Orbit Internet's anonymous web email forwarding service is in its very early stages of development. To have email forwarded to your real email address via our mail form, without your email address being revealed, simply contact me about opening an account. You need include only your name, your first and second choice for a handle, and your email address. Once set up, you can make reference to the page in this manner:


Any message entered into the form will be sent directly to you.

Understand that this is a free and experimental service and is strictly limited to what is stated above. There is no manner of customization available. Accounts used for purposes of spam or any kind of communication deemed a threat to the safety and security of the system and/or the Internet at large will be revoked immediately. Any and all accounts may be removed at anytime for any reason. Furthermore, the service itself could be terminated or revised without notice. There is no guarantee or warranty, nor can any be construed in any way.

Michael Cooley