martha Fordyce
Samuel Cooley (1811-1857)
Samuel Cooley (1823-1886) m Sophia Shanaberger
Samuel Cooley (1842-)
Samuel Cooley (1853-) m Mary E
Samuel Cooley (1875-)
Samuel Cooley (1912-1912)
Samuel Cooley (c1664-) m1 Esther Frost m2 Mary
Samuel Cooley (c1703-1781) m Eunice
Samuel Cooley (c1730-)
Samuel Cooley (c1783-1857) m Frances Barnes
Samuel Cooley (c1840-) m Sabilla
Samuel Cooley (c1878-)
Samuel Cooley (c1922-)
Samuel Cooley
Samuel Cooley
Samuel Cooley
Samuel Coolley (1834-1865) m Rachel Ross
Samuel Fowlke (c1752-) m Elizabeth Norton
Samuel Arnstead Cooley (1867-1906) m Sarah Francis Tomlinson
Samuel B Cooley (c1843-) m Jane Hultz
Samuel Brinton (c1802-) m Eleanor Davidson
Samuel C Cooley (1853-1936) m Awildia A Case
Samuel C Cooley (1883-1911)
Samuel C Cooley (c1843-)
Samuel C Cooley m (c1855-)
Samuel Carlton Cooley (1898-1981) m Ada Eleanor Strother
Samuel Cooley (1807-1897) m Nancy Beltzhoover Kennedy
Samuel Cooley (1900-1930)
Samuel Cooper Cooley (1837-1910) m Cadarah Thompson
Samuel D Coley (1821-1912) m Elizabeth M Stultz
Samuel Dabiel Cooley (1870-1953)
Samuel Edward Cooley (1848-1912) m Nancy Caroline Wilson
Samuel Elsworth Cooley (1925-) m Anna Mae Lay
Samuel Eugene Cooley (1910-1998)
Samuel H Ward (1845-)
Samuel Hillyard Cooley (1898-1962) m Ann Tibbetts
Samuel Hilyard Cooley (1898-1962) m Ann Tibbetts
Samuel Leonard Cooley (1883-1966) m Rosa Hartzell
Samuel Lincoln Coolley (1869-1870)
Samuel Martin Whitfield (1912-1998) m Patsy Elizabeth Tingen
Samuel Matthew Cooley (-1833) m Katherine Oakley
Samuel Means Cooley (1800-1847 MO) m Margaret Rusk
Samuel Means Cooley (1825-)
Samuel Merritt Cooley (1870-1956) m Rena Sinkhorn
Samuel Morehouse Coley (1804-1853) m Althea Hurlbutt
Samuel Morehouse Coley (1839-1917) m1 Laura Dugas m2 Sara Nash
Samuel Newton Cooley
Samuel Newton Jasper Cooley (1878-1974) m1 Minnie Ewton m2 Pallie Ewton
Samuel O Cooley (1866-)
Samuel O Cooley (c1916-)
Samuel Pierce Cooley (1852-1933) Mary Elizabeth Laughery
Samuel Slyvester Cooley (1887-1959)
Samuel Studdiford Cooley (c1906-)
Samuel T Cooley (1831-1913+) m Lucy R Ball
Samuel Tyler Cooley (-)
Samuel W Coley (1819-1855)
Samuel W Cooley (1850-1850)
Samuel W Whitefield (1870-1960) m Clara Daily
Samuel Winfield Cooley (1883-1930) m Cordelia Callahan Boyd
Samuel Y Cooley (1815-) m Emeline Booth
Sandra Cooley () m Lynn H Sanders
Sandra Cooley ()
Sanford Allen Cooley (1851-1926) m Rebecca Cleveland
Saphronia Angeline Cooley (1870-1944) m John Phillip Spake
Sara Coolye (1635-)
Sara Cowley (c1652-)
Sara Amber Cooley (1976-) m Lyle Harold Day
Sara Jane Misner (1854-)
Sarah Adams (1875-1975)
Sarah Camp (1841-)
Sarah Coley (1728-)
Sarah Cooley (1611-)
Sarah Cooley (1689-1799)
Sarah Cooley (1778)
Sarah Cooley (1786-1896) m William Stirch
Sarah Cooley (1792-1849) m John Mayberry
Sarah Cooley (1816-) m William Saunders
Sarah Cooley (1816-)
Sarah Cooley (1832-)
Sarah Cooley (1884-)
Sarah Cooley (c1648-) m ___ Baldwin
Sarah Cooley (c1833-) m ___ Seaman
Sarah Cooley (c1854-)
Sarah Lane (1826-)
Sarah Leonard (1806-1864)
Sarah Willis (1849-)
Sarah A Green (c1860-)
Sarah Ann Handley ()
Sarah E Cooley (1838-)
Sarah E Cooley (1866-)
Sarah E Cooley (c1849-)
Sarah Elizabeth Cooley (1825-1850) m Fielding White
Sarah Elizabeth Cooley (c1844-)
Sarah Elizabeth Cooley (c1845-)
Sarah Ellen Cooley (1837-1876) m John P Condor
Sarah Ellen Roberts ()
Sarah F Burnett (c1839-) m George Holloman
Sarah J Cooley (1819-1861) m David M Hardwick
Sarah J Cooley (c1848-)
Sarah J Cooley (c1855-)
Sarah Jane Cooley (1850-)
Sarah Jane Cooley (c1823-) m William N Hibbs
Sarah Jane Green () m Richard Lockhart Sallee
Sarah Jane Ward (1840-1906) m Seth Chester Cole
Sarah Jordan Cooley (1758-) m Samuel Roberts
Sarah M Cooley (c1852-)
Sarah May Jean Cooley (1909-1935) m Leon Melbren Deford
Sarah S Cooley (1828-) m Thomas Wilkerson Alley
Scott A Cooley (1936-2007)
Seaborn C Cooley (1833-1914) m1 Mary Henderson m2 Mahulda Kay
Seabourn James Cooley (c1795-1866) m Mary Davis
Sela C Cooley (1881-) m Carrie M
Selia J Cooley (c1868-)
Selma Cooley (-)
Seth H Stinson (c1833-)
Sharon Cooley ()
Sherman Pleasant Cooley (1918-1991)
Sherman Tecumseh Cooley (1866-1937) m Effie May Wineinger
Sherman William Cooley (1899-1983) m Earsel L
Sherry Cooley (-)
Sherry Lee Cooley () m ___ Bogdon (-)
Sidney Cooley (1827-) m John Winkler
Sidney Alan Cooley (-)
Sidney Burton Cooley (1905-1959) m Thelma Louise Gladwell
Sidney Clement Cowley (1873-1873 IA)
Sidney E Cooley (c1890-)
Sidney Earl Cooley (1889-1930)
Sidney Eugene Cooley (1927-2003) m2 Mary Patricia Rice
Sidney Mack Cooley (1911-1986) m Ida Bell Williams
Sidney Samuel Cooley (1911-2007) m Lenore Allen
Sidney Washington Cooley (1878-1954)
Silas Cooley (1860)
Silas Cooley (1905-1985) m Mattie
Silas Cooley (c1832-)
Silas Cooley (c1839-)
Silas Everett Cooley (1867-1928) m Annie Hutchinson
Silas William Cooley (1867-1875)
Sim Morgan Cooley (1902-1982 MI)
Sim Otis Cooley (1881-1947) m1 Lilliam May Bartle
Sim Otis Cooley (1905-1987) m Myrtle Kennedy
Simeon Cooley
Simeon Cooley
Simeon M Cooley Jr (1892-1937)
Simeon Madison Cooley (1926-2006) m Patricia Murphy
Simeon Madison Cooley Sr (1853-1928) m Mary
Simeon William Cooley (1844-1939) m1 Addie Sexton m2 Mattie Brandon
Simon Cooley (1852-1937) m1 Mary Ann Booth m2 Minerva L Walker
Simon Cooley (1869-)
Simon Cooley (1903-)
Simon Cooley (c1704-)
Simon C Cooley (1832-1923) m Elizabeth Halsey
Simon Peter Cooley
Smith D Cooley (-)
Smith Walker Cooley (1844-1922) m Maria Louisa Wright
Solomon Cooley (1858-1913) m Buena Vista Addington
Son Cooley (1851-1851)
son Cooley
son Cooley
Sophia Fees (1889-) m Harold Starkey
Sophia Elizabeth Misner (1851-)
Spencer Cooley (1853-) m Eliza Jane Stranger
Spencer Lamar Cooley (-1975)
Squire Halback Cooley (c1862-) m Sarah Alice McMillen
Stanley Isbel Coley (1896-1971) m Julia Mildred Cartier
Stanton Coley (1864-1930) m Susan M Hubbell
Starkey Cooley (1886-)
Steele Cooley
Stephen Cooley (1732-1787)
Stephen Cooley (1764-1874)
Stephen Cooley (1805-1872) m Nancy Fountain
Stephen Cooley (1819-1866) m2 Eliza Louise Ventioner
Stephen Cooley (1840-c1864)
Stephen Cooley (1842-1884)
Stephen Cooley
Stephen Cooley
Stephen Douglas Cooley (-) m Deanna Ross
Stephen Hite Cooley (-)
Stephen L Cooley (1843-1918) m Lucinda Wilson Crews
Stephen Wesley Cooley (1864-)
Sterling Al Cooley (c1883)
Sterling Burton Cooley (1902-1918)
Sterling L Cooley (c1902-)
Sterling Oran Cooley (1858-1925) m Ellen Alston
Steven Cooley (1862-1921) m Lucinda Frances Jane Monk
Steven Cooley (1905-1921)
Sturges Coley (1782-1840) m Abigail Chapman
Sumner Dewey Cooley (1896-1964) m Kate Deliliah Crockett
Susan Cooley (1842-) m ___ Gregg
Susan Cooley (c1844-1920+)
Susan White (1832-1881) m William M Stephenson
Susan Ann Cooley (1851-) m William Ralston Jones
Susan Mary Cooley (1859-1945) m Squire Moore
Susan Mary Officer (1833-1911) m William Hatchett Vaughn
Susan Reed Cooley (1820-1893) m Benjamin Wetherton Sallee
Susaner Persilla Misner (1855-)
Sylvester B Cooley (1838 OH-1870 IN) m Lucinda Ellen Partlow
Sylvester M Cooley (1868-1940)
Tabitha Nicole Guillen (1994-)
Tabittia Cooley (c1820-) m1 Lewis Mathis m2 Dempsey
Ted Cooley (1905-1958) m Bertha Reynolds
Teddy Cooley (1899-1900)
Temperance Cooley (-) m Hamlet Hill
Temperance Cooley (1769-1843) m Absalom Poole
Temperance White (c1822-)
Tempy Cooley (1800-) m William Cuningham
Tenal S Cooley Jr (1923-1998) m Nancy
Tenal S. Cooley III m Cindy
Tenal Stilwell Cooley (1898-1965) m1 Mildred Sherwood Cooley () m2 Oretta Lorena Molloy
Teresa Emeline Cooley (1846-1909)
Terry Cooley (-)
Tersa Towner () m Erminie Zarra
Thaddeus Cooley (1760-1830) m Jane
Thaddeus Cooley
Thadeus Cooley (1745-1814) m Elizabeth
Theodicia Cooley m ___ White
Theodore Cooley (c1847-)
Theodoric Hall Cooley (1831-1904) m Nancy Elizabeth Hardin
Theodoric P Cooley (-1848)
Theodoshia Cooley () m Hiram Lucas
Theodosia Cooley (1803-1859) m1 William Cunningham m2 John Roberts
Theophilus William Whitfield (1899-1960)
Theron M Cooley (1906-1972)
Thomas Coley (1606-)
Thomas Coley (1657-1703) m Martha Stream Beard
Thomas Coley (1714-)
Thomas Coley (c1694-)
Thomas Coley (c1862-)
Thomas Coley Jr (c1914-)
Thomas Coley
Thomas Colley
Thomas Cooley (-)
Thomas Cooley (1746-)
Thomas Cooley (1782-)
Thomas Cooley (1784-1894)
Thomas Cooley (1795-1855) m1 Mary Evans m2 Martha Ann Strepy
Thomas Cooley (1802-)
Thomas Cooley (1808-)
Thomas Cooley (1828-)
Thomas Cooley (1850-1880+) m Louisa Crow
Thomas Cooley (1853-) m Margaret Burgess
Thomas Cooley (1872-) m Ann
Thomas Cooley (c1845-)
Thomas Cooley (c1865-)
Thomas Cooley
Thomas Cooly (1636-)
Thomas Cowley (1717-1767)
Thomas Cowley (c1620-) m Elizabeth
Thomas Telle (1839-1866)
Thomas Alexander Coley (1876-1970) m1 Minnie Jane Isenhour m2 Pearl E Little
Thomas Benjamin Franklin Cooley (1852-1891 MO) m Alice Aldora Hudson
Thomas Benton Cooley (1853-1936) m Louis Byrd
Thomas Benton Cooley (1883-1938)
Thomas Benton II Cooley (1880-1953) m Hester Gibson
Thomas Brinton (c1825-) m Sarah
Thomas Bussey Cooley (1836-1896) m Sarah Elizabeth Hewitt
Thomas Carr Cooley (1860-1890)
Thomas Charles Cooley (1838-1909) m1 Susannah Allwright m2 Augusta Chapman
Thomas Clark Cooley (1924-1975) m Alma Mae Dougherty
Thomas Douglas Cooley (1827-) m Eliza Jane Donahoo
Thomas E Cooley (1839-)
Thomas E Cooley (1889-)
Thomas E Cooley (1889-1892)
Thomas E Cooley
Thomas Edward Cooley (1895-1972) m Maggie Mae Orr
Thomas Edwin Cooley Susie M Whitlock
Thomas F Cooley (1814-1849) m Mary T Pollard
Thomas F Cooley (1886-) m Mary Josephine
Thomas F Cooley (1916-1984)
Thomas Floyd Coffman (-)
Thomas Franklin Cooley (1850-1914)
Thomas Franklin Cooley (1880-) m Elizabeth Brammer
Thomas Fredrick Cowley (1866-1869)
Thomas George Cooley (1906-1986)
Thomas Glenn Coley
Thomas H Coley (c1896-)
Thomas H Cooley (1819-1860)
Thomas H Cooley (1854-1856)
Thomas Halstead Cooley (1786-)
Thomas Henry Cooley Jr (1938-1996 KY) m Linda Morgeson
Thomas Henry Cooley Sr (1877-1946) m1 Mary Ella Campbell m2 Ida Ella Cooley
Thomas Hutchins Cooley (1818-1879) m Letitia Jane Anderson
Thomas J Cooley (1871-)
Thomas J Cooley (c1843-1865)
Thomas J Cooley (c1872-) m Florence
Thomas J Gilbert (1831-1858)
Thomas Jefferson Cooley (1806-1868) m Elizabeth Sarah Cantrell
Thomas Jefferson Cooley (1831-c1897 CA) m Latitia Frances Dunn
Thomas Jefferson Cooley (1840-1900) m1 Welthy Barrow m2 Mary Jane James m3 Elizabeth Brammer
Thomas Jefferson Cooley (1850-1943)
Thomas Jefferson Cooley (1860-1938) m Julia A Lipp
Thomas Jefferson Cooley (1865-1933)
Thomas Jefferson Cooley (c1860-)
Thomas Jefferson Whitfield (1861-1931) m Emma Elizabeth Cain
Thomas K Cooley (1917-1994)
Thomas Kirkland Cooley (1891-1952)
Thomas Kirkland White Cooley (1820-1864) m1 Amanda Alvina Horton m2 Victoria Lyford
Thomas L Whitfield (1806-1889) m Sarah Pierce
Thomas L Brinton (c1797-)
Thomas Livingston Whitfield (1828-)
Thomas Luther Coley (c1870-) m Minnie B
Thomas M Cooley (1853-1924) Martha Bell Humbert
Thomas M Cooley (1930-1990)
Thomas M Whitfield (c1838-)
Thomas Marion Cooley (1866-1938) m1 Martha Emeline Keedy m2 Emaline Keedy
Thomas Marion Cooley (c1838-1865) m Mary Ellen Truett
Thomas McBride Cooley (c1848-)
Thomas Monroe Cooley (-) m Susie L Weatherly
Thomas Morgan Cooley (1877-1956) m Alice Jane Hale
Thomas R Cooley (c1825-1856+) m Priscilla Snow Berry
Thomas Raper Cooley (1852-1910) m Susan Catherine Shipley
Thomas Ray Cooley (1917-1992) m Minnie L Edelen
Thomas Raymond Cooley (1882-1974) m Zora H Gaebler
Thomas Reuben Cooley (1861-1947) m Osie Taylor
Thomas Robert Cooley (1915-)
Thomas Ross Cooley (1884-1953) m Florence Gertrude ___
Thomas Todd Cooley (1805-1886) m Margaret Paterson Aberdeen
Thomas W Cooley (1913-)
Thomas Wakefield Cooley (1852-)
Thomas Washington Cooley (1855-) m Amanda Golden
Thomas Whitefield (c1800-)
Thomas William Cooley (1869-)
Thomas William Waldo Cooley (1905-)
Thomas Winfield Cooley (1924-2009)
Thompson Cooley (1842-1921) m Mary Elizabeth Lewis
Thornton Cooley (1918-1966) m Elizabeth Sage
Tilden Hamilton Coley (1902-1971) m Nona Ada Hargis
Timothy Cooley (1876-1913) m Lilly E Crookshank
Timothy Cooley (c1937-)
Timothy Allen Cooley (1880-1943)
Timothy Goode "Tink" Cooley (1810-1893) m Lucinda Ann Mullinix
Timothy H Cooley (1867-1951) m Mary Etta Steen
Timothy H Cooley (1879-1945) m Mildred Dooley
Timothy Wayne Cooley (-) m1 Barbara Diane Orler m2 Catherine Anne
Tip [Pitchford] Cooley (1865-1920+) m1 Hattie Pitchford m2 Laura
Tisha M Cooley (1893-1983) m James Mat Hayes
Tommy Cooley () m Barbara
Troy Everett Cooley (1912-2000) m Althea Lucille Strum
Troy L Cooley (1879-)
Tucker Cooley (c1934-)
Tucker Cooley Jr (1908-1932)
Tucker William Cooley (1868-1952) m Minnie Lee Comley
U S Grant Cooley (1864-1901)
Ullysses Grant Cooley (1867-1914)
Ulysses Seth Cooley (1864-)
unk Cooley m ___ Bedsaul
unk Cooley m ___ Carter
unk Cooley m ___ Hillman
unk Cooley m ___ Johnson
unk Cooley m ___ Quesenberry
Unknown (1758-) m Catherine Burner
Unknown Cooley ()
Unknown Cooley
Unnamed Son Caddell (1911- 1911)
Valentine Lucas Cooley (1847-1930) m Ellen Laughery
Valla C Cooley (c1905-)
VanAlstine Wallace Cooley (1908-1990)
Vance Grady Cooley (1915-2000) m Jessie Davenport
Vandly B Cooley (1843-)
Velma Misner (1907-)
Vera Susan Cooley (1899-1981) m David Elmo Purdy
Verle Cooley (c1902-)
Vern K Cooley (c1905-)
Vern P Cooley (c1910-)
Vernal Cooley (1896-) m ___ Rawlings
Verne Cooley (-)
Vernon John Cooley (1914-1983) m Roseanne Hollfelder
Vernon Paul Cooley (1920-1999) m Norma Jean Miller
Verty M Cooley (1876-)
Victor Cooley (1901-2000) m Daisy Marsh
Victor Cooley
Victor Bryan Cooley (1896-1956) m Flora Alma Dessenberger
Victor Lionel Cooley (1897-1983 OR) m Martha Jaquet
Victoria Isabella (c1839-) Cooley () m Henry Verdell
Villa Cooley (1892-)
Vincent Carlisle Cooley (1919-1996) m Aileen Marie Rhoades
Vinton Cooley (1899-1963) m Florence A Erickson
Viola M Corbitt (1901-1924) m Walter A Overstreet
Virgil Cooley (1904-)
Virginia Lee Cooley (1865-1958)
Viva Sue Cooley (1887-1985)
Vivian Eveline Cooley (1874-1877 OR)
Volney Frank Cooley (1897-1954) m Lillian Alice Hines
W Arthur Cooley (1876-) m Myrtle Brewer
W Caylor Cooley
W Irvin Cooley
W T Cooley (-)
W W Cooley (c1873-)
Wakeman Burritt Coley (1783-)
Walla Owen Cooley (1888-1965)
Wallace Cooley (c1890-)
Wallace H Cooley Jr (1882-)
Wallace Harman Cooley (1843-1910+) m Miranda E Reed
Wallace Ubert Cooley (1883-1954) m Bertha Jane Brown
Wallace William Cooley (1908-1977)
Walter Coley (1791-1858) m Orra Coley
Walter Coley (1835-)
Walter Coley (1885-)
Walter Cooley (1876-1877)
Walter Cooley (1881-)
Walter Cooley (1881-1962)
Walter Cooley (c1856-)
Walter Cooley (c1890-)
Walter Cooley (c1932-)
Walter Cooley (c1934-1998) m Carol Jean
Walter Cooley
Walter Antone Whitfield (1892-1943)
Walter D Cowley (1901-1933)
Walter Eli Cooley (1880-1935) m1 Francis M Williams m2 Sarah E. Nell McLean
Walter Erskine Cooley (1892-1961) m Ruby Madden Millett
Walter Eugene Cooley (1919-1955)
Walter H Cooley (1870-1934 OR) m Maude Eva Rogers
Walter H Cooley (1880-1952) m Fannie Cude
Walter Henry Cooley (1911-2001)
Walter Jackson Cooley (c1895-)
Walter James Cooley (1900-1972)
Walter Kirkpatrick Cooley (1905-1980) m Thelma Elizabeth Peffer
Walter M Cooley (1884-1917) m Ethel Hartman
Walter R Cowley (1921-1961) m1 Dorothy Keister m2 Wanda M Iddings
Walter S Cooley (1866-1946)
Walter Stephen Cooley (c1780-c1829) m Sarah
Walter Wallace Cooley (1904-1983)
Warden Holland Hines (1919-2005)
Warner C Cooley (1886-1975) m Lilla L Mulkey
Warner Lathon Cooley (c1920-1959)
Warren Cooley (-)
Warren F Cooley (1897-)
Washington Coley (1815-1880?) m Margaret Trevillion
Washington Ludlow Cooley
Washington Talbert Cooley (1832-1867) m Amanda M Hinton
Washington Talbert Cooley (1864-1939) m Eleanor Cooley
Wayne King Coley
Wayne Leroy Cooley
Wayne M Cooley (c1902-)
Webster Cooley (1890-)
Welby Green Cooley (1892-1968) Etta Holmes
Wendell Clayton Cooley (1918-)
Wenford J Cooley (1934-2001) m ___
Wesley Cooley (1928-)
Wesley Cooley (c1830-)
Wesley Allen Cooley (1838-1863)
Wesley Harvey Whitfield (1893-1980) m Ada Mae
Wilbert Glynn Cooley (1907-1987)
Wilbur Cooley (c1865-)
Wilbur Harry Cooley (1911-2006) m Marguerite Christine Backstrom
Wilburn Cooley (c1925-)
Wiley Cooley (c1839-1850)
Wiley Preston Cooley (1864-1946) m1 Cornelia Jennings m2 Laura Bell Higgins
Willard Cooley (1906-1983)
Willard Dillard Cooley Jr (1920-) m Dorothy Turner
Willetta Cooley (c1928-) m ___ Goss
William Adams (1867-)
William Bearden (c1842-)
William Brewer (1815-1905) m Frances H Mobley
William Coley (1590-1641)
William Coley (1718-)
William Coley (1792-)
William Coley (1812-)
William Coley (1871-)
William Coley (by 1770-1848) m Winnifred
William Coley (c1770-1843) m Rachel Johnson
William Coley (c1878-)
William Coley Jr (c1802-) m Nancy
William Cooley ()
William Cooley ()
William Cooley ()
William Cooley (-)
William Cooley (-)
William Cooley (-1817) m Elizabeth Firmin (-1837)
William Cooley (1756-1837) m Nancy Jones
William Cooley (1775-1852) m1 Phoeby Hunt m2 Sarah Jones
William Cooley (1784-1856) m Laura Kenney
William Cooley (1785-1845) m Nancy Bounds
William Cooley (1788-1860+) m Martha (Salley) Reed
William Cooley (1790-)
William Cooley (1791-1872) m Rachel Warford
William Cooley (1797-1797)
William Cooley (1803-)
William Cooley (1803-)
William Cooley (1803-1879) m1 Drusilla Sheppard m? Eliza Clayton
William Cooley (1814-)
William Cooley (1814-1890) m1 Mary McBride m2 Letty Ann Bowers
William Cooley (1823-1867) m Mary Louisa Reynolds
William Cooley (1825-1903) m Mary Jane Hasbrouck
William Cooley (1826-)
William Cooley (1831-1899) m1 Narcissa Adams m2 Clara ___ m3 Mrs Sarah Eubanks
William Cooley (1835-1879) m Amanda Carpenter
William Cooley (1840-)
William Cooley (1842-)
William Cooley (1844-1901+) m Mathilda Osborn
William Cooley (1845-)
William Cooley (1850-)
William Cooley (1852-) m1 Ann Mariah Hale m2 Eddie Atherton
William Cooley (1864-)
William Cooley (1864-)
William Cooley (1868-)
William Cooley (1876-)
William Cooley (1891-1851) m Monna Opal Brower
William Cooley (1894-)
William Cooley (1904-1984)
William Cooley (1907-1918)
William Cooley (1908-1966) m Carrie Corinne Robinson
William Cooley (1915-)
William Cooley (1922-1978)
William Cooley (c1760-) m Elizabeth Bay
William Cooley (c1804-)
William Cooley (c1804-1858+) m1 ___ m2 Sarah Ann Ballinger
William Cooley (c1804-1880+) m Catherine Patterson
William Cooley (c1807-c1812)
William Cooley (c1810-) m Rosa
William Cooley (c1820-)
William Cooley (c1832-)
William Cooley (c1833-)
William Cooley (c1833-)
William Cooley (c1835-)
William Cooley (c1836-)
William Cooley (c1837-)
William Cooley (c1838-1864+) m Sarah
William Cooley (c1841-)
William Cooley (c1842-) m Mary Ellen Peebles
William Cooley (c1843-)
William Cooley (c1844-)
William Cooley (c1844-)
William Cooley (c1848-)
William Cooley (c1853-)
William Cooley (c1853-)
William Cooley (c1853-)
William Cooley (c1853-)
William Cooley (c1854-1883) m Martha Stader
William Cooley (c1858-)
William Cooley (c1860-)
William Cooley (c1867-)
William Cooley (c1869-)
William Cooley (c1878-) m Viola
William Cooley (c1879-)
William Cooley (c1923-)
William Cooley Jr. (1860-1876)
William Cooley unm
William Cooley
William Cooley
William Cooley
William Cooley
William Cooley
William Cooley
William Cowley (1665-)
William Cowley (1789-1856) m Charlotte Lamley
William Cowley (c1689-) m1 Martha Bramley m2 Elizabeth Culver
William Cowley (c1714-) m Mary Whitacre
William Cowley Jr (1847-1919) m Olive Stone
William Cowley Sr (1815-) m Sarah J Olin
William Green (c1828-) m1 Hannah Spencer m2 Rebecca Nichols
William Hines (1925-2004)
William Stinson (c1834-)
William Whitfield (1751-1835) m Mary Toler
William Whitfield (1819-1889) m Mary Emily
William Whitfield (c1863-)
William Whitfield Jr (1784-)
William A Cooley (1894-)
William A Moore (1825-1887) m2 Lavina Williamson
William A Whitfield (1798-1857) m1 Sophia D Briggs m2 Rozella H Moore
William Acey Cooley (1898-1960)
William Adrian Cooley (1877-)
William Albert Cooley (1869-1936) m Rosa Leona Smith
William Alfred Coolley (1852-) m Jeanette McIntyre
William Allen Cooley (1921-)
William Allison Cooley (1898-1918)
William Ancel Cooley
William Andrew Cooley (1874-1947)
William Andrew Jefferson Cooley (1881-1940) m Grace Furnace
William Apgar Cooley (1868-1940) m Catherine
William Arthur Cooley (1849-1937 WI) m Sarah Jane Heasley
William Arthur Cooley (1888-1956) m Susan Aline Whitley
William Arthur Cooley (1896-1898)
William Arthur Cooley Jr (1919-1919)
William Arthur Cooley Jr (1922-1927)
William Arthur Cooley Sr (1898-1992) m1 Maud Sage m2 Vernie
William Augustus Cooley (1859-1944) m Anna Rogene Hale
William B Cooley (1846-1853)
William B Cooley (1861-1950) m1 Emily Lipp m2 Nevada L Johnson
William B Cooley (c1880-)
William B Coolley (1833-1833)
William B Whitefield (1838-1900) m Martha E Lowe
William B Whitefield (1840-)
William B Whitefield (1842-)
William Bird Whitefield (1802-1882) m1 unk m2 Sarah Lindsay m3 Lucinda Genrty
William Blair Cooley (1860-1948) m Louise Jane Gillespie
William Blair Cooley m Ocie Parks
William Bruce Cooley (1899-1972) m Georgia Pyle
William Bryant Whitefield (1877-1964)
William C Cooley (1812-1875) m Mary Davis
William C Cooley (1818-1891) m1 Elizabeth Jane Fields m2 Mary M Shoemaker
William C Cooley (1819-1902) m Frances Elizabeth Andrews
William C Cooley (c1867-)
William Calvin Cooley (1861-1944) m Margaret Sisk
William Cantrell (1840-)
William Carl Cooley (1835-1904) m Margaret Jackson
William Carl Cooley (1900-1949) m Maud Edna King
William Carl Cooley
William Clifford Cooley (1884-1953) m Aurelia M Boudreau
William Collier Cooley (1926-2007)
William Cooley (c1829-)
William Currin Cooley (1859-1945) m Callie A Sawyer
William D Cooley [I] (1826-1881) m Rachel Simons
William D Cooley [II] (c1854-) m Rebecca Walker
William D Misner (1858-)
William Dale Cooley (c1851-1875)
William Dalmer Cooley (1906-1978)
William Dillard Cooley (1890-) m Ruby Clara Hooker
William Dolphin Whitfield (1912-1993)
William E Cooley (1932-2006) Eva Doris Green
William E Cooley (c1857-)
William E Cooley (c1858-)
William E Whitfield (1919-)
William Eldry Cooley (1900-1986) m Lessie Mae McAllister
William Emory Cooley III (-)
William Emory Cooley IV (-)
William Emory Cooley Jr m Janella Mahoney Haney
William Everett Cooley (1891-1952)
William F Coley (1858-) m Hattie S Hoyt
William F Coley (1882-1884)
William F Cooley (1879-1967) m1 Bettie M Hill m2 Ella Or Elzena Goodson
William F Cooley (1897-2003)
William F Cooley (c1842-)
William F Cooley (c1852-) m Anna
William F Cooley (c1874-)
William F Whitfield (c1834-) m1 Elizabeth Wilkerson m2 Mary Emasetta Younger
William Franklin Cooley (1868-1897 WA) m Florence Orton
William Franklin Cooley (1904-1995) m Anna Mae Davis
William Franklin Cooley II (1919-2002) m Laura Brown
William Franklin Cooley III (1941-1962)
William Frederick Cooley (-)
William Frederick Cowley (1869-1935 KS) m Georgia Elizabeth Richardson
William G Cooley (1847-1863)
William G Cooley (1892-)
William G Cooley (1893-)
William G Cooley (c1852-)
William Gaston Whitfield (1838-1915)
William Glen Cooley (1907-1978) m1 Alta L Wiles m2 Waneta Lloyd
William Glynn Cooley
William Goebel Bryan Cooley (1899-1959)
William Grant Cooley (1870-1935) m Emma Avaline Head
William Greene Cooley (1861-1862)
William Grundy Cooley (1805-1878) m1 Ann Eliza McDonald m2 Julia Ann Caldwell m3 Judy A Futrell
William H Cooley (1844-1923) m1 Karine E Hendricks m2 Mary ____ m3 Mary Ann Clark
William H Cooley (1858-)
William H Cooley (1863-) m Nancy Crews
William H Cooley (1871-)
William H Cooley (1886 IN-)
William H Cooley (1886-) m Laura E Lewis
William H Cooley (c1836-)
William H Cooley (c1873-) m1 Samantha Alverna Justice m2 Maude Eddy
William Hall Cooley (1869-)
William Hardin Cooley (1870-1938) m Martha Ellen Crews
William Harold Cooley (1921-) m Shirley June Morrison
William Harrison Cooley (c1842) m Margaret
William Harvey Cooley (1879-)
William Henry Cooley (1820-1889) m1 Sarah Stewart m2 Rebecca Brees
William Henry Cooley (1841-)
William Henry Cooley (1859-1938) m Cappie Thornton
William Henry Cooley (1860-1924) m Margaret Hester Wright
William Henry Cooley (1875-)
William Henry Cooley (1797 PA-1877 IL) m Sophia Susan Havens
William Herman Cooley (1896-1978)
William Howard Cooley (1918-2000) m Geneva Smith
William Hoyed Cooley (1888-1902)
William Hunter Price (1888-)
William Ira Cooley (c1881-)
William Irving Cooley (1855-1941) m Louvinia Mary Cooley
William Isaac Cooley (1857-1938) m Mary Kate
William J Cooley (1921-)
William J Whitfield (1886-) m Claudia Brooks
William Jackson Cooley (1864-1937 CA) m1 Rosa Ella Dryden m2 Mary Rebecca Wilson
William James Cooley (-)
William James Cooley (1818-1892 KS) m Margarert Sarah Courtney m2 Lucy Margaret Ray
William Jefferson Cooley (1830-1899 KY) m Elizabeth Bryant
William Jefferson Cooley (1899-)
William John Cooley (1877-1933) m Isabel Turnbull
William John Cooley (1888-1963) m Eva Bolen
William Jonathan Cooley (1883-) m Alice M
William Joseph Cooley (1909-)
William Joseph Cowley (1897-1970) m Ethel Grace Head
William Joseph Handley ()
William L Cooley (1866-1940+) m Sophronia Stinnett
William L Cooley (c1834) d inf
William L Cooley (c1836-)
William L Cooley Jr (-)
William Lee Cooley (1943-2002) m Debbie Smallwood
William Leonard White (1836-1861) m Mary Elizabeth Jones
William Lewis Cooley (1834-)
William Lewis Cooley (1861-1901) m Mary A Mickey
William Lewis Cooley (1903-1967) m Olive O Hughes
William Lodwick Cooley
William Louis Brian II (1910-) m Harriett Clair Douglass
William Louis Brian III (1941-1987)
William Louis Coley (1835-1901) m Sarah Goodnight
William Luther Cooley (1871-1959)
William Luther Cooley (1893-1921)
William M Cooley (1824-c1866) m Louisa C Stites
William M Cooley (1881-1962) m Cordelia Roller
William M Cooley (1893-)
William M Cooley (1916-1974)
William M Lane (1824-1865)
William M Whitfield (c1839-)
William Mack
William Marshall Slaton Cooley (1867-1944) m1 Lucile Cordelia Tripp m2 Malinda Evanline Buchanan
William Martin Cooley (1856-1930) m Sarah Elizabeth Brammer
William Mathis Cooley (1821-1891 TN) m Tabitha Cumie Boothe
William Matthews Cooley (c1759-1823) m Anna Gray
William N Cooley (1875-)
William Napolean Cooley (1893-1966)
William O Cooley (1882-)
William Olds Cooley (-) m Mary Jane Frost
William Olds Cooley (1884-1966) m Ruby P Myers
William Orbia Cooley (1905-1987)
William Otis Cooley (1892-1980) m Florence Salmon
William P Cooley (1846-1912) m Nancy Laferty
William P Cooley (1852-1866)
William P Cooley (1879-)
William Patton Cooley (1865-) m Margaret Fowler Hislop
William Perrin Murley (1858-) m Alameda Chenny
William Pinckney Cooley (1840-1906) m Emily C Robinson
William Preston Cooley (1871-1933) m Keturah Teter
William Preston Cooley (1871-1942) m Mary Jane Smotherman
William Preston Cooley (1892-1980) m Dorothy E
William R Cooley (1905-1990) m Minera Holbrook
William R Cooley (c1862-)
William Ralph Cooley (1877-) m Winetta Huss
William Reuben Cooley (1862-1943) m Beulah Coulter
William Richard Cooley (1855-)
William Richard Cooley (1877-) m Josephine Ann Garrison
William Richard Cooley (1915-2000) m Jeanette Breeding
William Richardson Cowley (1911-1994) m Vera M Crain
William Robert Cooley (1816-1907) m Lovina Mains
William Robert Cooley (1826-1907) m1 Emma Savidge m2 Elizabeth Myers
William Robert Cooley (1850-1901 TN) m Mary B Ufflemann
William Robert Cooley (1924-1952) m ___ Higgins
William Ronnie Cooley (1947-2013)
William Rufus Cooley (1856-1938) m Mary Ellen Cox
William Rufus Cowley (1843-1914 KS) m Florence Smith
William S Coley (1929-2012) m1 Margot m2 Louise Page
William Scott Cooley (1854-1876)
William Shadrack Cooley (1865-1951) m Eliza J James
William Sherman Cooley (1865-1933) m Mary Josephine Neff
William Smith Cooley (1887-1973)
William Stanley Cowley (1900-1919)
William Stanley Cowley (1935-2015) m Mary Belle Hale
William Stanton Coley (1891-1981) m Helen Hitchcock
William Steven Cooley (1886-1985) m1 Cora Ellen Hunt m2 Lucretia Lawrence
William Strange Cooley (1830-1882) m Emily Potts
William Sylvester Cooley (1914-1978) m Oleta Madeline Cullum
William T Burnett (c1843-)
William T Cooley (1863-1938) m Arabella Ellen Stone
William T Cooley (1880-1881)
William T Willis (1834-)
William Thomas Cooley (1935-2008)
William Truitt Cooley (1790-1847) m Margaret Crockett
William Tucker Cooley (1834-) m Eliza A ___
William Vincent Cooley (1858-1893)
William W Whitfield (1865-)
William W Cooley (1851-1901) m Julia Ann Ray
William W Cooley (1884-)
William W Cooley (c1901-1972+)
William Walter Whitfield (c1873-)
William Washington Cooley (1825-1921) m Drusilla Stewart
William Washington Cooley (1865-1933) m Florence Arabelle Bowman
William Washington Cooley (c1846-) m Sarah M Williams
William Wesley Coley (1861-1925) m Mary Susan Roark
William Whitfield (1887-1943)
William Wilson Cooley (1828-1878) m Frances Jenks
Willie Sivila Gruben (1910-2006) m Ellis Edward Sumerlin
Willie Theodore Cooley (1910-1967)
Willie Thomas Cooley (1865-1964) m Clara May Tomlinson
Willie Thomas Cooley (1889-1961) m Nell Hunt
Willis Cooley (c1838-1864) m Mary Dawson
Willis Dwight Cooley (1912-)
Willis Garten Cooley (1879-1949) m Lucretia Busby
Willis W Cooley (1893-)
Wilma Mae Cooley (1929-) m Kenneth Lawrence O'Bryan
Wilmer Downing Cooley (1892-1964) m Hazel Mary Miller
Winifred Cooley (1765-1846) m Vincent Sanders
Winifred Frances Cooley (1895-1915)
Woodijah Cooley (1792-1851) m Elizabeth Parchett
Woodson Cooley (1837-1911+)
Worden Alvin Cooley (1895-1964) m Hazel Elizabeth Bridges
Wright Cooley (c1840-)
Wynona Cooley (c1913-)
Yancy Whitfield (c1847-)
Zachariah Garrett Cooley (1849-1928)
Zachariah Gentry Cooley (1853-1929) m Rebecca Jennie Hobson
Zechariah Cooley (c1730-) m Anne Harris
Zeddie Columbus Cooley (1893-1931) m Mary Haney
Zelda Mae Cooley (1912-1985) m John Clifford Garrett
Zella Cooley (1919-)
Zenas L Cooley (1823-1873) m Elizabeth P Sherwood
Zeno Worth Leonard (1810-1885) m Harriett Leonard
Zollie E Cooley (1890-) m Stacy Lucritica Black