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Redwood Genealogy Society

The Redwood Genealogical Soc., Inc., was founded 28 Feb 1968 and incorporated 22 Jan 1970. It is non-denominational, open to anyone interested in the preservation of records and family history

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Officers of the Redwood Genealogy Society
President Allison Grundman
Vice Pres.
Record. Sec. Ann Inngersoll
Corres. Sec Joan Poe
Treasurer Dick Poe
Librarian Ruth Teasley
Historian Gloria Fredrickson
Director Margaret Rodrigue
Director Marcia Kelley
Director Nina Winfrey
Editor Pat Madsen
        Community Center Building
        Rohner Park #5 Parkway
        Fortuna, Ca. 95540

        Library opens 9:00 A.M. - 11 AM every Wed Morning
        Saturdays 1-3 PM Except Holidays
        2nd Wednesday at 10:00 a.m.

        3rd, 4th and 5th Weds. 9:00 a.m.

        1st Weds. 11:30 a.m. Except July and Aug.
        Luncheon's open to the public and held at HUNAN'S in Fortuna
    May 6th Bruce Smith Adventures in Genealogy
      June 3rd Allison Grundman I told you I was sick, curious epitaphs

    Open 9-11 am every weds. You may call Ruth Teasley 707-725-4307 or Pat Madsen 707-725-4573 after hours or week-ends if you are from out of the area.
    Copy machine is available to all members during library hours. Cost is .10c per side for 8x11 or .12c per side for legal 8x14
    Membership is $15.00 for individuals and $18.00 per family. This includes help with your research, library privileges, and 4 issues of the REDWOOD RESEARCHER
Querries for the Redwood Researcher Contact:
Editor of the Redwood Researcher
Or the indexer for the Redwood Researcher
1860 Humboldt county US census index 3.00+1.00 S&H
1870 Humboldt county US census 12.00 + 1.75 S&H
1884 Great Register of Humboldt county 8.00+1.75 S&H
The Redwood Researcher (2000-2005) 3.00 +.50C S&H
The Redwood Researcher ( 1999 and older) 1. 00 + $.50c S&H

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