The Pettit Page

The Pettit Page

Michael Cooley

I began publishing The Pettit Correspondent in 1988. The experience was extremely rewarding but, three and a half years later, I had to abandon it due to other commitments. A couple of years later I started publishing the less ambitious Pettit Letter but, after only four issues, found that I didn't have time for that either. Below are links to the eleven issues of TPC and the four issues of The Pettit Letter.


Any male Pettit descendant of Thomas Pettit and Christian Mellows having Y-DNA test results is welcome to submit those results to this project. In your FTDNA account, scroll down to the Y-DNA results, click on "Y-STR Results." At the very bottom, right, click on the orange CSV button next to "Download." The file can be included in an email to me at If possible, please include your lineage to your earliest known ancestor in this manner:

Elias Pettit (-c1792)
Thomas Pettit (c1767-1840+)
Joseph Pettet (c1815-1880+) m Elizabeth Mohler
Amelia Mohler Pettit (1846-1930) Greenberry Cooley
Joseph William Cooley (1867-1947) m Araminta D Johnson
McCabe Cooley (1899-1958) m Marie Henrietta Hennequin
Allison Claude Cooley (1925-2011) m Billie Dell Hogue
Michael Hugh Cooley (1950-)

The lineage will be displayed at the above Lineages page. Those living will be hidden.

Current Big Y Results:

Here's the same data in a tree form.

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