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Revolutionary War Ancestors

Edward Cooley, Jacob Corson Jr, Dr Robert Curry Sr, Charles Duncan, James Couples Foster, Edward Hart, his father John Hart (Signer), James Hogue, John McClintick, and his father William McClintick, Matthew Richardson, Robert Saville, Benajah Thompson, Richard Witham Stockton (Loyalist), William Wright and possibly Michael Hoover, Sr

American Civil War Ancestors

David Cooley, Joseph Hart Sr, Robert Hogue, William McDowell, and Charles William Southern

Eight 19th Century Immigrant Ancestors

Some Known 18th Century Immigrant Ancestors

James Hogue, James Struthers with parents William Struthers and Janet Lindsay, John McDowell with parents John McDowell and Esther Ann Harrison, William Ashenhurst and wife Nancy Ashenhurst, Samuel Saville, Robert Booth



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