The initial purpose of this outline was to list all known American descendants of Col. John Ashenhurst. It soon became apparent to me, however, that the scope should be widened to include all Ashenhursts that may even be remotely related to my particular branch of the family, especially those with origins in County Tyrone, Ireland.

This is not meant to be a complete genealogical work. However, as it grows, links to specific data, on my system or elsewhere on the Net, will be included. Clicking on the red diamond will link to source information.

If you wish to contribute to this site, please contact me. I'm essentially interested only in maintaining this index. I do not want to try obtain all documentation for all Ashenhursts. That's far too ambitious a project for me at this time. But I would like to record all basic information and use it as a starting point to additional information. I also intend to give credit where credit is due.

U.S. Group 1

Family tradition states that these families are descended from Col. John ASHENHURST, a Cromwellian, who moved to Ireland after the Restoration of the Crown. However, information received through recent correspondence with another researcher indicates that Col. John may not have had male heirs.

U.S. Group 2

The vast majority of this information comes from Ronald Ashenhurst, and Mildred L. DuVal,

Definitive proof is still needed, as far as I know, but early census records indicate that the progenator of this family was Ralph Ashenhurst. It can also be deduced from the same records that he was born ca, 1760-1765. Furthermore, a letter written in 1895 from a J.J. Ashenhurst (almost certainly John Johnson Ashenhurst, found in U.S. Group 1) strongly indicates that a Ralph may have been an elder son of cousins William and Nancy (Ashenhurst) Ashenhurst. It remains to be seen if this is the same Ralph.

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