Cooleys of Stewart County TN

UPDATE: Test results are now in. A descendant of William's has the Stokes county NC Cooley markers. I now believe that William was John Cooley's oldest son.

I began following a hunch in September, 2006 that the William Matthews Cooley mentioned in Surry County, North Carolina records during the 1780s might be the William M Cooley who died in Stewart County, Tennessse in 1823. William's presence in Tennesse during the last decades of his life is well documented but there seemed to be nothing to cover the 20 year period between 1786 and 1806. Although I could not take William M Cooley back to Surry County in 1786 he could be taken back with some reliability to the following year in Kentucky on land very near to where Reuben Cooley later lived. This Reuben was a son of John Cooley of Stokes (formerly Surry) County, North Carolina. However, much has come to light recently, assuring William's place as a member, in some fashion yet to be determined, of John's family.

The key to all of this is Joseph Gray (the probable father-in-law of William Cooley) who deeded property to William's son, Joel Cooley, in 1812. Earlier that year, Joseph Gray drew up his will in Stewart County, Tennessee, leaving the land he still owned on the Rolling Fork in Washington County, Kentucky to his son, Joseph Gray Jr. That southeastern part of Washington County later became Marion County and home to Reuben Cooley (the Rubin Cooley Branch is a tributary of the Rolling Fork) and lays adjacent to what was then the Lincoln County border. The Rolling Fork flows out of that region (now Casey County, Kentucky) and into present-day Marion County. Reuben Cooley was the founder of the Marion County Cooleys. His brother, John Cooley Jr, was the progenitor of the Casey County Cooleys.

1782 A William Cooley and a James Grey appear in a list for Captain James Downing's Company of militia in Lincoln County, Kentucky. (Joseph Gray did have a brother named James.)
1784 Joseph Gray granted 400 acres along the Rolling Fork, Jefferson co VA (now KY). This area was later Nelson co, later Washington co, later Marion co KY. (Kentucky Land Grants, bk 9, p357, 15 Mar 1784.)
c1785 Richard Cooley of Stewart County, Tennessee, son of William M Cooley, is born in North Carolina.
1785 Joseph Goode to Morgan Davis, south side Dan River below mouth Flat Shoal Cr. Witnessed by John Cooley, Sr, John Cooley Jr, and William Matthews Cooley. (Deed Book C p257, 17 apr 1785)
1786 William M Cooley mentioned in Surry County records. (North Carolina County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1790-1795 Vol. 1.)
1786 Joseph Gray appointed Justice of the Peace, 1 Aug 1786. (Mercer co KY Order Book #1, 1786-1790)
1787 Last mention of William Cooley in Surry County: that it be "Ordered by the Court that William Cooley be Exempted from paying a poll Tax for himself for the future." (Feb 16, Surry county court minutes, p 79.) Note that one of the conditions by which a taxpayer could be exempt is that he is in the process of relocating.
1787 "Willm Cooley" first appears on the tax list for Madison County, Virginia (now Kentucky)3.
1789 In Nelson County, Joseph Gray and William "Cooly" sign a petition to the Virginia government. (Remember, Kentucky was still part of Virginia. Washington County was later formed out of Nelson County.)
1789 William Cooley v Jeremiah Gray on debt, 25 Nov 1789, Mercer co KY. Several appearances in court. Suit was dismissed 24 Aug 1790.
1794 Washington co KY tax list, 22 May 1794, William Cooley, 15 cattle, 2 horses.6
1795 Washington co tax list: William Cooley, 1 white male above 21, 20 cattle, 3 horses.6
1796 Washington co KY tax list: William Cooley, 52 acres, Rolling Fork, land was entered by Jonathon Ingram, land was surveyed for Joseph Gray and grant issued to Joseph Gray. 1 white male over 21, 2 horses, 9 cattle.6
1797 William Cooley and Joseph Cooley appear on the Washington co KY tax lists.6
1800 Will Cooley appears on the tax list for Washington County, Kentucky.
1800 Joseph Gray commissioned Captain of the 4th Regiment of the Kentucky Militia (1 Apr 1800).
1800 William Cooley and John Cooley are witnesses to the will of John Good of Lincoln county KY. John's "trusty and well beloved friend" Major Joseph Gray of Washington county is one of the executors. John's son, Timothy Good and father, Thomas Good, are named.5 Note that the Goodes and Cooleys were closely aligned in Surry (later Stokes) county NC. The senior John Cooley and Richard Goode, nephew of Thomas, served together 1755 from Caroline co VA.
William Cooley appears on Washington co tax list for each year.
1803 Joseph Gray of Washington County, Kentucky sells "negroe Girl Slave named Betty" to Anne Cooley, wife of William Cooley of the same county. [link]
1803 Court Order Book 2 for 7 Nov 1803, p 67: "For reasons appearing to the Court it is ordered that William Cooley be released from the payment of county levies in the future."6 Again, he had probably made claim that his residence had moved, this time to TN.
1804 Joseph Gray sells to Bird Lawless land that is adjacent to "William Cooleys line."1 [link] Eula Ray Kirkland states, "This land is located south of Gravel Switch about 1 1/2 miles on Hwy. 337." That would place it near to or right at the Rubin Cooley Branch. That same year, John Cooley Sr deeds land (Stokes County NC) to sons Reuben and James Cooley.
1804 William Cooley sells Washington County, Kentucky land to Bird Lawless (Washington County Kentucky Deed Book C). [link]
1804 William Cooly, Joseph Gray and Richard Cooly witness deed of John Butler of Washington co KY to William Crowdes of Washington co KY for land in Mercer co KY. (Bk 5 p 340 19 Oct 1804).
1805 Hezekiah Boyce vs. Isaac Brunson - "This day comes into court, by their consent their suit is taken out of court, and let to the award of William Cooley, Thomas French, William Haggard and Aaron Fletcher as arbitrators, to settle and adjust all the accounts and disputes between the said Boyce and Brunson now depending in said court. And the said arbitrators come into court and are sworn as such proceeds." (Minutes of the Stewart County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Minutes of the Stewart County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 11 June 1805).
1806 John and Reuben Cooley taxed for land on the Rolling Fork, Lincoln County, KY. Perrin Cooley appears on the Washington co tax lists for 1806-1809 and 1811, the year he moved to Missouri with brothers Joseph and James Cooley. Joseph Cooley appears on the Washington co tax lists for 1806 and 1811.
1806 "William Cooley records his ear mark, a crop and a hole in each ear." (Minutes of the Stewart County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 10 March 1806).
1806 Joseph Gray deeds Stewart co TN land to William Cooley, witnessed by A Atkins and Richard Cooley (Stewart co TN deed bk 2 pg 25, 4 Nov 1806).
1812 Joseph Gray, now of Stewart County, Tennessee wills his Rolling Fork, Washington County, KY land to son Joseph Gray Jr: "...gets land in Washington Co., KY on the Rolling Fork of the Salt River, and gets part of land shared with Peter R Booker (originally granted to Joseph Gray Sr and his brother James Gray)." Earlier that year he gifts land in Stewart County to Joel Cooley, son of William M Cooley.

From my 1991 notes:

Book C p257: John Cooley Sr, William Matthews Cooley & John Cooley Jr app Constable of Willis Dist. 1784, 85, 86.

From page 126 of Jo White Linn's Surry County, North Carolina Will Abstracts, 1992:

SCDB C:258, 8 Feb 1785, John Douglas to John Bryson for £5, 2½ A on E side Loving Creek, middle fork of Arrarat River in sd Bryson's line, wit: Wm Matthews Cooley, John Cooley, Junr.

From Sandra Stanton's notes:

17 Apr 1785 Joseph Goode to Morgan Davis 30 pds 100 ac S side Dan River below mouth Flat Shoal Creek. John Cooley, Senr.) William Matthews Cooley) John Cooley, Junr.) C: 264

14 Jan 1786 Mark Hardin, Senr. Guilford County to Robert Dearing, Orange County, VA 150 pds 400 ac both sides Evans Creek adj Isaac Vernon & Thompson. William M. Cooley) Joseph Vaughn) George Ray) Surry County, North Carolina County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1790-1795 Vol. 1. Compiled by Agnes M. Wells. John Cooly Constable for serving at Nov. court 1789

Jeff Clark and others have done a lot of work on the Stewart County Cooleys. On his website, Jeff states:

W.M. Cooley purchased land on Dyers Creek in present day Stewart County, from Robert Fenner in 1789. [link]

Robert Fenner received the land from his father Richard, one of the original military grantees in Tennessee following the end of the Revolution.2 Interestingly, the land that Joseph Gray granted to Joel Cooley was originally owned by James Cole Montflorence, also an original military grantee.

Jeanette Pollard [link] learned that the Stewart County Cooleys found themselves in Houston county when it was carved out of Stewart county in 1871 and visited the gravesite there of Richard W Cooley's son, William Mathis Cooley. (It's worth noting that Mathis and Matthews are alternate spellings of one another.) The Houston county 1880 census record for this William (W M Cooley) states that his father was born in North Carolina. That places Richard's birth at the time and place of William Matthews Cooley's presence in Surry county, North Carolina.

William M Cooley of Stewart county died during 1823. Judging from what follows, his family may have looked something like this:

                   William M Cooley, d. 1823
                         m Anna (Gray?)
          |-------|------- ----|---------|-------|
         Ann  Richard W     Jonathan   Joel   William
                  |                   d 1812
               Simeon W

I have compiled additional notes for his descendants at Patrilineal Descendants of William Matthews Cooley.

Stewart County TN 1820 Census Records

Richard had 6 young children, all born in a 10 year span. Let's say that puts his age at 30 or so. That would make him born ca 1790 and his father (William) closer to 1770 or earlier, depending on where Richard sat among his siblings.

Lifted from

pg 110
Wm. M. Cooley   0 1 0 1 0 1   1 1 0 0 1   Wm born by 1775
Richard Cooley  4 0 0 0 1 0   2 0 0 1 0   Richard born by 1794

pg 118
George Cooley   0 0 0 1 0 0   1 0 1 0 0

Stewart County TN 1830/1840 Census Records

1830 Richard Cooley   3 2 2 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0   0 1 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0
1840 Richard Cooley   0 3 2 3 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0   0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0

If we can believe these two entries regarding Richard's age we'd have to conclude that he was born pretty much right at 1790.

War of 1812

Lifted from

Capt. James Gray's Company: A company formed in Stewart County by Captain James Gray, under Col. John Cook, in service from 13 Nov. 1814-10 May 1815

Cornelius Cooley, ensign (died 16 Feb. 1815)

Capt. James Haggard Company: Company under Capt. James Haggard, enlisted 28 Jan. 1814, discharged 10 May 1814.

Jonathan Cooley, trumpeter

Tax List

From Early Tennessee Tax Records, Byron Sistler and Associates, 1977.

1805, William Cooley in Greene county.

Deeds & Extracts Stewart County Tenn.

Lifted from

25 Joseph GRAY to William COOLEY, 138a on Dyers Creek, adj. McDOWELL; part of 3840a where GRAY lives; wit: A. ATKINS, Richard COOLEY; 4 Nov 1806

248 Robert SAMPLE (Davidson Co.), attorney of James GILLINGHAM (Philadelphia, PA), to William CURL, 640a on N Cross Creek (same land as p. 226); wit: Thomas CLINTON, John ALLEN, William M. COOLEY; 7 Jun 1808

Stewart County Deed Book 2

Lifted from

25 Joseph GRAY to William COOLEY, 138a on Dyers Creek, adj. McDOWELL, GRAY; tract is part of 3840a where GRAY lives; wit: A. ATKINS, Richard COOLEY; 4 Nov 1806

147 Joseph WOOLFOLK (Montgomery Co.) to Joseph GRAY Jr., 500a on Dyers Creek, adj. PYATT's Hollow, part of a 1000a tract originally granted by NC to James C. MONTFLORENCE; wit: William ALLEN, Thomas CLINTON; 8 Dec 1807

160 John COCKE (Montgomery Co. Sheriff) to William COOLEY, 252a on Dyers Creek (formerly called Spring Creek), adj. MONTFLORENCE's S bou.; 158a was sold on 15 Dec 1801 to Burrell BAYLISS for delinquent 1800 taxes of Lewis CANNON; 94a was sold on 23 Jul 1802 to Caleb WILLIAMS for delinquent 1799 taxes of Lewis CANNON; on 7 Jul 1802, BAYLISS transferred his part to WILLIAMS; on 21 Jul 1807, WILLIAMS transferred both tracts to COOLEY; land was originally granted by NC #1167 to CANNON on 26 Nov 1789; wit: Thomas MARSHALL, Lemuel PETERS, James MULLAUPHY, Robert NELSON, John H. POSTON, Henry MINOR; 7 Nov 1807, registered 25 Apr 1808

202 Joseph GRAY Jr. to William CURL, Negro girl Ellen (age 13); wit: William COOLEY, Richard COOLEY; 8 Jun 1807

288 William CURL (Stewart Co. Sheriff) to William M. COOLEY, 388a on Dyers Creek; land was sold for delinquent 1804 taxes of Lewis CANNON, and was part of his 1584a NC grant #1167 on 26 Nov 1789; 25 Oct 1808, registered 25 Feb 1809

291 William CURL (Stewart Co. Sheriff) to William M. COOLEY, 99a on Dyers Creek, adj. Lewis CANNON's SW corner; land was sold for delinquent 1804 taxes on Richard FENNER's 2560a survey, which had been granted by NC #1159 on 26 Nov 1789; 25 Oct 1808, registered 24 Feb 1809

Stewart County Deed Book 4, 1810-1813

Lifted from

2 William M. COOLEY to John T. VENTERS, 160a for $150, on DYERS Creek adj. Lewis CANNON's SW corner, Richard FENNER; part of CANNON's 1584a grant #1167; wit: A. PIERCE, David HOGAN; 24 Sep 1810

248 Joseph GRAY Sr., deed of gift to Joel COOLEY, "son of William COOLEY", 500a home tract on DYERS Creek; half of 1000a originally granted to James Cole MONTFLORENCE (500a conveyed to GRAY by Joseph WOOLFOLK of Montgomery County), also 3 Negroes, mare & colt, various furniture, horse; wit: William PIERCE, Abner PIERCE, William COOLEY; 18 Apr 1812

276 Robert FENNER (Halifax County, NC) to William COOLEY, 308a on DYERS Creek, adj. Lewis CANNON's SW corner, Joseph McDOWELL's corner; granted to Richard FENNER, then conveyed to Robert FENNER by deed registered in Davidson County; wit: Joseph GRAY Jr., George ATKINS, Richard COOLEY; 1 Aug 1812

375 Henry PUGH to Nathan ROSS, 320a on N bank of Cumberland River, same as grant #4204 (25 Sep 18??); wit: William HUBBARD, William C. COOLEY; 10 Oct 1812

438 Joseph GRAY Sr., deed of gift to Joseph John GRAY, son of Joseph GRAY Jr., Negroes Young Gib and Eleigal; wit: William N. COOLEY, William (x) CARR, William CLARK; 31 Dec 1812

Stewart County Deed Book C (typed in 1921 as Book 3) 1809-1818 registrations for 1789-1818 deeds

Lifted from

169 William CURL, Sheriff, to John BROWN, 640a on CLARKS Creek of Saline Creek for $18, adj. Robert HAYS SE corner (1000a); part of 2920 acres sold for delinquent taxes in 1806 of William WYCOFF & Lardner CLARK (1000a, 2 miles below Dover, plus two tracts of 640a on Saline Creek); all three tracts were purchased by Robert NELSON on 17 Jul 1807, one 640a tract sold to BROWN; wit: William M. COOLEY, Thomas CLINTON; 27 Oct 1808

231 Peter R. BOOKER (Franklin, TN), power of attorney to Joseph GRAY, $295 worth of horses received for interest in 720a granted to Joseph GRAY & James GRAY; wit: Joel COOLEY; 24 Apr 1809

232 Joseph GRAY Sr. to William COOLEY, Negro girl Dory (age 16); wit: William CURL, Benjamin EDWARDS; 8 Jun 1807

257 Joseph GRAY to John RASCO, 300a for $600, on Clark's Creek of Saline Creek; wit: Henry GIBSON, Richard COOLEY, E. J. W. H. REES; 16 Oct 1809

Stewart Co. Court Minutes: ___ - 1811 Vol 3.

Lifted from

pg. 2. 1/8/1811. Isaac Brunson v. William Cooley. Came the palintiffs and entered into bond the sume of $500 with William R. Sparkman, John Jones and Josiah Outland [Outlaw] his Securities conditioned for aithful proveing his said appeal and files his Reason.

pg. 76. 9 May, 1811. Alexander Richardson surviving partner of King and Richardson v.s William Outlaw In Debt. This day the Parties by their Attornies and thereupon came a Jury (to wit) George Petty James Mallory Abner Pearce, William M. Cooley, Henry Pugh, Nathan Skinner, William Pearce, John Atkins, Ephriam B. Davidson, Samuel Luton, William R. Sparkman and William Denson, who being Elected tryed and Sworn the truth to speak upon the Issue Joined upon their oath do say they find for the plaintiff the sum of $102.08 the Debt in the Declaration mentioned and their Damages by Reason of the Ditention of the same to $8.76 besides his Costs.

Stewart Co. Court Minutes: 1817-1819

268 - 5 May 1818 Court: - court appoints William Cherry guardian to Burnetta Methews Cooley, daughter of Cornelius Cooley, deceased.

433 - court orders Joseph Gray, William Curl, John Perry to settle with Nancy Threat, administratrix of Matthew Free

- court orders John Lee and his hands (Richard Cooley, Jonathan Cooley, Abner Pearce, William Pearce & Negro, Thomas Ford, William Haggard, Benjamin Edwards, William Cooley, William Webster & Negro) work on the road from the house of Benjamin Edwards to Garris' ferry

Stewart County Bonds and Settlements, Book A (1812-1814)

Lifted from

111 constable bond by Richard Cooley, William H. Cooley, James H. Russell, James Tagert; May term 1812

116 administrator's bond by Henry Pugh, William M. Cooley, John Allen, Philip Hornberger, William King, administrators of John Johnson; 6 May 1812

186 constable bond by James Mallory, William M. Cooley, Nathan Peeples; 8 Feb 1814

192 executor's bond by Robert Cooper, Abner Pearce, William Pearce, William M. Cooley, Joel Cooley, John Oliver, executors of Joseph Gray; 7 Feb 1814

193 will of Joseph Gray Sr.: son Joseph Jr. (born to him by Mary Plunket, now Mary Wilson) gets land in Washington Co., KY on the Rolling Fork of the Salt River, and gets part of land shared with Peter R. Booker (originally granted to Joseph Gray Sr. and his brother James Gray); other children John Gray and Elizabeth Smith; executors are Robert Cooper, William Pearce, Abner Pearce; wit: William M. Cooley, Anny Cooley, Jonathan Cooley; written 10 Apr 1812

Another reading of the same will is found at Jeff Clark's website: [link]

GRAY, Joseph E., will signed 15 April 1812, date of probate illegible; mentions sister Elizabeth SMITH; "my natural son Joseph GRAY, Jr., born to me by Mary PLUNKET, now Mary WILSON" to receive 600 acres in Washington Co., Ky.; mentions part of tract of land owned by me and Peter R. BOOKER. My brother James GRAY; emancipates some of his slaves; will witnessed by William M. COOLEY, Anny COOLEY, and Jonathan COOLEY, all of whom signed with X's. (Book A, page 193)

There seems to be a difference of opinion as to whether Elizabeth Smith was Joseph Gray's sister or daughter.

207 administrator's bond by Nancy Rodgers, John Allen, William M. Cooley, administrators of Judiath Allen; Aug. term 1814

215 sheriff's bond by Thomas Buckingham, William M. Cooley, James Miller, John Chambers, Elijah Rushing, William James; 3 May 1815

235 administrator's bond by Elizabeth McRae, James H. Russell, William M. Cooley, Henry Gibson, administrators of Duncan McRae; 2 May 1814

236 administrator's bond by William M. Cooley, John Allen, James H. Russell, Philip Hornberger, administrators of Joel Cooley; 3 May 1814

239 administrator's bond by James H. Russell, William M. Cooley, John Allen, administrators of John Perkins; 3 May 1814

Stewart County TN Will Book 3

Lifted from

Amelia Thornton, J. L. Allen, William M. Cooley, Nathan Ross, James Mallory, guardian bond for her infant daughters Harriet Thornton and Eliza Thornton; 9 Nov 1814

William L. Allen, John Allen, William M. Cooley, guardian bond for John Outlaw, Lucian Outlaw, Indiana Outlaw and Patsy Earl Outlaw; 8 Feb 1815

Ephraim B. Davidson, Reuben Elliott, William M. Cooley, trustee bond; 7 Feb 1815

Richard W. Cooley, William M. Cooley, Thomas Buckingham, Ephraim B. Davidson, constable bond; 7 Feb 1815

Lucinda Cooley, William Cherry, James Blanks, Henry Gibson, administrator's bond for Cornelius Cooley; 1 May 1815

James Miller, William Polk, James Smith, William M. Cooley, coroner's bond; 2 May 1815

Absalom Copeland, William M. Cooley, Jacob Chester, administrator's bond for Freeland Smith; 6 Feb 1816

account current by Stewart County Trustee William Cooley; 30 Jan 1817

commissioners John Ferrill, James H. Russell, George Williamson, report on accounts of William M. Cooley; 4 Feb 1817

Amelia Thornton, Alexander Brightwell, Jonathan Cooley, J. A. M. Boyd, executor's bond for Harriet Thornton; 5 May 1824

additional sale of the estate of William M. Cooley by administrators Richard Cooley and Jonathan Cooley; 5 Feb 1824

sale of the estate of William M. Cooley on 1 Dec 1823; buyers included Mrs. Cooley, Miss Ann Cooley, Jonathan Cooley, Richard Cooley, William Cooley, Anderson Andrews, C. B. Wilcox, Isaac Williams, John K. Colson, John Duncan, Joseph Broadway, Jesse Mann, A. B. Outlaw, Joseph Webster

Nathan Skinner, Jonathan Cooley, Joseph Pinner, administrator's bond for John Skinner; 3 Aug 1824

John Scarborough, Lemuel Cherry, Jonathan Cooley, tavern bond; 5 Aug 1824

Thomas Ward, John Scarborough, Richard Cooley, Jonathan Cooley, D. A. Outlaw, county trustee's bond; 4 Nov 1824

Thomas Ward, John Scarborough, D. A. Outlaw, Richard Cooley, bond as collector of public taxes; 4 Nov 1824

Thomas Ward, John Scarborough, James Scarborough, Alexander Brightwell, Jonathan Cooley, sheriff's bond; 2 Nov 1824

William Cherry, Richard Cooley, William Webster, Frederick Taylor, guardian bond for Margaret Cherry; 3 Nov 1824

Stewart County Court Minutes, Aug. 1821 - May 1824


Monday, 6 August 1821 Court
3 Deed from William M. Cooley to George Cooley for 53 acres acknowledged

6 Bill of sale from William H. Haggard to William Cooley for Negro girl Nanny acknowledged

Tuesday, 7 August 1821 Court
10 settlement with the administrator of Cornelius Cooley returned by the commissioners

Wednesday, 8 August 1821 Court
14 George Cooley, assignee, vs. Hugh H. Sparkman: prior judgment set aside

Thursday, 9 August 1821 Court
22 Cooley, assignee, vs. Reed Luton (for stay of judgment): jurors rule in favor of the defendant to overturn the judgment

23 Ephraim B. Davidson vs. William Cooley (appeal): case continued

Wednesday, 7 November 1821 Court
47 Ephraim B. Davidson vs. William M. Cooley (appeal): case continued

Wednesday, 6 February 1822 Court
74 Ephraim B. Davidson vs. William M. Cooley (appeal): defendant suggests to the Court that Davidson has died since the last term of court4

Wednesday, 7 August 1822 Court
135 Hugh H. Sparkman vs. Jonathan Cooley (appeal): plaintiff failed to appear; case dismissed

Monday, 4 November 1822 Court: justices Gladden Gorin, James Gray, John Davidson
142 Court allows William Cooley to return 355 acres and 3 black polls

Stewart County Court Minutes: Extracts from 1828

Lifted from

William Bailey, county trustee, bought for the benefit of Stewart County a tract of land on Dyers Creek belonging to the heirs of William M. Cooley, deceased, being the place where he lately resided at the time of his death. November 4, 1828

State vs Richard Cooley -- assault and battery, ordered not to depart. November 7, 1828

Stewart County Court Minutes: Extracts from February 1829

Lifted from

State causes: Jefferson Pryor for affray (not prosecuted); Richard Cooley for assault and battery--ordered to recover his costs from Thomas Davis; Samuel Neely, peace warrant, "nol pros."; Adin Jones, Alexander B. Outlaw, Thomas Ward, David Rogers marked "sci facias". John Scarborough was security for Adin Jones. February 4, 1829

Stewart County Court Minutes: Extracts from May 1829

Lifted from

State vs John Black for riott - jury to be Richard Blanton, Apoles Cooper, Lamuel Cherry, William G. Cooley, Jesse Hutson, John Clark, George Carter, Robert Holmes, Balentine Stalls, Parsons Braton, W. B. Cherry, Elijah Fletcher. Jury found him not guilty. Same jury heard state cases against Vicey Black, Lucretia Black, Luisa Black, and Betsey Boren all for riott, all found not guilty. May 6, 1829

Stewart County Court Minutes: Extracts from 1833

Lifted from

William Bailey, trustee, allowed $6 for advertising the Cooley tract of land in 1828. August 4, 1833

Court ordered bills of costs in state causes to be paid, State vs Richard Cooley. November 4, 1833

Stewart County Court Minutes: Extracts from 1835

Lifted from

Martin L. Stancil, Axam G. Wallace, Edwin Barns, Daniel G. Cherry, Philip May, John Marshall, William Walker, William B. Lewis, Nathan Parker, Richard Cooley, Jonathan Williams, John H. Hogan, Joshua Spiceland, Jethro Bass, James Byrd, Albert Brigham, Thomas Whitford, David Jones, Uriah Tomlinson, William Cato, Joseph Morgan, Benjamin W. Tayloe, William Tomlinson, James Brigham, James Lowery Sheriff makes return of these men appointed to serve as petit jurors; with James Wyatt and William B. H. Cherry to serve as bailiffs; signed Elbert Bayliss, clerk. Nov. 3, 1835

Stewart County Court Minutes: Extracts from 1844

Lifted from

Cooley, Richard and Martin, William A. Elected justices of peace in Districts 2 and 3 appeared and took oaths. January 1844

The Kentucky Land Grants: A Systematic Index to All of the Land Grants Recorded in the State Land Office at Frankfort, Kentucky, 1782-1924 by Willard Rouse Jillson, 1971.

Grants South of Walker's Line

Lifted from

Cooley, Anna 89 1 230 09-28-1825 Stewart Dyers Cr
Cooley, Simeon W. 200 5 17 05-18-1848 Stewart Dyers Cr
Cooley, Simeon W. & Andrew J. 100 3 34 01-12-1833 Stewart Dyers Cr
Cooley, Thomas F. & William M. 100 1 229 09-28-1825 Stewart Dyers Cr
Cooley, William G. 12 1 236 03-16-1826 Stewart Dyers Cr

Stewart County Newspaper Clippings

Lifted from

James GRAY, farmer, of Stewart County, Tenn., was born 6 Nov. 1788 in Montgomery County, N. C., and emigrated to Tennessee in 1809. (Columbia Observer, 19 Sept. 1834)

COOLEY, W. M., who lives on Dyer's Creek, Stewart County, recently had three fingers cut off in a threshing machine. (Nashville Union and American, 4 Sept. 1873)

Stewart Co. TN, Will Book B, page 116

Lifted from

Ann Cooley Dowrey

Transcribed by: Deanna Oklepek

State of Tennessee

We the Commissioners whose names are undersigned have met according to authority on the lands of William M. Cooley Deceased to lay off the Dower of Widow Ann Cooley agreeable to an order of Court directed to in and we the Commisssioners saeth that the one third laid off for Mrs. Cooley is to begin at the North east Corner of the tract of land whereon she now lives which William M. Cooley Deceased bought of Robert Tinner Beginning at and running south one hundred and six poles and two thirds. Thence west one hundred and fifty four poles to a stake. Thence north one hundred one hundred and six and two thirds poles. Thence one hundred and fifty four poles to the the Beginning including the dwelling house. In witness whereof we have this 28 June 1826 set our hands and affixed our seals.

John Lee -Seal
William Webster -Seal
Elias W. Smith -Seal
David Moore -Seal
John William -Seal
George Weeks -Seal
Jessee Morris -Seal
Elisha Williams -Seal
Ethel Wallace -Seal
John Morgan (his mark)- Seal
Edward Kelly -Seal
Thomas French -Seal (his mark)

Returned to August Term 1826

Stewart County Settlements and Bonds, Volume C (May 1829-May 1836)

Lifted from

474 Richard Cooley, William K. Colson, John K. Colson, James Scarborough, Joseph Smith, administrator's bond for Simon Gray; 1 Feb 1836

478 will of Simon Gray, a free man of color living on Dyer's Creek: wife Fanny (purchased of Thomas French), children Josiah and Cassy; wife and any children are to be emancipated at his death; wit: Will Fitzgerald, John Lee Sr.; written 13 Feb 1836, proven Feb. term 1836

Stewart county TN Deeds

Lifted from

103 Joseph GRAY Sr. to Elisha SCRUGGS, 280a on Camp Branch of Saline Creek, adj. WILLIAMS; wit: William LINDSEY, Archibald ROGERS, William M. COOLEY; 6 Mar 1813

177 John WILLIAMS Jr. to Wesley BRANDON, 3 tracts on Cumberland River: (1) 162a adj. SHELBY, (2) 38a adj. the first tract, (3) 47a, adj. SHELBY (1000a), ROSS (442a), John D. MORRIS; excludes any land already sold to Phillip B. NOLIN; wit: Richard COOLEY, Elisha WILLIAMS Jr.; 22 Jan 1845

260 William WALLACE to my son Etheldred E. WALLACE, 130a on HARRY Fork of Saline Creek; part of 1000a grant to Benjamin SHEPHERD and 140a grant to William DAVIDSON, including where Cornelius COOLEY lives; wit: Henry PUGH; 24 Oct 1814

328 Simeon W. COOLEY to Hiram VALLENTINE, trust deed for: (1) 250a on BRITTON'S Fork of Saline Creek, adj. John DUNCAN, W. W. CHERRY, Cadiz-Dover Road; (2) 8 tracts formerly belonging to John DUNCAN and sold to Richard COOLEY totaling 634.5a (described in Deed Book 12, pp. 269-271); (3) half interest in 100a KY grant to CARROLL and COOLEY; wit: Samuel GRAHAM, George D. WALL; 5 Sep 1842

375 Edward C. ACREE to Beverly AVERITT, 515a on Saline Creek and HAYS' Fork for $1100, including all the land owned by Nathan ROSS at his death, purchased from Henry PUGH, Jesse MORRIS and Ira OLIVE, adj. M. S. ROSS, Wesley BRANDON, N. G. MORRIS (formerly Col. EDMONDSON), Elisha WILLIAMS Jr. (formerly Elizabeth WALLACE), BRAGG heirs; excludes 60a sold by Nathan ROSS to his daughter Elizabeth WALLACE the wife of A. G. WALLACE; wit: William M. MANNING, Richard COOLEY; 21 Jul 1841

423 John DUNCAN to Abithel WALLACE, mortgage in debt to Theopolas S. BARNES; wit: Richard COOLEY, Joseph B. BATES; 8 May 1837

Stewart County Settlements and Bonds, Volume G (Apr. 1848-Dec. 1851)

Lifted from, transcribed 2003 by Jim Long

5 James S. Rolls, W. L. Feland, John Brewer, S. W. Cooley, William Brandon, W. K. Colson, constable bond for District 2; 3 Apr 1848

208 jury of inquest on 1 Nov 1829 in the 31 Oct 1849 death of Thomas F. Cooley, who came to his death by S. W. Cooley shooting him with a rifle gun in the chest, at the residence of Andrew Mann

416 George P. Webster, Drewry Bird, W. M. Cooley, justice of the peace bond for District 7; 7 Jul 1851

Stewart county Marriages

From 35,000 Tennessee Marriage Records and Bonds, 1783-1870, v1 A-F. Lucas and Sheffield.

These Cooleys appear to have been of the same family. Mary T Pollard Cooley married secondly Wesley Daniel Booth after her husband died in a gunfight (see for this as well as information about his son J R Cooley).

1. An earlier transcribed copy of the deed states William "Copley", however, a micorfilmed copy of the original deed was examined again in 2007 by Sandra Stanton who verified that Cooley is correct. [link]
2. Could this have been Richard Fenner, Rev War pension files W789/BLWT772-200? He married Ann or Nancy Geddes in Halifax County, NC in 1784 or 1785. His widow was living in Madison County TN, 1840.
3. If we assume that William was at least 21 years old when paying his taxes in 1787 then we can place his birthdate at being no later than 1766. If he was of age in Surry County, NC in 1784, we can place his birth even earlier. My guess is that he was born in the late '50s or early '60s but more information is needed. However, this entry could also be the William Cooley who married Nancy Jones in Madison County 18 Jan 1793 and applied for pension while residing in Butler County, Ohio (Rev pension #W6744). That William was born in Orange County, NY 3 Mar 1756 and died in Butler County OH 11 Aug 1837. His widow can be found on the 1850 census, page 214, Milford Twp, Butler County, Ohio. William and Nancy had no children.
4. Davidson was murdered by John Underwood in New Madrid, MO on or about 14 Nov 1821.
5. Will of John Good, Lincoln county KY, will book C page 23, dated 6 Apr 1800, recorded 8 Jul 1800. Names wife Junny Good, son Timothy Good, daughters Nancy and Ellender Good, father Thomas Good. Executors are Maj Joseph Gray of Washington co KY, Thomas Hutchins and Jinny Good. Witnesses are William Cooley, Joseph Ayre and John Cooley. Thomas Good was the uncle of Major Richard Goode of Stokes county, NC. As young men, Richard Goode and John Cooley (also later of Stokes county) enlisted into the Virginia Regiment, 1755, at Caroline county VA.
6. From the research notes of Sandra Stanton.